How To Scale Your Business With The Young Entrepreneur Project

How To Scale Your Business With The Young Entrepreneur Project

The Young Entrepreneur Project can be many things to all shapes and sizes of entrepreneurs in the world.

One of my favorite components of this entrepreneurial community is how they teach you to grow and scale any business.

One thing I’ve learned along my journey as a network marketing entrepreneur, is that people LOVE DEALS!

No matter what the deal is, people are more than happy to take part.

Even if taking part in that deal means spending more money in order to qualify.

If you think about it, incentivizing people to do business with you is truly genius!

It’s the fastest way to scale any business.

This is a strong statement, so let me explain exactly what I mean.

Hopefully you love Starbucks, cause otherwise you may not know what I’m referring to in this example.  

Just in case, I’ll give you a few examples to prove my point.

So Starbucks has some pretty awesome coffee. At least I think so!

Well Starbucks has an even better rewards program.  

For every $1 that you spend, you receive two stars in Starbucks reward points.

Once you hit a certain level of stars, you can start receiving free coffees, pastries, food items, or any combination in between.

Because of this rewards program, my husband and I have found ourselves continually going back to buy more of the coffee that we already love!

And you better believe we receive our points.

We’ve received countless free items simply for spending money at a place we love already.

It keeps us happy, and we always come back for more!

Or how about a place like McDonalds.  How long has that Monopoly game been going on for?

It’s so much fun if you ask me!  I remember as a child being more excited about playing their Monopoly game than eating their food.

In fact, I still feel this way if I’m being honest.

And to top it off, one of my favorite incentives is…

BOGO deals!!  I can’t help but drool over a pair of shoes or pants when a BOGO deal is involved.

And I think that lot’s of people in the world would absolutely agree with me on this one.

I mean seriously.  How many times have you left a store spending WAYYYY more money than you anticipated, because they have multiple BOGO deals happening.

Well listen, what if you could tap into the power of incentives for your business?

Imagine having people buying more from you, or joining your network marketing team because of an incentive that you threw into the mix?

Well, the Young Entrepreneur Project has filled in this gap within the marketplace.

They do this with travel incentives.

That’s right! Travel Incentives!

The Young Entrepreneur Project provide its members with an unlimited number of travel incentives that you can give to anyone and everyone of your choosing.

These trip incentives span from 3 days, 2 nights to 7 day dream vacations to thousands of destinations of your choosing.  

They can be used internationally in places like Australia, Bali, Canada, United States, Mexico, and the list goes on and on.

What I love most about travel incentives is that they are pretty one of a kind.

Most network marketers in their companies use incentives like giving out gift cards, or extra products for people that buy from them.

But giving out travel incentives makes you stand out even more in someones mind.

Which is exactly what we want!

When it comes to building our brand and our business, we want people to remember us as someone that they want to do business with.

Giving out a travel incentive is sure to make you stand out in your prospects mind FOREVER!

I explain this and even more in my YouTube video on this subject.

So make sure you don’t miss a moment.

I bet the idea of using travel incentives to build your business has been quite an interesting nugget to take in.

I know when I considered being able to do this in my own business, I was completely floored that something like this even existed.

So I’d like to invite you to learn even more about using travel incentives to build your business.

If you want loads of information on incentives and the Young Entrepreneur Project, come check it out here.

And just for looking, I’m going to throw in a 7 day dream vacation just for you!

It’s a win-win!  So let me ask you… Where will you travel to next?

Now Go Build Your Unicorn Empire!


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So join us in our next challenge and experience some amazing breakthroughs in your business!  I’ll see ya there!

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