Network Marketing Tips For Follow Up | Follow Up Without Being Annoying

Would it be cool to have some solid network marketing tips for follow up in your business. AND follow up without being annoying?

As network marketers, we all know that the fortune is in the follow up. It takes an average of 7-10 times of consistently sharing information with someone before they are ready to make a purchase or join your team.

So with this in mind, we must understand that following up is crucial for a successful business in Network marketing.

Today I want to share 5 important steps to follow if you want to be successful in your follow ups.

And more importantly, help you follow up without being or feeling ANNOYING!

Tune in to hear more on how to do this effectively.

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How cool would it be to have some solid network marketing tips for how to follow up with your prospects? Would it be pretty cool to know some of the skill sets necessary in order to be successful with your follow up so that you can actually have more people buy your products and join your team? Well my name is Karin Angelly from and I teach and train network marketers how to build their businesses in the online space. And today I really want to jump into how you can use follow up to your advantage. So do me a favor if you’re coming in live, let me know where you’re coming in from I want to connect with you. And if you’re coming in on the replay do me a favor, drop me a replay, let me know where you’re coming in from as well because I want to chat with you as well. I would love to help you figure out how to follow up with people properly. Okay, so let’s get into it because I feel like this is one of the most important trainings that I could possibly give to you, because the reason for that and you’ve most likely heard this before, fortune is in the follow up. Okay, I don’t know if you knew this but it takes about seven to 10 times for somebody to be introduced to your product reintroduced to your product service business whatever it is for them to finally decide that it’s time for them to make a buying decision. Okay, seven to 10 times. Okay. Some people are sooner, some people take longer okay that’s just about average. Okay. So with that in mind, we have to remember that following up with people is super duper crucial and follow up can be done in a whole number of ways, but I want to get down to like the nitty gritty basics of if you’re first starting in network marketing and maybe or maybe you’ve been in network marketing for a while but you’re not really seeing success. I want to give you some base ideas on how you need to be following up, so that you’re actually seeing the results. You’re seeing the success in your business that you want, right like this is super important. Follow up. Okay, so let’s get into it, let’s talk about some things that you can start doing so that you are having people that are more interested in what you’re doing more people buying from, from you, more people joining your team, the whole nine yards. Okay, so I came up with five key things that I felt were super duper super duper crucial for you to actually figure out how to do so that you do have proper follow up skill sets. Okay, so the first thing that I want to talk about, when we are talking about follow up. Okay, follow up, is one of those things that before, before I end a conversation, a conversation with somebody, I actually asked them permission if I can follow up with them. Okay, this is so important and something that I missed when I first started in network marketing, I just kind of assumed like well of course I’m going to follow up with you. However, if I’m asking for their permission to follow up with them.

I’m more likely going to have a successful follow up with my prospects. If I’m asking them for their permission so I use the magic phrase, “Would it be okay.” Okay. When you use that magic phrase “Would it be okay” people’s guards are down. okay they’re not feeling as though you are hounding them or anything like that. Would it be okay if I followed up with you. Easy, right, super simple, just to ask somebody, hey you’ve seen some information Would it be okay if I followed up with you?

Right, like, not too, not too hard but it’s one of those things that if we don’t think about doing these, these things beforehand and we miss this step. Sometimes our follow up feels like it’s annoying. It feels like we’re badgering somebody and ultimately we don’t want to feel that way right? like we want follow up to feel comfortable so if we ask them permission we’re more likely to see successful results. Okay, second thing that I do when I’m looking to follow up with somebody, I ask them for permission first. And then I make sure that they repeat back to me, what time it was that we wanted to connect. Okay, so say somebody this actually happened to me yesterday. Okay, literally yesterday I was talking to somebody about following up with them. Okay, as we’re going through the conversation I asked permission Can I follow up with you. She said yes, I’m free whenever. I don’t take that. That is not, that doesn’t work for me I’m free whenever is not helpful I want to have an actual set in stone time that they are free. Okay. And so, I actually pull out my calendar, and I look at my calendar and say okay so you said you’re telling me that you’re free whenever, what if I’m looking at my calendar to see what the most what’s easiest time for me to connect with them whatever, looking at my calendar and I’m saying, okay, so could you do Tuesday night at 8pm the person says Yes, absolutely. And I repeat back to them so Tuesday night at eight and they said yes. Tuesday night at eight. Okay. My job is to evoke them to say back to me repeat back to me what time I’m following up with them because then it’s more likely that I’m actually going to be connecting with them. Okay, it’s more likely that I’m actually going to have a conversation with them. Okay, because like I said fortunes in the follow up. So if I’m getting them to repeat back to me what it is that I’m saying, okay, so you want to chat Tuesday night at eight? cool! and they repeat it back to me. Okay. I don’t like this hall oh you can follow up with me whenever, because sometimes when we say that they’re either not expecting it, or you’re less likely to do it because it’s not in your calendar. But if you’re actually setting up that timeframe with somebody, they’re more likely to be amenable to you chatting with them because we already set it up right like it’s not just like, oh I hope it happens, it’s going to happen it’s in our calendar. Okay, now this kind of brings me to my next point. Okay. When we’re having those conversations with people, when we’re introducing our product, our service, our business to somebody for the first time. We want to make sure our follow up actually starts before we leave that first conversation. Okay, before we walk away. Okay. So before we walk away from our first presentation, we are now asking permission, and we’re actually finding the time to connect with somebody. Okay, this, this step, actually this step kind of goes first, however I want to kind of go through those first two steps and this third step because I wanted to hammer home how important is that your follow up starts before you leave that first conversation. Okay, we set up the appointment before we’re gone. Okay, so make sure that you’re setting up that appointment before we’re gone we’re asking permission, we’re setting up the time we’re making sure that it happens, okay, because if they don’t do these things. Like I said, we’re most likely not going to be somebody that’s still irritating and then we’re trying to connect with them again. And so, with them, but this is a small this is just part of being a network marketer, okay and now we have follow up fortunes in the follow up. So whether you’re doing that, whether you’re doing that in person over text message over the phone, online through emails that matter. Okay, it’s all the same network marketing skills are still going to be the same. Okay, so we want to make sure that they know when we’re following up, even if I’m following up in email. A lot of times I’ll say hey, make sure that you are here for this time I’m going to be on an email I’m going to be talking about this, I give a little follow up there as well. Okay. You can do this online you can do this offline, doesn’t matter okay but follow up super duper crucial okay forth step in having successful network marketing follow up, is that we want to keep our appointments. Okay, keep those appointments. The worst thing you can do yourself. The most the most frustrating thing you can do to yourself is to make an appointment and then not keep it. Okay, if you tell somebody that you’re going to be in a certain place at a certain time show up, be there. because what makes you somebody would want to join your team or buy your product. If you don’t even keep your own appointments, okay this is a little bit longer. Right now, be completely honest with you, we’ve got as professional people. We got to keep our appointments. How would it feel or How would you let me give you and example. Okay. How would you say your doctor. Okay. Say, Doctor. doctor and you have a patient that tells you that they come in for a certain time to get this thing on my face looked at that I got to see my face and you look. Okay. You set up that appointment set all those times with the doctor. Right, I think, The doctor says okay you’re gonna you’re gonna come in this time do things.

And this is before the appointment, and then at the appointment, this is what we’re going to talk about. If that doctor decided, they didn’t want to show up today. Would you go back to that doctor?

I sure as crap know I wouldn’t, I would not be there. if the doctor said that he was gonna be there at a certain time to help me with something and they didn’t show up, I wouldn’t go back to that doctor. It’s the exact same thing when it comes to your business lets be professional. A doctor is going to show up to an appointment that they schedule with right? they are going to make sure that they are there. So, we as network marketers we need to show the same level of professionalism just because we’re in business for ourselves, doesn’t mean that we can go out, willy nilly and not keep appointments. Okay, so make sure you keep those appointments. Okay, number five. If we want to be successful with our follow up. Don’t be needy don’t chase people. Okay, if we set an appointment with somebody.

We’re gonna honor our time, and their time. But if they don’t show up to an appointment. Don’t chase them. okay That comes off super duper needy. Okay, that makes it look like we need them.

Whereas, if we set an appointment and someone doesn’t show this is how I deal with it if somebody sets an appointment with me, they come and they book an appointment on my calendar they say they want to chat with me. They say all these things, but then they don’t show up to their appointment. I’m most likely not going to talk to that person anymore, okay, because they didn’t value my time. They didn’t value, the time that we had set together. So, if, if I was to continue to chase after that person. Think about if they decided to join my team. Okay. Think about what would happen if that person and that I continued to chase even though they didn’t even though they didn’t. They didn’t keep their first few initial appointments, if they if they did end up joining my team later. Don’t you think I’m most likely going to have to continue to chase after that person. I don’t want to chase people I’m not in the business of chasing people I’m all about helping people. And if that person can’t keep their appointment they can’t keep can’t show up with me connect with me when they say they will, then, I can’t work with that right like we are not in the business of creating a downline that we have to chase, right. So, respect your time and have your prospects Respect. Respect your time as well. Okay, super duper important that we respect ourselves and we respect other people. All right, I truly hope this was helpful in giving you some solid tips on how to follow up with prospects, how to connect with people, and how to be successful with your follow ups, ultimately, alright so if you love some of these tips and maybe you’re thinking to yourself. I want more tips on how I can start really building my business, attracting more people to myself in my business. What I did is below this video. There is actually a link where you can find my five social media hacks, my five social media hacks blueprint for figuring out how to start attracting more and more people to yourself in the online space. So if you’re thinking I love these follow up ideas, I want more I want to know how to build my business even better online, you got to check out those five social media hacks because they’re going to give you some ideas that maybe you’ve never heard of maybe your upline has never shared that with you, and I’d love to hear how it’s helpful so go ahead, grab those five social media hacks. I left it down there for you and I will see you next time, bye.

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