How Attraction Marketing Can Help You Build Network Marketing In 2020

How Attraction Marketing Can Help You Build Network Marketing In 2020

Building your network marketing business with attraction marketing in 2020 has never been more important.

Social distancing required by the recent coronavirus outbreak has made learning how to build a network marketing business online even more crucial.

But listen…

Maybe you’re feeling like I was 2 years ago.

Completely lost and frustrated with the techniques shared by my upline.

Wanna hear some of the gnarly things I was taught to do?

I was taught to post about my product and business at least 1-2 times a day.

There were a few different types of posts that I was instructed to craft:

  1. Before and after pictures of what my product could do
  2. Informational posts about what my product could do
  3. Information about how network marketing had changed my life
  4. Information about how a network marketing business was the answer for their financial troubles

Looking back, I wanna barf about all the posts that I came out with.

‘Cause let’s be honest.  Each post was meant to make ME look good.

I was not taught how to create curiosity, intrigue, or solve my prospects problems.

I was simply taught to spam the heck outta my social media wall, and hope for the best.

It was kinda like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something would stick.

And when I started my network marketing business 5 years ago, I did see results with this method.

It was amazing!  I would post about what my product could do, and have people reaching out to me asking me what it was that I sold.

But as time went on, I was not the only network marketer with this kind of posting habit.

And as you can imagine, people within the social media world got more and more tired of seeing the same kinds of posts from network marketers.

Anyone who has done this kind of posting knows that it leads to being messaged to stop, blocked, or deleted.

None of these reactions from friends make you feel good.

I had gotten to a place in my career where I knew that I couldn’t keep doing, AND TEACHING, the things that I was doing.

That’s when Brandy Shaver popped into my life.

Completely unexpectedly, she showed up and gave me the answers I knew I needed.

Isn’t it funny how this can happen sometimes?

I was looking for a way to change how I ran my business, and just like magic she showed up in my world.

Well recently I asked Brandy if I could interview her about her experience with attraction marketing in 2020.

And guess what… SHE SAID YES!

I got the entire interaction down on camera!

So check out how Brandy is able to continue to build a thriving network marketing business with attraction marketing in 2020.

It’s gonna blow your socks off!

So after hearing what Brandy had to say about attraction marketing, what do you think?

Is Attraction Marketing in 2020 The answer to building your business?

Only you can answer that question.

But let me ask you this.

Do you feel stuck in your business right now?

Are you finding yourself posting endless product and business posts on social media?

Do you feel like you are running in circles in your network marketing business?

Would you like to build a business you are proud of that can serve you for years to come?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then check out this resource.

This is the exact resource that Brandy and I used in order to figure out how to build a successful business online.

So let me ask you.

Do you want to keep struggling in your business?

Or, would you like a tried, tested, and true method for building a business online?

Choice is yours.

I’ll leave this link here in case you want to take that next step.

Now Go Build Your empire!



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  1. 19 days!!! Was she running ads? I want to learn more about attraction marketing and using it to build my business, but my focus is primarily drawing people to my business. I don’t want to teach others how to build a business. Is it possible to do one without the other?


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