What is Young Entrepreneur Project

What is the Young Entrepreneur Project (YEP) and how can it help you with build your business or create another stream of income?

Let me just say, when I found YEP, I was not looking for it.

I didn’t even know the potential that it really had.

So let me explain what I love about this amazing community of people within the Young Entrepreneur Project.

I created this video to give you a full understanding of what this project is and what it can do for you in your business.


I hope that helped!

And I hope you can see what the Young Entrepreneur Project can do to help you grow an amazing business in today’s world.

I’d love to re-emphasize what those 3 pillars are that I mentioned in this video.

The first pillar is education.

if you know anything about me, you gotta know that I love to teach and train.  

And this is why this first pillar jives so well with me.

Cause if you want to be successful in business, education is key.

And the Young Entrepreneur Project gets it right when it comes to education.

YEPCLIPS, income producing activity workshops, Facebook challenges… The list goes on and on!

These are just some of the ways that you can learn to build your business in today’s world. 

But YEP doesn’t just get education right. It’s all about incentivizing and scaling your business as well.

The second pillar is incentives.

Incentives are a powerful tool to grow and scale your business.

Let me ask you something.

If a company offers BOGO deals or points systems that allows you to get more product for less, are you more likely to spend money with that company?

I know I am!

My husband is quite obsessed with Starbucks.  And probably one of the best incentives out there for him is Starbucks rewards.

Every time we spend money at Starbucks, I hear how many more stars we’ve received for our rewards.

He gets so excited when we receive a free coffee or pastry just because we are buying something that we already love.

That’s a FABULOUS incentive if I do say so myself!

What if you could offer incentives for people that do business with you?

Don’t you think that this could help you scale and grow your business?

Well just for being a YEP member, you can have the opportunity to offer travel incentives for people that do business with you.

Pretty cool right?

And as a thank you for hanging out with me today, keep reading til the end cause I have a gift for you!

See…  Incentives at work right here too!

The third pillar is the refer and earn program.

We are all promoters of one thing or another.

How many times have you gone to a spectacular restaurant, and all you can do is talk to everyone you know about that restaurant?

Well, this is exactly what the refer and earn program within the Young Entrepreneur Project is.

All you have to do is tell other people about the amazing training, programs, and incentives that YEP has to offer.

And when other people decide to take advantage of what YEP can be for their business, you can start to make money for referring people to something that you love.

It’s a win-win all around!

So I just gotta ask.

Would you like some more information about the Young Entrepreneur Project?  

And maybe a travel incentive that I promised earlier as well?  

Then go ahead and check this out.

It could be exactly what you were looking for when it comes to growing and scaling your business!

Now Go Build Your Unicorn Empire!


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