3 Mindset Gaps That Are Keeping You Stuck And Frustrated

3 Mindset Gaps That Are Keeping You Stuck And Frustrated

I have noticed that network marketers tend to have 3 mindset gaps that commonly keep them stuck and frustrated in their business.

And it’s no wonder…

The key to success in network marketing is literally all about taking care of the 6 inches between your ears.

While this sounds super easy, most of us have years of programming that can cause sabotage in our business.

And unless we know how to deal with this successfully, we will end up getting stuck along the way.

The most successful network marketers in this industry have spent years and years working on their mindset and personal development.

Because I know that you need a place to start, I decided to compile a list of the 3 most common mindset gaps I see in the industry.

Check out this video to see what I’ve found.

There are your 3 Mindset gaps that could be keeping you stuck in the industry.

In case you missed them, or just wanted them written down, here they are for you.

  1. Thinking that success is automatic.  You have to develop the mindset in order to get where you want to go!
  2. Consistency and the proper system will set you apart
  3. Not thinking like a top earner. Don’t think about the success that you’ve had or not had.

Kinda eye opening right?

At one time or another, I see these gaps showing up during my conversations with network marketers.

And while they may seem like they are innocent, each one of these gaps can rob you of the success you desperately desire.

Sad to see, but it’s true!

And I don’t want this to be you.  So what I’d encourage you to do right now is figure out which one of these you find yourself falling into on a regular basis.

Because understanding your brain is half the battle.

Once you understand what’s happening, you can then start to create systems so that you don’t find yourself getting stuck anymore.

And in case you wanted to hear more about those 5 social media hacks that I referred to in the video, I figured I’d share them here for you.

‘Cause let’s be honest… Your success is based on not only your mindset, but the strategy that you use.

Not all strategies are created equal!

So good luck working on each of these mindset gaps!

Now Go Build Your Empire!


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  1. I’ve always known that mindset is important, and honestly I struggle with it, but I think consistency and an appropriate system is overlooked and underrated. Thanks for pointing that out!


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