Why Should You Join Xelliss NOW For Your Home Business Opportunity

Have you been looking for a home business opportunity and been wondering why you should join Xelliss to make money from home?

I’ve built massive businesses in the network marketing industry for 5 years now, and seen all sorts of different opportunities within the home business opportunity world.

Xelliss is definitely one of my favorites for a great many reasons.

When looking at a home business opportunity, there are 5 things you want to consider.
1. Products
2. Compensation plan
3. Timing
4. Leadership
5. Duplication system

My team within Xelliss has each and every one of these requirements checked off.

If you are ready to join a company with timing on its side, and a team with an unbeatable duplication system already in place, click here to join. You will receive your 8 day 7 night vacation voucher if you decide to join:

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Why should you join Xelliss for your home based business opportunity. Have you been looking around at different opportunities out there and wanting to make some money from home and thought that maybe Xelliss could be the way that you could do that?

Stick around because I’m going to talk about five of my favorite reasons that I think this is one of the best ways to make some money from home. 

My name is Karin Angelly from KarinAngelly.com and I teach and train network marketers how to build their businesses in the online space. And I also talk about my favorite products and services as well. And today I really want to dive deep and talk about Xelliss and how you can use this amazing opportunity to make some really awesome money from home. 

Okay, like I said, when we started, I actually figured out that there’s five reasons that I think that you should join any home based opportunity. I’m going to go through those five things, and share with you how come I think Xelliss is one of the best places to make money from home. Okay. 

I personally have built some six figure empires within the network marketing industry, and I’ve seen a lot of great things, I’ve seen a lot of good things, and I’ve seen a lot of not so great things. Okay, just from being around the industry for about five years, I have seen everything I’ve see, or not everything I’m sure, but I’ve seen quite a lot of things in my time and building businesses. And I personally think that Xelliss has a lot to offer for anybody that’s looking to build from home. Okay. 

So when you’re looking for a home based opportunity there, like I said there’s five things I think you should be looking for. The first thing that I believe you should be looking for within any home based opportunity is what kind of products or services are you going to be sharing, or giving to other people. 

What are those products or services? And what will they help people do? What kind of benefits do those products or services, give to your potential customers. And do they actually line up with how you feel you should be making money from home. Okay. 

For me this was a no brainer when I looked at Xelliss. Okay, Xelliss actually has some pretty phenomenal spirulina products. Okay. 

Love fell in love with how these products make me feel okay. An example of how awesome Hey make me feel is

I was just on a really really busy, busy, busy business trip this past weekend in Vegas. And I continued to take my spirulina products. And I can tell you I didn’t get very much sleep at night.

It was very busy, very loud in the house at times. And I can tell you that my energy level stayed consistently up the entire weekend. Okay. 

So think about being constantly inundated with people around others and how sometimes that can really drain you and wear you out. but with my spirulina prize I felt phenomenal.

Okay, spirulina is actually where everything started on this planet okay like a lot of our nutrients and micronutrients when

we first started way back when, in the caveman days. 

A lot of our micronutrients and nutrients came from micro algaes like spirulina. Okay. Spirulina actually has every single vitamin nutrient everything that our body could possibly need, it’s a phenomenal product. Okay. 

And there’s Spirulina’s that can be found at Xelliss. There’s actually A3nat, and a Phycosci Am, Pm, Extreme. It’s blue and green, green algae basically. Okay, And it’s wonderful. it makes you feel so powerful I actually have quite a few videos explaining this fairly new products so you can go ahead and you can check that out on my YouTube channel you can scroll through and see all the different Xelliss products that Xelliss has to offer. 

Okay the amazing benefits that they have. Okay. My favorite thing about these products, is that they’re not “me too” products. Okay. Yes you can find spirulina on places like Amazon, but you’re most likely not going to be able to find a spirulina that has the kind of nutrients and micronutrients that our spirulina has. 

Ours is really truly one of a kind, because of the way it’s produced. They’re produced in these photo bioreactors that are actually able to help keep in all of the goodness of that spirulina and keep out all of the toxins that can enter this spirulina from the environment, from things around, that’s spirulina when you grow it out in the natural environment. okay. So our spirulina is truly one of a kind, you’re not gonna find anything out there, like it whatsoever. Okay. 

So when you’re looking at company like a home based company. Look at what kind of products they have, what do they have to offer. 

And for me when I looked at Xelliss, that was a no brainer because of how amazing these products really are. All right. 

The second thing I believe you should be looking at when you’re looking at a home based business opportunity. I think you should be looking at that compensation plan. How is it that you’re going to be compensated when you’re trying to build your home based business. Okay. 

And when I looked at the compensation plan within the Xelliss opportunity I fell in love. And the reason I fell in love, is because every single person that joins my team, I can personally help. Okay. And the reason I say that is because I can personally put every single person in into my downline can can benefit off of everyone that I put in. 

Okay, it’s a pretty phenomenal pay plan everything from cars trips, and all kinds of monthly bonuses within this plan. Okay. I would love to share in more detail about that compensation plan so I’m going to direct you up here, wher there’s going to be a link where you can actually check out a little bit more about the Xelliss compensation plan as well. 

I think it’s so awesome and I think you should take a look at it. Okay, so that compensation plan how you’re going to make money is so incredibly important. Okay. 

The third thing I think you should be looking at if you’re looking at joining a home based business opportunity as I think you should be focusing on the timing of that company. Okay. Xelliss is a really cool opportunity because it has been around for six years. Okay. However, it literally just opened here in the US. Okay. 

The reason that I absolutely love that is because I personally am not big on startup companies because startup companies can be a little scary we don’t know what’s going to happen with them. Are they going to be stable are they going to be here in a couple years what’s gonna happen.

Okay, so I’m not always the biggest fan of startup companies. However, this is probably one of the best kinds of startup companies because it’s had such a great track record over in Europe. 

It’s been over in Europe for six years, has an amazing track record, and as literally ground floor here in the United States, literally just opened up, September, hold on I wrote it down because I can’t remember what date it was. September 21. Okay, so it’s literally only

a few weeks old here in the United States. 

So we’re truly ground floor here in the United States, it’s really cool to be a part of an opportunity that has that stability and has the ability to be that ground floor opportunity as well. Totally unique and totally cool. All right. 

Fourth thing I think you should absolutely look for when you’re looking at a home based business opportunity. I think you should be looking at the leadership that is involved within that business. Okay, there are names like Tim Edwards, Ann Feinstein, Brandy Shaver who is actually my sponsor. Who are huge within the network marketing industry. 

Okay, Tim Edwards he was the top producer at Nu Skin for years. Had thousands upon thousands of distributors under him that were doing well as well. He knows what he’s doing and then Miss Ann Feinstein another Hall of Famer within the network marketing industry. She has 30 plus years of experience within this industry and knows what works and what works really well when it comes to building this business. Okay. 

And then obviously my, one of my personal favorites because she is my sponsor and I love her to death Brandy Shaver attraction marketing guru. 

Okay, knows what she’s doing. And we have built out this this actually brings me to my fifth thing that I think should be the reason that you join a company, but we have actually built out as fabulous attraction marketing duplication system. Okay. 

One of a kind duplication system I have never seen any company out there that has an attraction marketing duplication system like ours. It’s literally a step by step, help you through figuring out how to attract people to yourself in your business, 100% online. Okay. 

Most people these days don’t want to go out and about and prospect people, most people want to build their businesses in the online space because let’s be honest it’s more convenient, and you can reach thousands and thousands of people. Whereas when you’re going out and about, you can only reach so many whoever you’re in front of. 

Okay, so our duplication system is one of a kind. People that have never had success in this industry are finding success and actually building their business and growing, because we have set out this step by step duplication system, where you can start learning how to build your business in the online space and actually start attracting people to you. 

All right, so those are the five things that I think you should be looking for when you’re looking at a home based opportunity and I, honestly, Xelliss has it all, in my opinion. 

And I highly recommend you take a look at the opportunity. What I did is if you’re ready to take advantage of all five of these things, the product, the compensation plan, timing, leadership, and duplication. 

If you’re ready to take advantage of all five of those things, I left a link in the description where you can actually join me today, and start building the business of your dreams start actually moving forward and building an amazing business okay so there is a link for you, where you can actually go ahead and join me today if you like. 

And if you decide that that is what you want to do, I have this eight day seven night vacation, that I will give to you. All right, like, it is a voucher to go to all kinds of places like Asia, Australia, Thailand, France, Germany, like there’s so many places you can go here like Hawaii like Bora Bora all these crazy places and if you decide that you want to join our team today if you want to join me, I will give you that eight day seven night voucher. 

Okay, Super cool you got an amazing system, and you get an amazing trip let’s talk about how awesome that is all right. Do you want some more information? 

Please feel free to reach out to me ask me any questions that you might have. I would love to connect with you in any way possible. All right, so go ahead, check out that description and find that link where you can join me today, and I will chat with you soon.

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  1. If you are ready to join a company with timing on its side, and a team with an unbeatable duplication system already in place, then check the description for the link to join. You will receive your 8 day 7 night vacation voucher if you decide to join today.


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