How To Build Your Brand Online

Attracting your dream client to your Network Marketing company is 100% possible in today’s day and age.

The best part is that you don’t have to send those weird messages to people anymore. 

You know the ones I’m talking about… 

The ones that say: 

“Hey lovely lady!  I was just thinking about you! I know you may or may not have seen that I have my own business.  Would you be open to taking a look at my business and giving me your honest opinion?  I would really appreciate it!”

Talk about a BARF-FEST!  I used to send this message to people every day.  

What’s funny, is that some days it would work.  

HOWEVER, there was more of a chance that I would piss off my friend on social media.  

I got blocked, unfriended, and ignored.


Have you been there?  The no-friends-left zone?

That’s something that they don’t tell you when you first start in Network Marketing.

Or at least, I sure as heck wasn’t expecting it!

Well let me be the voice of reason!

There is a better way!

It’s called Attraction Marketing, and building your own personal brand.

It’s a real thing! 

I actually want to break down this concept and help you understand why I believe it is so much more important for you to build your brand instead of your Network Marketing company’s brand. 

You ready for this?

Let’s dive in!

So if you have been on social media for any amount of time, you have probably noticed that the algorithm DOES NOT support you posting about your company, service, or product.  

It is not just because your friends don’t want to see your posts!

This is what I thought for years. 

I thought I was just getting ignored.  While that is part of it, there’s more to the story. 

It’s that the social media platform that you are using to post about your products and services, DOES NOT like Network Marketing. 


What is happening is that when you post about your Network Marketing company, the artificial intelligence on Facebook or Instagram can tell.

Yes, they are that smart!

When they notice that a Network Marketing company is being represented, that particular post is dropped in the algorithm.

EWWW!!!  So all that time and energy hoping to build interest in your product is actually wasted time!

95% of your friends will not see those posts.

And if they are seen by your friends, they will most likely be scrolled right past.

WHY?  Because people DON’T want to be sold. 

And your post comes off very spammy and salesy.

Sorry… but it’s true… 

Your company is fabulous!  I know it is!

You have the best compensation plan, product, and opportunity. 

I get it!  

BUT… heaven forbid… Something happens to your company!

I know!  Thats taboo!  Why would I even mention that? 

The thing is that I know quite a few people that experience this exact problem.

And you want to know a secret?

This Is Pretty Close To Home For Me

You see, the Network Marketing company that I was with previously started to make some pretty poor choices.

I started to notice small changes at first.

What really got to me was when key leaders started to leave the company.  

I got uneasy and started to dig for answers.  

What I found was that there were some poor choices and decisions made along the way that left me feeling like I couldn’t stay there anymore.

As I write this, the company is still hanging on… But only by a thread.

And I realized that I needed to figure something out… AND FAST!

Because even though I loved my company, I had to face the reality that sometimes not all companies are going to be there forever.

I Wish I Had Built My Brand Sooner!Let me just say that!

I don’t want you to make this awful mistake either!  

So take my advice and build a brand centered around you and not your company.

Cause here’s the thing…  Your company could get shut down today…

BUT, your brand is you.  No one can ever take you away from you.

If you build your business focused on your company, your paycheck can be taken away in an instant.

However, if you have a brand, your fans and followers will go with you wherever you go.

I learned this the hard way!

This reason is probably my favorite reason why you should build your brand.

When you look at other people in your company, they are pretty awesome right?

They are beautiful, sweet, hilarious, and all around awesome people!

Network Marketing attracts some of the coolest people I know!

The problem is that in this sea of awesome people, how do you stand out from all the rest?

What Makes You Uniquely You?

Here’s the thing, people that connect with you are going to buy FROM YOU!

But if all you post about is how amazing your product or service is, you are NOT standing out from the rest of the crowd doing the same thing. 

Your product or service does not make you uniquely you. 

Nothing about posting the same thing that everyone else is posting screams, “I’m awesome and different! Buy from me!”

Well There You Have It!

I’m pretty sold on building your brand if you’re in Network Marketing.

It’s pretty awesome to be honest!

But maybe you’re lost on how to even accomplish this.  

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

You see, I was there once too and someone showed me how to do this.

So I wanted to share this super awesome, totally FREE Online Bootcamp that can help you understand how to build your very own brand.

Are you ready to get started and find out what top earners in network marketing are doing to create a successful business?

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Now Go Build Your Empire!

Karin Angelly


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