How Meditation Helps Business

How Meditation Helped Me Be More Productive In Network Marketing

If you’re anything like me, you may have stumbled upon meditation and may be wondering how meditation helps business growth and productivity.

I’m so glad you asked!

This is one of my favorite personal development topics.

I believe that if more people meditated in this world we would certainly have less anxiety, depression, and mental disorders in general.

Not only that, but I believe if more small business owners meditated on a regular basis, they would find that they are more productive, proactive, and successful in business.

So let’s chat how meditation helps business growth.

In order to help you understand what meditation can do for your business, I created this video.

I explain the three things I noticed that mediation did for me, and how you can start meditating effectively today!

So so check it out.

I hope that cleared up so misconceptions about meditation, but also how you can start doing meditation in order to be more effective and productive in business.

I really love how meditation helps business owners with everyday emotions that can occur in business.

I know I can’t be the only one that has ever felt a high degree of anxiety over my business.

There are so many things that can go wrong everyday.

But not only that, there are a lot of things that can go right as well.  

Business can be quite a rollercoaster!

Mediation helped me stabilize my emotions to weather the ups and downs that business inevitably will bring.

It also helped me be able to handle curveballs in my business.

The degree of flexibility that you have as a small business owner can make or break you.

Handling situations that are out of the ordinary can be a daily occurrence.

I think that mediating on a daily basis helps your brain be more centered so that you can be more creative when it comes to problem solving.

You become more resourceful and even excited to handle extraordinary events when they occur.

And my favorite part about meditation is the focus that it brings into my life.

Who doesn’t want to feel more focused?

If that’s not you, I’d be completely floored! 

I mean seriously though.  I think that those little squirrel moments throughout the days are an entrepreneurs biggest enemy.

How many times have you started a task, got halfway through it and realized you had others things to do?

I’m a big advocate for planning my day and time blocking.

But I’ll be completely honest here.  I also struggle hardcore when something else grabs my attention and throws me off course.

It happens to the best of us!

This information is all well and good, but you may be asking yourself, “How can I meditate more effectively?  Every time I try, I can’t shut my brain off for even one minute.”

Practice makes perfect my friend!

No new skillset in life comes without repetition and learning.

I mean, no doctor out there had the intention of finishing med school in a day.

They realized it was going to take hard work, patience, and loads of learning.

They gave themselves the grace they needed to learn their new skillset, and continually practiced day in and day out.

This is exactly the thing to remember when learning how to meditate properly.

If you find yourself getting off track, simply notice and refocus.

I can’t hammer this point home enough.

When I first started in meditation, I thought that I had to be perfect at it to start with too.

And when my brain did what it tends to do and found a shiny trail or a bright lit unicorn, I would get frustrated with myself.

It wasn’t until I had a mentor tell me that this is normal when you first begin that I started to ease up on myself.

And what I’ve found is that instead of getting frustrated with myself, I can simply notice that I’ve gotten off track, laugh at myself, and then get back to what it is that I’m doing.

Because bringing frustration into my meditation sessions would stunt my growth for getting into deeper and deeper levels of meditation.

Emotion has a way of brining our minds into judgment. 

Judgement of ourselves, judgement of others…  When we step into judgement, we are no longer in our creative thinking mind.

We have now entered the analytical center of our mind.

And unfortunately analysis is not how our brain can allowed to be creative.

The creative centers of our minds allow us to forge a brand new circumstance for ourselves.

We become the creators of our future instead of simply letting life happen to us.

And if you know anything about how network marketing works, its all about visualizing our goals and creating whatever future it is that we want for ourselves.

Meditation and network marketing go hand in hand!

I hope that this gave you a newfound respect and hopefulness for your meditation sessions in the future.

I’ve found that I can be more productive and effective in my business when my mind and body feel centered and focused.

I’d love to hear how meditation helps business growth for you.

Please drop a comment if you are a meditator, and let me know how this amazing skillset has changed your business and created growth.

I also want to share with you one of my favorite resources for learning how to effectively meditate.

This book changed my entire life, and I think it can do the same for you if you let it.

So go ahead and check it out!

Now Go Build Your Unicorn Empire!


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