How To Increase Facebook Group Engagement For Your Network Marketing Business

How To Increase Facebook Group Engagement For Your Network Marketing Business

“How do I increase my Facebook group engagement for my network marketing business?”

This has been one of the hottest questions I have been asked recently.

I see so many mistakes when it comes to building a network marketing business with Facebook groups.

One of the biggest mistakes I see network marketers make involves the invite.

For a better way to invite prospects to your Facebook group, check out this blog I wrote.

You see, the invite is one of the most important aspects to a Facebook group.

How your prospects find themselves in your Facebook group could be the difference between a healthy Facebook group, and a dying group.

Increasing Facebook Group engagement starts with the invite!

So start there if you’re feeling stuck with engagement inside your group.

But once the prospects are inside the Facebook group, what do you do in order to keep them engaged and willing to buy?

Let me ask you this…

What are you posting?

Is everything you are posting inside of your Facebook group about you and your business?

Or are you providing value?

You see, constantly slamming people with product pictures won’t get the job done.

Tell someone about the benefits of your products.

Let’s say you have a weight loss product.

Only showing before and after pictures of people losing weight from your product, can be effective.

But if you’re not seeing engagement, consider doing this as well.

Do some research about the emotional effects of losing weight, and write about that.

Humans are emotional creatures.

So if you can create value for someone on an emotional level around losing weight, you’re going to have a highly engaged prospect.

Which is ultimately what will increase engagement and sales within your Facebook group.

I created this YouTube video to help explain my point even more for you.

If you have a Facebook group, but it isn’t making you any money, then maybe it’s time for a new approach.

So go check it out or watch it below.

Ready to Increase Your Facebook Group Engagement?

I have to admit, there is more to attracting prospects to your business than just what I shared in this one video.

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But you gotta give it a chance!

Are you ready for an amazing network marketing business?

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  1. I agree ???? in order to retain your members you have to think about whether you are offering value. If your content does not offer value then it affects your group.


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