4 Strategies To Create Killer Content On Social Media

Have you ever created a product or business opportunity post on social media?  

What a dumb question right?  Of course you have!  

Did you craft that post with care?  

Did you think that after seeing all of the amazing qualities of your product or opportunity, people would come to you in droves to join your team and buy your product?  

Be honest here!  I know I did when I first started in network marketing.  

I thought that all I had to do was post some before and afters on social media and all of my problems with money would be solved.  

Why did I think this?  

Well you see, this is exactly what my upline told me to do.  

I thought, “They must know what they are talking about!”  

They’ve earned all of these accolades.  This is how they got to where they are.  

So if I want what they have, I should do what they did!  

Here’s the trouble with that…  

People DO NOT want to be sold!  Those kinds of social media posts are pretty invasive and very pushy.

So let’s chat attraction marketing on your social media profile and what it can do for you.  

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Social Media Is KING!

Even in the 3 years that I’ve done network marketing, I’ve noticed a HUGE shift in social media.  

It’s becoming more and more prominent as time goes on.  

Here is the other thing that’s happening…  People are becoming immune to the “Buy my product!  Join my team posts!”  

You want to know what’s happening in your prospects mind when they see this post?  


When was the last time one of those posts actually worked?  

Kinda few and far between, right?  

The only reason these posts didn’t completely get lost in the news feed was, because other people within my company would comment and like them.  

The problem with this strategy is that Facebook’s Algorithm is pretty smart!  

When you do this, those posts will ONLY be shown to your fellow distributors, because they are the only people that are commenting and liking them!  

So Then What Do I Do To Grab My Prospects Attention?  

It’s time to start thinking about doing something different with your posting strategy.  

Your upline will probably NOT like this strategy, but remember, this is your business and NOT theirs.  

STOP posting about your companies product or service.  

Wanna know something…  It provides ZERO value to other people, and has ZERO relatability.  

That means people will not comment or like those posts.  

When you provide value, build relationships, and motivate others, you will find that your posts on social media actually start to inspire and engage people.  

As a result, you will find that you are more engaging and entertaining!  

What happens when you are more engaging and entertaining?  You start to build the know, like, and trust factor with others!  

When this happens, people are more likely to do the things you do, eat the things you eat, AND BUY THE THINGS YOU SUGGEST!!  

Isn’t this what all network marketers are looking to create in their business?  

Well, my goal is to draw back the curtain so that you can see what works and what does not work when posting and engaging on your social media profile or fan page.  

Let’s get started first with what does not work…  

Well I kinda already said this, but lets really dig in deeper to hopefully grow an better understanding of what does not work.    

I would love to help you understand attraction marketing at its best!

When I would post about my product or company in the past, I was posting about the ingredients, posting the company name EVERYWHERE, and asking people to buy or join.  

The problem with this kind of posting is that it is pretty selfish.  

Why would I say that?  

Well ask yourself these important questions in order to understand if your post is being effective.

With posts only about a product or business, does it provide engagement with the other person?  

It probably doesn’t right?  It’s pretty fact based.  

Here is an example of what I mean.  

Check it out!  (Insert Company’s name here) eye serum really packs a punch!  My friend Gloria had some amazing results.  Message me for your (Company Name) eye serum today!  

Let me ask you something… If you saw this in your news feed, would it inspire you to message the person writing the post?  

From personal experience, I know that I just keep scrolling past.  

There is zero emotion attached to this kind of post.  

I don’t know who Gloria is.  So while this might mean something to Gloria, how does it relate to me as the potential consumer?  

You must realize that your potential buyer or business builder is always asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?’  

A picture of a random stranger that does the business with you, does not inspire someone to be excited about what you have to offer.  

In fact, it generally repels them.  

If you’re anything like I was, I posted about my products and business opportunity EVERY SINGLE DAY!  

Most day’s thats all I would post about.  

What ended up happening, is that my friends and family would get so tired of my posts that they would unfriend or unfollow me.  OUCH!  

If you are only posting about your products or business every day, you’re alienating the people that are closest to you. 

Therefore, you have not passed the engagement aspect on social media!   

When posting something on social media, immediately ask yourself, “Does it provide value?” 

This trips up a lot of people.  

They think that their product or business provides value through the results it creates.  

By value, I mean that it provides information that can make someone wiser or better after reading or seeing it.  

Let’s go back to the previous post we talked about with Gloria’s eye serum results. 

After reading this, do I feel smarter?  EHHHHH…. NOPE!  

Does this post make me better after reading it?  STILL NOPE!  

So we haven’t passed the value portion of this test either, have we? 

That’s not good…  That means engagement and value are clearly not happening when I’m posting about the amazing results that Gloria is having with her eye serum.  

Facebook and other social media platforms have one specific intention.  

These platforms wish to help connect people across states, countries, and continents.  

Facebook algorithms are focused on rewarding people that are connecting with others.  

That means a post that is producing likes, shares, and comments will be shown to more people in your friends list. 

If you have friends that are engaging with other friends on your post, your algorithm goes even higher!  

Gloria’s eye serum results will probably only get people from your company commenting on it.  

These are relationships that have already been made.  

There is most likely VERY FEW people that will engage with other people’s comments on these posts.  

No new relationships built on Facebook as a result of Gloria’s results.  

Sorry Gloria, you’re really striking out here!  

Going back to Gloria’s eye serum post once again, we have to ask ourselves if this is motivating or inspiring to someone else.

A VERY small segment of people may be motivated to try this eye serum after seeing Gloria’s results.  

The problem is that a vast majority of people are not motivated by what they see.  

You see, they have not found value for themselves in Gloria’s eye serum results.  

As a result, they cannot see those results being possible for them.  

There is no story of struggle behind that picture.    

No explanation of how it made Gloria better.  

So people tend to scroll on past and move to the next thing in their news feed.  

As far as inspiration…  I’m not sure how I’m inspired to be a better person…  

Unfortunately, we seem to be striking out on all areas with our post about Gloria’s eye serum.

So now what????

Let’s Talk About What Does Work

So now that I’ve totally busted your bubble about what you have been posting on social media, let’s talk about what you should be posting.  

I really want you to grab a hold of this concept because it will absolutely change the way you build your business in the online space. 

You must provide:  VALUE VALUE VALUE VALUE!!!   

Everything you do, on social media should provide some sort of value.  I can’t say this enough!   

Your first goal is to ATTRACT people to you!  

First Things First!!  

DO NOT post about your product EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE!  

I know you’re upline is telling you to do this.  

I get it!  I was there…  I did it too.  

The problem is that your friends and family don’t want to see what it is that your company has to offer.  

You know what’s going to happen?  UNFRIEND!  BLOCK!  YIKES!  

Instead, let’s do a more subtle approach.  

Choose 1-2 days a week in which you post about your product or service!  Deal?  

So How Do I Post In Order to Attract People?   

If you are building a network marketing business in which you are working to attract people, your posts should include 3 things.  

These three things include value, lifestyle, and finally business.   

It is vitally important that business COMES LAST!  

The reason for this is that the value as well as the lifestyle will help to create the know, like, and trust factor.  

You also want to put every single post through the same 4 qualifications we talked about before.  

  • Does it provide engagement
  • Does it provide value
  • Does it build relationships
  • Does it motivate or inspire

Every post should provoke these questions.

If they do not fill one or multiple of these qualifications, then ask yourself what purpose will this fulfill for my audience.  

If there is no purpose, then it should not be placed on your social media page.  

Value Posts

The first thing you have to ask yourself when posting value, is what kind of value do you wish to post about?  

If you are posting value based around certain types of products, stick with ONE type of product.  

If this includes skin care, stick with how valuable skin care can be to your audience.  

Some examples of headlines that can provide value to people include: 

  • 3 Simple Techniques To More Radiant Skin
  • 5 Ways To Improve Your At Home Skin Care Routine

These headlines could include articles or personal tips that you have discovered to improve someone’s overall appearance.  

Lifestyle Posts

Value posts and lifestyle posts should include 2/3 of the posts that appear on your social media wall.  

Lifestyle posts include things that you enjoy, places you go, as well as things you do.  

The reason for these kinds of posts is that they make you: 

  • Real 
  • Vulnerable
  • Relatable

Someone that looks at your profile page would think, “This person is down to earth.  I would love to experience life through their eyes!”  

A lifestyle post should NOT include: 

  • Pictures of you with fancy houses
  • Pictures of you with fancy cars
  • Pictures that don’t match your character

Remember, you are painting a picture of who you are with your lifestyle posts.  

If you try to be someone that you are not, people will immediately see through that.  It looks disingenuous.  

It actually becomes less attractive and less attainable to other people when there are pictures that are forged or inaccurate.  


Business: What To Post When I Post About My Product

Alright.  Remember how Gloria’s post was?  Let me remind you.  

Here it is again:  

Check it out!  (Insert Company’s name here) eye serum really packs a punch!  My friend Gloria had some amazing results.  Message me for yours today!  

We really want to figure out how to provide value to someone with this post.  

In order to do that, think about all of the emotional things that good skin care can provide to someone.  

Some examples are self-esteem and confidence.  

You also want to create the post in such a way that the person reading it can place themselves as the main character.  

Here’s an example:  

Have you ever felt like the person staring back at you in the mirror looks tired?     

I know my friend Gloria was sick of feeling this way!  

Looking in the mirror meant she would feel “old.”  

She always felt like she was young at heart…

Gloria was youthful, energetic, and excited!

But her face was not reflecting how she felt on the inside. 

  •  ❌ She looked exhausted
  • ❌ She lacked self esteem because of her “aged” appearance
  • ❌ She felt insecure around her younger friends

FINALLY, she discovered an eye serum that gave her that “youthful” appearance back again!  

She started feeling confident in public once again! 

Check out the amazing results when Gloria discovered an eye serum that made her look exactly how she felt on the inside!  

Type YOUTHFUL in the comments if you want to know Gloria’s secret!

Let’s Explore The Difference Between The Two Posts: 

This particular post follows a very specific formula.  

That formula is: 

  1. Problem
  2. Agitation
  3. Solution
  4. Call To Action

Notice I never stated the name of the product or the company.  

This leaves a level of curiosity!

I also gave an emotional attachment to the story.  

How many times have you thought, “I’m old.”  

Or looking in the mirror and thought, “Gosh, that shouldn’t be there.”

I have made this relatable to many people that feel the exact same way as Gloria.  

Instead of simply stating the facts, I created a situation where you can insert yourself as the main character.  

You feel Gloria’s struggles and frustrations, because you yourself have felt this exact way at some point or another.

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Karin Angelly


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