Common Network Marketing Objections: “I Have No Time”

Common Network Marketing Objections: “I Have No Time”

The most common network marketing objections you experience in your career can be extremely frustrating.

Wouldn’t you agree?

And the frustrating thing is that sometimes, those objections can hit you smack in the face when you least expect it.

Ever had such a great conversation with a prospect?

Things went AH-mazing, the prospect was excited, you were excited…

Maybe it even seemed as though the stars were aligned.

You just had a feeling that this prospect was going to change your business.

You create this story in your mind about how they are going to be your next 6 figure earner in your business.

You’re going to be the best sponsor and lead them straight to victory.

It’s going to be amazing!

And then… Outta nowhere they hit you with one of the most common network marketing objections.

And it leaves you feeling breathless.

So let me ask you this right now. 

How do you handle it when someone says to you, “I don’t have any time to fit in building a network marketing business with my busy life.”

I’m not gonna lie to you.

In the past, I didn’t always handle this with grace.

I didn’t have a set way to respond to someone that I had practiced, AND was a good way to determine if someone was really still interested or just wasting my time.

So maybe you’re like I was…  Maybe you fumble for words when someone says they don’t have time to work this business.

It’s for this reason that I created this video, to help you gain some clarity around the most appropriate way to respond to someone.

So I hope it helps you loads!

Common Network Marketing Objections don’t have to ruin your day

But I gotta point your attention to one thing I mentioned in the video.  I want to make sure you caught it.

If you’re hearing this objection over and over again, it might be time to start examining some things.

Maybe there is something you are saying or doing with your presentation that is causing this.

So go back and focus on what you’re saying to your prospects to begin with.

And maybe you’re like me…

Maybe you’re sick and tired of having to search for prospects, and would rather have them come to you.

I wanted to get you access that training I refer to in my video as well.

So check out what this online bootcamp could do for you.

It will most definitely keep you from hearing the, “I don’t have any time.” objection in the future!

Now Go Build Your Empire!


P.S. Wanna hear about another common network marketing objection and how to handle it?

Check out my other blog post that refers to how to respond when someone say’s that they are not a salesperson.  See you over there! 

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  1. I find this writing rather motivational, especially for marketers. As they say, “just keep trying until you succeed.”

    • For sure! That compound effect starts to take hold when you’ve been honing in on your skillsets, and working on getting better over time!


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