How To Use The Xelliss Products | Xelliss Products Review

Would you like a Xelliss products review sharing with you the in’s and out’s of how to use the Xelliss products everyday?

Well that is exactly what I want to share with you in this video.

I will be going over how to take the:
-Xelliss A3Nat Spirulina Powder
-Xelliss A3Caps Spirulina Powder
-Xelliss Phycosci AM
-Xelliss Phycosci PM
-Xelliss Phycosci Sport
-Xelliss Phycosci Extreme

In this video I share some other products I use everyday along with the Xelliss products. In case you want to see those, here they are.
-Blender bottle:
-Aloe Juice:

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So how do you take the amazing Xelliss products?

Maybe you’ve received the products but you have zero idea what to do now. Well, I want to go over a little bit about how to demystify the taking these products every day so that you can start feeling like your best you.

Well my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers how to build their businesses in the online space. And I also talk about some of my favorite products and services as well. 

And today, I really want to help you demystify, how to take some of these amazing Xelliss products. Okay. 

So I’m going to be talking today about how to take the Xelliss A3 nat spirulina powder. 

I’m also going to be talking about how you can take the Phycosci AM product. 

I’m going to be talking about how you can take Phycosci PM.  

How you can take Phycosci Sport. 

How you can take those A3 caps the spirulina caps. Okay, which are actually, this is the same thing okay we’re going to talk about that a little bit later too okay so we’re going to talk about how we can take these and how that works. 

And last but not least, we are going to talk about how to take the Phycosci Extreme. 

Okay so we are going to talk about how to do all of those things today. But in order to tell you how to do this. I actually would rather show you. Okay, so what we’re going to do we’re going to go to my kitchen right now and I’m going to show you exactly how I take each and every one of these products every day, so that I can feel like the best me. 

Okay, so you ready to get over there? Let’s do it.

Alright, we’re back and we’re actually in my kitchen so welcome to my kitchen. I’m in a little corner right here because the counter it’s easier to connect with the counter. Okay. And because the rest of my kitchen is kind of a mess. Okay.

So, I want to show you exactly what I do every single day to take these amazing Xelliss products. Okay, so we’re gonna start first with this, A3 powder. Okay. 

This stuff, love it to death. I’ve loved what it’s done for my gut. I love what it’s done to make me feel like a total rock star. Okay, now with, with this product. There are a few things that you can do. 

Okay, you can mix this in a smoothie, you can mix it in your favorite juice. You can mix it in yogurt. I have done all of the above, and love it. Okay, so, love being able to mix it together and being able to take it. 

Okay, so what I do. I actually get some of those. I don’t even know what to call them, but they’re like the little flavor package that you can get at the grocery store that you put into a water bottle and you shake up.

I like getting, I like getting, I like having things in my life that don’t have a lot of sugar. And what I’ve learned is that when I mix this with sugar it’s a little too much. 

Okay so I, I personally look for those little powder packs that I’ve mixed in water that don’t have sugar. So, basically what I do is I take this I mix it all up. 

And I’m going to put this in my Blender Bottle okay so I actually have something else in here too because I’m, I’m a little special with what I do. 

Like I love, I love drinking aloe every single day because I love what it does for my guts. Okay, so what I do is I put, I measure how much aloe juice that I want in my little Blender Bottle cap. 

And then I take my, my mixture here that I made a little powder pack mixture and I pour some of that together okay so like we’re making it we’re having our chemistry experiment right now. 

Okay, so I literally have my juice all set up here. Okay. Like you can pour in however much or little you want doesn’t really matter. I just, I mix it the way that I like it. 

Maybe you got to try some different things to see how you like it, and like I said you can make a smoothie and you can mix this in as well. So basically, at this point, I take my little spirulina powder. And I take my little spoon that comes with it. How cute is this? Like I got my little spoon. 

So what I do is I take out two scoops and I’ll show you what this looks like.

Beautiful that is super green super awesome. Okay. 

So I take two scoops of these. Okay. And I put it in my little Blender Bottle, okay, this is easy, no big deal right. So one scoop.

And now we got two scoops. Okay. Like that’s two. 

All right. So, that’s just the start of what I do. Okay, let’s see it turns my turn my juice concoction quite green okay like don’t freak out. This is normal it’s gonna look kind of green. Okay. 

So the other thing that I do is I take my PhycoSci. This is for the morning time okay I take my PhycoSci am, and I put it in one of these little droppers here. Okay. 

What you’re supposed to do with this you’re supposed to take 8 mL’s of this and put it in this little dropper here, okay so you can see. 

Hopefully you can see that there’s little ml markings on there there’s four, there’s eight, and 16. okay. So I want eight mls of this little beauty right here, this beautiful stuff. 

Okay, now I already mixed it for us. So it looks just like that. Okay, so that’s our eight mls of our PhycoSci AM and what I do. 

Now you can do all kinds of different things with this, okay. You can either shoot this. Just drink it straight, you can put it in a bottle of water and drink it for the day. Like you can do whatever you want. What I do because I’m all about the like least path of resistance. I literally take all of it. I pour it in there that lovely goodness. I take it all and I pour it in there like if I wanted to put anything else in here I could too. Okay. 

Like and I’ve done that before I’ve, I’ve put, put all kinds of different things in here you can put protein powder in here, you can make a smoothie, you can make whatever the heck, it is that you want. 

So now I’m going to close this up real good so that we don’t make a mess. Okay. And you can get these little blender bottles anywhere, I think I got this from TJ Maxx, years ago, okay so you can get these anywhere though. You can go on Amazon and find them, love them to death. There’s like a little spring ball in there that you can mix it up with so we shake. 

All right. This isn’t hard right like this is this is pretty nice. So I got my, what I did is I got my juice in here. I’ve got my A3 spirulina powder. Like I said, I put aloe in here because I love what it does for my gut. And then I put my 8 ml, with my PhycoSci AM in here. okay. 

This is what I do every single morning. Okay so shake it up, and then literally, like here Yeah. That’s it. All right, like that’s literally what I do every single day. Okay. I want to show you what else you can do as well. With this spirulina powder because I think that this is the one that throws people off the most, so stick with me for a minute. 

All right, we’re back. Okay, so what I want to show you is how else you can mix these together okay you can literally, so I get yogurt, I actually do this so delicious because I like to cut down on my, my milk intake. 

Okay, so I’ve got my so delicious. And I take two scoops of this, and I put it in here and mix it. Okay, it’s going to make it super green okay so don’t freak out if you’re like, what is it that I’m eating right now like, ooh, just don’t like. Don’t worry about that. It still is going to taste like your strawberry. okay. Like it’s not going to be a big, big deal. Okay. 

So, that is how you can take that spirulina powder. Okay, so if you don’t love the spirulina powder, that’s totally cool. 

You don’t have to do what I do every morning okay you don’t have to do this purely in a powder, you can actually do that A3 caps. 

Okay, so these little beauties look like this. Okay. They look like this.

Right like no big deal okay so you, what you do is you take four of these. Now what I recommend and I didn’t mention this before. 

What I recommend is that if you’re new to Xelliss products, that you actually, instead of taking four all all at once have these take two in the morning and two at night. Okay. 

The reason I’m saying that is because detox is a real thing. Okay. These are going to help your body detox like crazy so what happens when we detox is sometimes we feel worse before we get better. 

So I don’t want you to freak out if you start taking four of these all at once and you’re like, man, I want to sleep all the time. I feel sick, I don’t feel right. Okay, so if you if you feel that way, Just start taking two in the morning and two at night, do that for about two weeks you’ll start to feel better, and you’ll be able to work up to taking four of these all at once. Okay. That’s if you’re brand new. If you’re like me, I just take all four at once. 

Now, you do not have to take this, this, the powder and the caps, it’s one or the other. Okay, so say you’re say you’re just kind of like, you know what I would rather have the caps. That way, if I’m on the go or whatever I can just take these and run. Okay so literally all you do is you take four of these and drink your water. Okay, no big deal. Okay. 

And like I said, if you’re if you’re on the go in the morning and you want to just take your PhycoSci AM. Okay, you just, you take your little dropper here. And you fill that with eight mL’s. Okay. 

And you take that together now if, like I said earlier about the detox. If you’re new to these products, and you maybe, maybe you start to feel really bad, maybe what I would recommend is take the spirulina powder and the PhycoSci AM separately. 

So maybe like wait an hour or whatever. If you’re going to take both of these together because like I said detox is a real thing. I don’t want you to feel bad, I want you to feel, awesome because these products, make you feel fabulous. 

Let’s talk about the other let’s see three products that I didn’t talk about yet. 

Okay, first ones first love this stuff the Phycosci PM, I take this. I actually take this about an hour before bed. Okay. You can take it right before bed, it doesn’t really matter, but for me I take this about an hour before bed, and it’s the same thing that we did with a PhycoSci AM. 

We take this little dropper here. We take eight amounts of this, we put it in here we can either shoot it, or we can put it in our water. okay. Like you can literally pour it in here, and it’s going to have that beautiful blue color. Okay. 

I’m going to show you in a second. Okay, so that’s something else I can show you that I can show you what beautiful blue color this turns out being. okay. So that’s for the night time helps me sleep like a baby when I started taking this stuff. I actually started having some vivid dreams, like, really vivid and I I do I Dream a lot already. But I had like I still remember some of my dreams, crazy right like love what this stuff has done for me. Okay, now. 

Next we want to talk about that PhycoSci Sport. Okay, PhycoSci sport, it’s the exact same. You got this little dropper like this is easy, right, no big deal. What were we scared about right like, basically, with the PhycoSci Sport, you take eight mL’s of this as well. 

So you got your little dropper eight mL’s of this you put it in here. You can either shoot it, or you can put it in your water once again. Okay. With the PhycoSci Sport, you can take it either before you workout or after you workout. 

Okay so, for me, I work out about three days a week I run and then I go to the gym. Okay. So, this actually helps me to recover after all of that crazy workout. Okay, so recovery time sometimes. 

Sometimes you’re like man my muscles are sore right. So this helps me with my recovery. Okay, so like I said you can take it before your workout, or you can take it after. No big deal. Either way, for me personally, I take it after because I forget, but I’ve heard a lot of people say that if they take it before they like it even more because it gives them energy for their workout and then helps them. That helps them while they’re working out and then helps them after their workout as well. Okay.

All right, last but not least, I want to show you how to take that PhycoSci Extreme. Okay, this stuff. I love this stuff, because this, if I’m feeling like tired or worn out, run down in any way shape or form. Take this little beauty right here. Okay. I love this stuff, because it makes me feel awesome really fast like it’s almost that it actually is, is that instant feeling of invincibility is the best way I can explain it. Okay. 

So what I do. Don’t do this with your teeth. I’m a dentist daughter I should know better. You take a scissor, okay. No big deal. Take a scissor.

Cut it open at the top here, so that you can get into the loveliness that’s in there. And you can either, there’s two ways you can do this, you can either down the hatch this thing. 

I’m trying not to make a mess. Doing really good job making a mess. Alright so you can either suck on this little beauty right here. Just like that. No big deal. Tastes like honey, because that’s what’s mixed in it. Like it’s super sweet delicious. Or once again, you can put it in your water. I want to show you what the PhycoSci actually looks like when you mix it in water. So we’re going to mix it up for you. Okay.

Doing a good job at this. I know you probably should do better than I do. But look at that beautiful blue color. okay. Like this is literally what it will do it’ll make this beautiful blue color. 

And like I said you can do this you can mix this up in water if you have the PhycoSci AM, if the PhycoSci PM or the PhycoSci Sport. You can mix it up in water and it looks just like that. Okay, so I’m gonna I’m gonna finish this off because, like I said, it tastes like honey. It’s delicious. 

So that was awesome right? I hope that was helpful in helping you understand how to take these amazing Xelliss products, and how you can do this on a regular basis, so that you start to feel better and better over time. 

Now, I want to re emphasize because I already said this, but I want to re emphasize that if you’ve never taken these kind of products before, if you’ve if your body’s never been through this kind of detox before, I highly recommend that you space things out a little bit. 

Don’t take everything all at once, like I do because the detox is real. Okay, like if you if you need to, feel free to do one scoop in the morning of that spirulina powder and one scoop at night. Okay, or do the two caps in the morning of the spirulina caps in the morning and two at night instead of the four all at once. okay. Like space things out if you’re new to this test it out though see see how you feel, because maybe, maybe you have already done some detox things for your body and it’s not a big deal for you. Okay.

If you’re new to taking the A3 spirulina plus the PhycoSci, maybe you want to wait an hour, wait wait, take something in the morning take something at night. That way you don’t feel that crazy detox. So, don’t start out like crazy and then be like oh my gosh I feel like crap. Okay. Karin told me I was supposed to feel good with this, and I want you to feel good. That’s the reason I’m telling you to do it this way. Do it for about two weeks like that and then start to wean yourself up to taking things all at once, or however you want to okay. 

Hope this was helpful, hoping it Hope it gave you some understanding as to how to take these products and listen if you actually are looking to order some of these products, I left a link for you in the description where you can go ahead and you can check out more information on the products. You can find a little bit more about what they offer for you, and go ahead and order them right away. Okay, so I left that link for you. 

I also left a link for you for a Facebook group where you can learn a little bit more about the products as well. So if you want to know a little bit more about the products and you’re not seeing everything that you want, go ahead and tap that link for that Facebook group. Make sure you let them know that Karin Angelly sent you, or nobody’s going to let you in, and that’s a total bummer. 

All right, so go ahead, check out that link to order. It’s there for you right now, and I will see you on the next one. 

Hope this was helpful.

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    • I share a link in the description for the aloe juice I use. All of the products I mention are in the description. ????

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