3 Simple Steps To Rank Advance And Build A Global Team In Network Marketing In 2020

Would you like 3 simple steps to rank advance and build a global team in network marketing in 2020?

Brandy Shaver and I are going to share some social media hacks that took us years to master.

We want to decrease your learning curve and show you how you can steal our knowledge to build your own network marketing business in 2020 and beyond.

We are going to talk about our:
1. Global network attractor
2. Influencer formula
3. Digital duplication system

So would you like to get the exact blueprint of how to build a network marketing business that took us years to master?

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Would you love three simple steps to rank advanced faster, build a global team and network marketing and build a build a business that you absolutely love today, right now. Well that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today I brought my friend and mentor Brandy Shaver along for the ride where we are going to be talking about how you can use these three simple steps that we have poured blood sweat and tears into figuring out and we are giving our information away to you today. All right, so we are so excited to get started.




I would love to let’s see if I can share, share, share. 


Share your screen.


Yes. All right, let’s get into the three simple steps to rank up and build a global team with social media fast. So I can tell you firsthand that this system works, and we actually have quite a bit of proof to back it up. Alright, so first off we have Fran. Fran actually using our system, she actually had 19 rank advancements after she started implementing this system. 

So when she started using this, she was able to bring in 36 new customers, 35, new recruits, and she actually, the best part is she had 19 people that were able to duplicate what it is that she was doing and how her to rank advance four times. Okay. She says she’s not prospected anyone in two years. Should since she started using our system, and she’s had some pretty phenomenal results.

Next we have Adrian Lindeen, she hit $10,000 a month in less than 11 months and was able to rank advanced three times. Using our system, okay three times in two and a half weeks that’s huge. Okay. She used to build her system. 

She used to build her business using old school things like sending those spammy messages, bugging friends and family and talking to everyone with a pulse. But when she started plugging into our system. She was able to have some pretty massive results. 

All right, next we have, Paul, love, Paul whenever he plugged into our system, he was able to rank advanced three times in just a few weeks. He said that when he first joined network marketing. He was naive and thinking that everybody with a pulse actually wanted his products, and he realized after doing more and more work with us, he realized that it’s more about finding those perfect people and we helped him find those perfect people and as a result, he was able to rank advance three times in just a few weeks. 

All right, so using just these three simple steps that we’re going to cover. You can do this as well which is super exciting. And I bet you’re probably sitting there, really excited, ready to go right now with this system. Okay, so the best part about our system is that you’re going to be able to use it without leaving home without Bugging Friends and family, without sending those spammy messages, without sending those random friend requests that I bet you hate. 

I remember I hated doing all of these things, those spamming messages just made my skin crawl. And you’re not going to have to be tied to your phone 24 seven which is another thing that I absolutely love because before this system I was completely tied to my phone, constantly. 

Alright so we’re gonna go through those three steps that step one is that global network attractor, we’re going to talk about how you can attract and grow a global network of prospects on social media. And you can actually never run out of people when you’re doing this right. 

All right. Step two, we’re going to talk about that influencer pre qualification formula, we’re going to talk about how you can quickly and easily build influence and be recognized as a leader, even if you’re brand new never had success in network marketing, never had a downline, we will show you how to do this. 

And step number three. We’re going to show you our digital duplication machine, or we’re going to show you how to promote your business in a non salesy non hypee way and be able to tap into the exact system that the top 1% of leaders are actually using to recruit and duplicate to the masses, or their teams. 

So, basically what we were able to finally master these three steps that we’re going to be sharing with you, Brandy was able to blow past that six figure mark in her business within one year. And for me, I was already that six figure network marketing business builder, and I was able to launch a thriving, automated business, which excites the crap out of me okay like I was able to start attracting people to myself in my business, which was amazing. 

Okay, so why is this important to you right now? Let’s be honest timing and business is everything, okay. Startups are risky, most fail in the first five years. 

There’s always that new hot and effective strategy working right now with no risk. 

Social media is changing fast, and what might have worked three months ago, is no longer working today and I bet you’ve probably noticed this I know I noticed this whenever I started building in network marketing it’s totally different from what it was five years ago to what it is now. And then, if not now. Then when? 

So how is this different? As a team, our system. We do not spam people, we learn how to connect with people and actually start attracting people our way. 

You’ll actually start finding that when you’re using our system you’ll actually have people reaching out to you wanting to know a little bit more about your product or your business. We’re going to give you that step by step roadmap to help you get results, and you’ll have our help, every step of the way we’re there to help you right brandy like we’re helping.




And then our system is truly one of a kind, no one has what we have. No one’s building exactly the way that we do. We’ve actually taken what works, what works online, and we have given you that step by step of how to do that. And we build for profit, not just for rank, okay? 

So, I remember. In my first network marketing company. I remember being told, at the end of the month, oh if you’re close to a rank advancement, then go ahead and buy some product and get yourself there or if you have team members that are close to a rank advancement. 

Buy product under them and help them get there. We want you to be successful. That’s not the most successful way because if you hit that rank and you fall back. You’re gonna be frustrated right so we want to, we want to build for profit we want to help you build a team that is sustainable for the long run. 

So in case we haven’t met a little bit about us we are super recruiters that are consistently on top leaderboards for recruiting in our company. 

When combined Brandy and I have over 12 years of experience in network marketing. We have made respectively I’ve made six figures and Brandy has made seven figures per year in network marketing. 

We have a health and wellness platform that’s all about us feeling better and performing better. And we’re constantly on the lookout for A players that want to rank up and have a lifestyle and a business that they love. 

So some of our social duplication secrets. Once we figured this out Brandy who was actually $30,000 in debt, Brandy How did that feel when you were $30,000 in debt and frustrated? 


Not, not very good actually. I was super frustrated and really stressed out about that so.


Yeah, yeah. So she was building with a lot of these old school traditional strategies, then that weren’t really producing results. I know you’ve most likely experienced a lot of them before where your upline has probably said to send those spammy messages, connect with certain amount of people every day and just frustrated with not producing those results. That’s exactly where Brandi was.

With me I, um, I was working full time doing anesthesia. I hit some massive ranks in my business. But I realized that if I left my job at that was where my, my pool of people was. So who was I going to talk to, if I left my job. 

So I started trying to I started working thousands of hours trying to figure out, how can I use the internet to build my pool of people, so that I could start attracting people to myself in my business. 

So both of us combined. We’ve spent over 100,000 in mentorship in the past four years learning attraction marketing. Learning how to do these digital duplication strategies, and we’re going to take all of our learning today and share it with you. 

That hundred thousand dollars in mentorship we’re sharing with you. Our duplication secrets, who is excited about that?


If they’re not excited they need to get excited.


Seriously! And I can say we’ve spent two years perfecting our system as well. We’ve, we’ve gone through so many different systems. Lots of trial and error lots of tweaking, lots of crying, headaches, struggles, trying to figure this out right Brandy?




So a little bit more, a few more testimonials, this is Kat. She is a total rock star, when she started using our system, she was able to quit her job and start actually building a team online so she now has people who are wanting to connect with her. 

She has 20,000 prospects, she says, over having that list of 100 that you’ve most likely been told to create that list of 100 friends. Now she has 20,000 prospects that are looking to her, asking her about her business and she was even…


I wonder, I wonder how it would feel like right? For people watching this if they actually had that happen to them because I know Kat was the one that really struggled in her business traditional strategy, as well. So.


Absolutely, absolutely. So now she’s able to, she’s rank advanced four times in the last three months and she is able to bring people to her, which is huge, special very special. 

All right, so this is Tim and Becky Graff. And using our system they were able to have 435, high quality prospects in 30 days. Okay. I want to emphasize high quality. This is not just anybody. 

These are people that are actually interested in their business, and they were able to rank advance, two times in two weeks with our system, because now they have those high quality prospects, reaching out to them. 

All right, now we have Raman engine Denisha. Raman and Denisha are now no longer Bugging Friends and family.And the best part is they’re saying that people are sticking around, they actually are able to create those true relationships with people and not feel like they’re bugging people with their business, and hoping that somebody is going to want to join them in their business. 

That is the power of having a social duplication system like ours. 

Okay, so I’ve got a question for you. Do you want to pivot and make a change to chase your dreams. Is that going to be something that you’re going to do, or do you want to stay stuck and keep dreaming about what could be. 

So we have our social media enrollment machine we have our step one, I kind of already went through these are growth global network attractor. 

Step two, or influencer pre qualification formula and step three, our digital duplication machine that that top earners are currently using but most likely not telling you about. 

All right, so we have this whole ecosystem of our business okay and that’s that global network attractor our influencer prequalify formula, and that digital duplication machine okay that’s literally how it all works together. Okay. And we, We love to, we love attraction marketing. 

That’s what this whole social duplication machine is built on, is attraction marketing. Our digital duplication formula is based off of attraction marketing attraction marketing is attracting prospects to you that are already interested in what you have to offer by sharing that value based content. 

We build influence curiosity and have high quality people actually reaching out to us, connecting with us wanting to know about our systems. And then, most network marketers I will say, Will, I come in contact with a lot of network marketers that are telling me okay I’m already using attraction marketing. 

But most likely, you’re not using attraction marketing because if I can go to your social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. If I can go ahead to your social media platform and easily see what company you’re with, you’re probably not using attraction marketing because attraction marketing actually has people reaching out to us asking us about our company about our products about our service, and not, and not sharing what company it is over social media. 

Okay, so brandy I would love for you to go over these different steps in our social duplication system.


Absolutely. So let’s start with step number one the global network retractor. So there’s a myth that everyone is your prospects and I want you to comment in if you if you’ve ever felt this way that or somebody told you just post more talk to more people show the plan your team will grow, and that everybody that breeds is a prospect, right? 

Message strangers with your links get to 5000 friends as fast as possible. Please don’t do that. It’s going to cost you a lot of time and energy later on to fix that problem, and how do I know because I did it right. 

So just be really excited about your business and people follow you. No. Even if you light your hair on fire and run around the neighborhood nobody cares. Okay, they’re just going to think you’re crazy. The fact is that the quality of your network is way more important than the quantity. Okay, so we don’t want hundreds of millions of people. We want quality people. That’s what we’re looking for. So the myth that everyone is your prospect is not true. 

Okay, so why most network marketers fail. Let’s talk about this. Number one, they are taught to… First thing they’re taught, is to make that list of 100 people right so 100 people, friends strangers suggested friends, again if you’ve done this, or you’re doing this. Stop doing it. 

And promoting right out of the gate. This is one of the big reasons that network marketers fail. They’re not taught how to grow their audience or their network. Okay, they’ve got to have a network of people that know like and trust them and it’s called network marketing for a reason. We’re going to talk a little bit more about this here. 

So, just so that you know there are people that can make a list of 100 people and it works, it works for a select few because they spent time in their life, building up that network somewhere. 

The problem is is that most people don’t have the network or the influence. They just don’t. It’s not something that we, you know like if you’re in a regular job, you don’t spend time building up this massive audience on social media. 

So they end up blocked, ignored, rejected, and really think about this because the average in network marketing is that people get in and they quit within their first 90 days. 

But there’s no wonder they quit if they don’t know how to build an audience right. So unless you have a network and have influence you must start to grow a targeted network first. This is very very key so where do you find more people, okay? 

Number one, don’t just go, adding friends willy nilly okay. That’s not going to be successful. Just because someone’s a friend of a brand doesn’t make them a fit for your business. And we do our majority of our organic connecting through Facebook groups in our team and our more advanced team members use paid advertising through Facebook. 

Pick Facebook groups paid your prospects behaviors likes and interests. So if you’re with a health and wellness company you would get insights from and health and wellness groups and provide value, make connections, and then friend requests. 

All right, you’re not just going to go in there and be like hey buy my stuff right it’s not effective. So let’s talk about passive prospecting versus active prospecting. 

So passive prospecting is attraction marketing. Allowing people to come to you based on curiosity and the value that you provide to your audience. 

Active prospecting is when you are the one doing the reach out, okay, you don’t wait for people to come to you, you connect with people provide value and then you prospect them right away. 

If you want results fastest be actively prospecting every day, while you learn the skills of passively passively prospecting because passive takes a little bit more time. And we dive deep into the house use inside of our team system, on, on how to do all of this. So step number two, over to you, Karin. 


Awesome. So we’re going to talk a little bit about the influencer pre qualification formula. So, the myth is that you have to send messages and promote your products every day how many people have had a “Hey girl” message today. I know I have their spammy, yes brandy has to. 

They’re spammy people can smell from a mile away what you want. And let’s be honest, they don’t work. Okay, before and after posts and pics of you holding your shake or for me I was in a skincare company I had before and after pictures of what the product did people are seeing them over and over again in their social media feed and they’re tired of it they’re unfollowing you. And don’t do it okay.


Don’t do it.


Just don’t do it okay so, um, I was taught when I first started in network marketing to post about my products every day. Were you? I bet you were. I know for me, I was religious about posting about my products every single day. 

And let’s be honest, it’s annoying. Okay. People don’t go to social media to see your products to buy your products they’re going to be entertained, to have fun, don’t post about your products. Okay. 

People don’t buy a product or a business people actually buy people and how those people make them feel. So what do we do instead. Okay, how do we actually build that influence on social media so social media is a tool you can leverage to grow and build a big team and a sustainable business, but it’s not a bibbidi bobbidi boo technique okay like it’s not like, oh let’s sprinkle fairy dust over it and it’s gonna work okay.


I wish, I wish that’s how it works!


I know we wouldn’t be here though if there was. No. You have to know what works and have the right strategies in tact to be able to do what we’re sharing with you today okay. 

So building that influence is crucial and building the influence doesn’t, it doesn’t mean just posting your before and after pictures, okay. So what’s the secret to actually attracting people to your social media brand, okay. 

You are what attracts people, not your product, not your company, not your services. The secret is you, okay. So let people into your life with that brand that you create. Okay. 

So ask yourself, a few questions before you post something. What inspires you, what do you like to see in your newsfeed. What are some things that you can share with people that will actually bless them or help them. And what are some things that your products or your company can actually benefit people with. Okay. 

Really think about those things. Okay. Think about think about what you like to see, and start sharing those things. Okay. When you have the right branding, plus that posture, plus that consistency, you’re going to build that influence over time. Okay. 

So what can you share keep in mind people do not go to Facebook to shop I already said this. People do not like to be sold to but they love to buy. Okay, so how can you stand out from the crowd. You want to start with that value. Start with your story and share your results and your vision for what your business is going to do for you and what your business can do for other people. 

So remember, creating curiosity on places like Facebook or Instagram, super duper important okay don’t just post the name of your company or your product everywhere. 

We’re actually, we’re actually building that brand around us we’re inspiring people, we’re, we’re attracting people to actually say you know what I really loved your posts today I was really interested in what you had to say. And you’re actually getting people connecting with you. 

Okay, it forces those conversations, okay. I will tell you if you want to be successful on places like Facebook or Instagram. You must get into conversation with people you must connect with people. Okay, this is the, getting people into those conversations is what Facebook and Instagram are all about. 

Okay, so we don’t want to be seen as that billboard that spammy billboard, we want to, we want we don’t want to be. We want people to actually start reaching out to us, and we become the expert, not Google. 

So listen, unless you’re like me and you know how to manipulate Google so that your information comes up first when people type in about something, Don’t do it. Don’t be that spammy billboard unless you know how to do that unless you know how to be the answer that other people are searching for on Google. Don’t be the spammy Billboard. Okay? 

So that digital duplication machine I believe that’s you brandy right?


That’s me so this myth, I want to debunk this myth really quickly. Oh am I on mute. No.


No, you’re good.


Right, okay. Everything you do must be duplicated by your team well here’s the thing people cannot be duplicated, okay. There’s only one you and that’s actually a good thing. 

It’s actually a great thing because you’ve got superpowers. What are your strengths, what are your, you know, talents what what things are you really good at and so people can’t be duplicated but systems and processes can be. So what are the masses willing to do is what you’re going to want to ask yourself. 

So you want to you want to know how to ensure a seamless duplication well you’re going to need a step by step roadmap to help your new recruits achieve results, right. You’re going to need a plug and play system where people can get in and get started without you holding their hand, plus a fast start option so that people make money right away. 

And I like to tell people that we’ve got some, some cool technology we actually have an app, inside of our team that works really really well for seamless duplication. 

So you need streamlined daily support. And then you need weekly access to leadership. This means that people can get around you and get to know who you are, get to know like and trust you even more. 

So here’s the next myth is your job to train your new recruit when they sign up, and Karin probably has a lot to say about this. I will let her talk about it here in a second, but some would say you need to sit down and train a new recruit for the next 30 days. 

Well if your all your time goes into training your new recruit, what happens to your momentum? Like if you’re like holding hands with this one person right. How are you supposed to build this massive business that pays your real income. 

You want a system to do the training for you so that you can keep running. You’re there to support and guide people, but not do it for them. Okay, they’ve got, they’ve got to put up some work too and so when you look at this ecosystem of your business. 

You’ve got the global network attractor which teaches you how to grow that audience, the influence or pre qualification formula which brings qualified people to you. 

Remember we talked about how it’s not the quantity of people you have is the quality and we teach you how to do that. And then you’ve got the digital duplication machine which ensures that your new teammates can get results, even if you are brand new and learning how to, you know, work the system yourself. So I think this one’s you Karin.


All right. So do you think you can succeed if you and your team, had a plug and play system to ensure support and seamless duplication okay. 

So remember how Brandy said I probably had a lot to say about having that plug and play system? I did struggle with this okay. So I built my business to some pretty great height. 

But when you bring people in to it to a system that’s not really a system they say it’s a system, but you have to handhold your new recruit every single step of the way, you’re not able to continue to build your business. 

Because you have all these thousands of people reaching out to you, asking you how do I build my business, what do I say here What do I do here. So it’s actually it’s nice to have this plug and play system, where you can bring people in and have that seamless duplication I think I said this to brandy a couple couple weeks ago I was like man I love this I can just show them the system, and then I can check in with them along the way instead of having to handhold them every step of the way. It’s fabulous. 

Okay, so I want to show you a little bit about what our system looks like, okay, so when you join our team, you actually get three different phases of our network rock stars, plug and play system okay. 

So everybody starts at phase one okay this is where we’re teaching you those organic strategies to start connecting with people having people reaching out to you. And then as you start to grow. You’re going to start to learn how to do some paid versions as well with Facebook, and then you’ll start to move even further into learning about that leadership of being a leader within network marketing, and then build even more and more upon the automation. 

Okay. And my favorite thing about our system is the first few hours. When you first join, when you have a new recruit join you and network marketing those first few hours of what they do is going to set the tone for their entire business. 

And we actually have a three day Fast Start formula that we can literally hand to people and say okay these are the things that you’re going to do step by step. Here’s what you can post. Here’s what you can share. Here’s what you can say to people, in order to get your business started. 

Okay, so we have that three day Fast Start formula that literally takes out all of the thinking work for people like we, I think we thought of everything right Brandy?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that we did and we’ve actually tested this for a long time and it works like gangbusters.




We’re excited for it. 


Yes. So there’s four types of people that we can actually help. We can help people. If you’ve never done network marketing before, but would love the idea of starting a business, but you don’t want to be a salesy weirdo we can help you. 

Okay, we can help people that you’ve done network marketing but aren’t currently in a company, but wanted to get want to get started and actually create a freedom and lifestyle business that you love. 

We can help people that are currently in a company, but have a desire to switch maybe, maybe you don’t love, maybe you don’t love your company, maybe you don’t love your upline maybe there’s something that’s just not aligning with you. We can help you okay. 

We can share with you our unique system to help you rank advance and start making money. And then we can also help people like me, okay. I came to Brandy, I came to Brandy two years ago and I was a top earner in my company, but I was tired of not having a system and not knowing how to actually attract people to myself in my business. 

I was tired of the blood sweat and tears that I was pouring into my business every day. So, if you’re a top earner in your company. We can help you too we can show you our plug and play system that it literally gets me so excited that I don’t have to handhold everybody for the first 30 days in their business. 

Because that’s what I was first taught in network marketing that I had to sit with them, and these are the things that we do in the first. I remember having these game plans with people that would go on for 30 minutes to two hours depending on who the person was. 

That’s a lot of time out of my day, and I don’t have to do that anymore. And I love that. 

So, who else can we, who else can we help, we want you to be serious. Okay. 

You have to be willing to invest in yourself, not only not only invest yourself in time but invest in yourself with money as well. 

Okay, we want you to make money and we want to help you make that impact. And we want you to be willing to put in that work to do that. 

Okay, so we want you to be willing to put into work to develop skill sets. 

Okay, we’re going to be teaching you skill sets to help you build your business in the online space and we want you to be willing to learn those skill sets. 

Okay, so who is this for people that are hopeful serious entrepreneurs that understand that starting a business and growing a team isn’t some walk in the park. 

Okay, this is not always easy, it can be simple, okay I want to share that with you right now it can be simple our system is simple, but it’s not always easy. 

Okay, so we have a source of, we want people that want to have a source of income already whether it’s a job or another business that already works we want somebody that already has cash flow. Okay. We don’t want you to be freaking out, where’s the money gonna come from okay because when you’re in that state, you’re out of that sense of alignment and we want you to be able to calmly build your business like a normal person.


Yeah, like a normal person.


Yes, exactly. We want people who love the idea of being their own boss and want to actually help and connect with other people. We want people that are excited about the opportunity to launch new markets with our company, and people that people that could join from all over the world into your downline. 

And we, we want to, we want people that love network marketing or love the idea of network marketing and what it can do for you and is willing to work to earn the income that you want, whether it’s $100, whether it’s a million dollars, okay. Whatever it is that you want to do we want to work with people that are willing to do the work in order to do this. 

So who is this not for, okay? People that are looking for a magic button and not willing to do the work. Okay. Nothing in life there. I don’t I don’t know anything in life that has a magic button that…


No and if somebody tells you there is one I would run.


Run away screaming.


Run away, run away!


We don’t want people who makes it make excuses and complain, okay. We all we all know who those people are we don’t want, we don’t want those people in our business.


No, no, no.


We don’t have time for that. We don’t want people who are stuck in information gathering mode and aren’t ready to take action okay. Action is what builds your business, that’s what helps you grow. 

Okay, we, we don’t want people who are not serious about making a substantial income or making an impact in their, in their life and in their business. 

And we are not looking for people who are procrastinators, and who aren’t ready to make a decision. So this is for you. If you want to stop cold prospecting people for good. Okay, like, I love this I literally am just like over the moon that I don’t have you send out random messages every day. 


One of my favorite parts about what we do.


What’s that? 


I said that’s one of my favorite parts about what we do. Is that and we don’t do any of this stuff we hate.


Seriously. So, if you want to create that stampede of new prospects that are looking for your products looking for your services, reaching out to you, asking you about your business. This is for you. Okay. 

This is for you if you want to create duplication and continue to grow your business okay we all know that if we want to build a sustainable business and network marketing we’ve got to have duplication and that’s the beauty of our three simple step formula to help you get those results. 

And this is for you if you want to lock arms with us as we are a close knit team we love helping people we love making waves in the industry okay. Some of the things that we do our little controversial. But they work. So we do them and we love it. And this is for you if you want to have an easy roadmap to follow to help you rank up and build your business faster. Alright so Brandy, I think this is you right?


Yeah, this is me so we have, you have two choices, that’s, that’s what we’re going to talk about your two choices. Option number one, figure out the ins and outs of attraction marketing lead generation and system duplication by yourself, like we did. 

Okay so that’s your first option you’re looking at a minimum of five years, and 10s of thousands of dollars to learn the skill set yourself and put together your own system. It’s totally doable. 

It’s just a matter of, you know, if you want to or not. So go or you can go back to sending you know your reach out messages and posting about your products and see if I can get you anywhere, which, you know, it’s going to give you the same same things that you’ve been getting by doing it before. 

Option number two is to work directly with us to leverage our knowledge and plugging into a ready built system and process for fast results. This will save you time, money, effort and energy and creating it all yourself. 

Not to mention the headache of testing and tweaking because you know you can build something but you don’t know if it’s going to work forever. So your best option is to partner directly with us in our network marketing company and plug your team into our already ready, and proven plug and play system, which is incredible. 

So our company is called Xelliss. And it’s a health and wellness focus with all natural products. Products are right now. And I’ve never been one that are huge on products but I love these products. 

I’m not even kidding, you see and feel a difference right away, which is, which is a must in a network marketing company. Their patented and proven technology to grow ultra clean genetically pure spirulina and extract phycocyanin used by Olympians and astronauts is incredible. 

Like, wait till you see it it’s like Star Trek, Star Wars type stuff. It’s been this company’s been established in Europe for six years and they just moved to the US in September of, 2020. 

So you know it’s there’s there’s enough time and, you know, speaking of time there’s enough time and energy that’s gone into the company that you know it’s not going to go anywhere, but at the same time, it’s brand new here in the US market, Asia market, North America, you know, Australia, like all of those countries, haven’t even seen what Xelliss is yet. 

So when you look at timing. This is the S curve in business and you can kind of see where formulation of pioneering is the best time to get involved in something, and then you’re going to go through with that company through critical mass, which is where a lot, a lot, a lot of the momentum is created and a lot of the income generational, you know, wealth, it’s passed down from generation to generation is created when you get in front of a momentum stage. 

So, that’s really cool about timing so this is how the business model works so Karin. And then you would be you right so there’s Karin. I’m above Karin so there’s Karin and then there’s you. And so Karin will be building, Karin builds a leg for you with you. 

Okay, now this isn’t a free handout. This isn’t like Karin’s gonna build the entire thing herself by herself for you, right. You are going to help help her build that one leg. 

And then the other leg is you, you build one leg yourself using the system. Karin’s support, my support all of the upline support and you’re able to grow this massive team because we’re able to put everybody together, where you guys know that we’re more powerful together right. 

That’s how Karin and I are she has different, different talents and superpowers then I have and when you put all those together. It’s incredible. What we can do so. 

So success loves speed and this is an incredible ground floor opportunity without the risk right they’ve been established in Europe for over six years. We’ve added over, we added over 400 people in our first two and a half weeks, your shared leg is going to be built fast as North America opens up more right. 

And Karin’s a total bad-A so of course it’s going to get built, really, really quickly. You’re going to earn double commissions for the first 40 days which is really really awesome and then you can earn 30% commissions and rank up from enrolling customers as well. 

So those people that are maybe in the health and wellness industry. You know that have like what like chiropractic or those kind of things they don’t actually have to build a team to be paid using, you know, sharing Xelliss’s products. So this this part the fact that fast action bonuses. Karin I’ll let you share this, because these are incredible you know more about these.


Yeah, absolutely. So listen, if you’re loving what you’re seeing so far, and you’re really excited about plugging into our three simple step formula of how you can build your business if you decide today’s your day today’s your day to make the jump

and you’re ready to grow and you want to jump in at the top with us. 

Then if you decide you’re ready to join today I have these eight day, seven night vacations valid for over 3500 destinations worldwide. Okay, like I will give you if you’re ready to join me today, I will give you this eight day, seven night vacation. 

Okay, where you can go to places like Bali, Cozumel, Norway, Greece. You can go like you name it, sky’s the limit. There is so many places that you can go with these. I’ve used these recently. And they’re freaking awesome. Okay, like, they’re amazing. Okay, so I will give that to you. There is when when I hand that to you, you don’t have to go to a timeshare or sales presentation. You literally just say thank you, Karin, I’m going on vacation. And I joined…


Thank you, Karin!


Exactly! And I joined this amazing network marketing team that’s going to help me build my business. Okay, so you’re ready to jump and join us, you will receive that today. Okay? 

The best thing too is that if you’re ready to move fast, you’re going to be one of the people you saw that line of how things work. You’re gonna be, you’re gonna be higher up in the line. If you’re ready to join today, you’re going to be higher up in the line for where I’m going to start placing more and more people under you. Okay? 

That’s pretty stinking special. Okay, so you also get access to our Network Rock Stars team duplication system, okay, where you literally plug and play. You learn what you need to do in order to grow your business, you learn the leadership, and then you start building that automation piece as well. 

Okay, that is handed to you. Over four years of blood, sweat and tears have gone into that system. Okay, so literally just handed to you. pretty special. Okay. 


So yeah, this is our compensation plan. So our car bonus, our car bonus is really cool. I’m sure if you’ve seen network marketing before, some companies have a car bonuses, some do not. 

But a car bonus is really, really cool. The one thing that I that I love about zelis is that we could drive whatever car we want. Because maybe Karin loves driving, you know, an Audi and I get a drive a Maserati, right? Like, that’s just we are two different people, we don’t want to drive the same car. 

So you can earn up to $1,000 per month based on rank. And that’s actually for your car and for the insurance. And you can also bank that price, until you have enough down payment on a car where, where it makes sense for you to buy it. 

So then you’ve got exotic vacations, so nearly exotic vacations, destinations based on rank. Which are really, really fun. And then these monthly rank bonuses now every time I talk to a seven and eight figure earner, they don’t even believe me that this is real. No joke. 

Okay, so the monthly rank bonus. Usually in network marketing, they’ll be like a rank bonus that you get for hitting a certain rank, right? 

Well, in Xelliss, the monthly rank bonus is actually paid out to you every month. So if you hit a certain rank, then you get that bonus, here you go, Karin, here’s your bonus, right? If you hit that again, the next month, here you go, Karin, here’s your bonus, well, if you actually rank advance during that month, then you get the higher bonus, which is really, really, really cool. 


So what I love about the monthly rank bonus, at my previous company, we actually had a $50,000 bonus when you hit a certain level, and then it went to $100,000 bonus, and then it went to like all these crazy amounts of bonuses. 

But the difference of what Xelliss does, as opposed to those is that that $50,000 bonus was actually paid out over a year. And if you didn’t hit your rank, you did not get paid that $50,000. That stinks. 

Whereas with Xelliss, if you were hitting your rank, you’re going to consistently get that monthly rank bonus, regardless of what’s happening. 

So what was happening for people is people were hitting these ranks, and then they would fall back. And when they hit that rank again, they would never get that bonus ever again. That stinks. Okay, with Xelliss


They just missed out.


Yeah! You missed out hardcore. With Xelliss, If you hit that rank, maybe you fall back, but then you hit it again, you continue to get that monthly rank bonus, which is super special. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars can be made this way. 


Yeah, that’s awesome. So the next one is the check match. So I talked to a lot of top leaders inside of network marketing, when they see Xelliss and they’re like, I can’t even believe that this is real. Are you sure this is actually real? Right? 

So check match in most companies is going to be between five to 10%. And then sometimes it’s only a few, you know, levels down inside of Xelliss. It’s 25 to 40% check match. This is like your coaching bonus, right? 

So if I reach down And I helped Karin build her business, right and help her develop her skill sets and those kind of things. My check matching bonus is going to grow. And that’s the whole point of a check match, but 25% to 40%. And plus up to six more levels, depending on your rank, is crazy, right? Like I couldn’t even believe it. But it’s incredible what they’re paying out for check match. So definitely worth taking a look at.


Yeah, so there’s three ways if you’re thinking yourself, I love this. There’s three ways that you could jump on with us today. Okay, I’m gonna start with that professional pack. Okay, because that professional pack, if you are a serious business builder, that’s how you’re going to jump in. Okay, you are going to be all in, you’re going to be ready to go. Okay? 

The more the more you put in, monetarily, there’s more skin in the game, and we want to help you as fast as possible. And that’s going to show us that you’re ready to go. Okay, so that professional pack starts at $799. You’re going to get over $1600  in products in your kit. 

Okay, and these products are stinking amazing. I don’t think there’s any one that I was like, I don’t want this, I don’t like this. I’ve literally been like, Wow, this is amazing results for me. 

Okay, then we also we do have that business pack starts at $399, you get over $660 in products in that pack. 

And then that personal pack 149, um, $149 and you actually get $250 worth of product in there. 

Okay. So if you’re ready to start with us today. Here’s what you can do right now. You are going to at the bottom of this screen, you see that karinangelly.com/joinxelliss. You are going to type that into your browser. 

Or if you’re on YouTube, I have a link for you below this video. Where you can actually go ahead and tap it right now. You’re going to go to that that link right now. And what’s going to pop up is this right here. Make sure that it says your sponsor name is Karin Angelly. 

If it doesn’t say Karin Angelly if it says someone else, please reach out to me. Because if you join someone else, you’re not going to get our team system. And that’s a total freaking.


They don’t get the bonuses!


Yeah, total bummer, right?! Make sure that you tap that it’s in English, unless you’re from a different country. Whatever, whatever language makes you feel happy use that language, how’s that. 

The next screen that you’re going to see is you’re going to see where you can select your country where you’re from. Make sure that it still says My name Karin Angelly as well. 

And then the next thing that’s going to pop up, you’re going to see all this information here where you can plug and play your information so that you can get started in actually building that back office suite for yourself. 

Okay, next thing I need you to do, once you’ve done that, once you’ve built your back office suite, you’re going to log in and you’re going to actually buy your pack. 

Okay, so you’re going to either buy that professional, business, or the personal pack. Okay. So basically what you can do you want to go to that products button, okay, there’s that products button there, it’s going to show all of these different packs here. 

And then you’re going to choose whichever pack, whichever pack you wish to come in. Like I said, that professional pack shows us that you’re serious that you’re ready to build, and you’re ready to go. 


Don’t forget to add your distributor kit too, Karin, in there.


Oh, yes, I’m sorry. Yes, we do need you to get that distributor kit as well. Thank you, brandy.


You bet.


We do need you to make sure that you get that distributor kit as well. It is also $30. Okay, so make sure that you have that all in your pack or you won’t be active. And that’s kind of crappy. I’m here to help you though. 

If for any reason you can’t figure this out. I’m here to help you. I’m just a message away. Okay. 

One thing I want to mention too, is if you’re going through all of that previous section before this section here, if you’re going through here, don’t use Google autofill here, because for some reason our system, there’s a glitch in it right now. It’s not going to be forever. But just to be on the safe side, don’t use Google autofill because you won’t be registered and you’ll struggle. Okay. 


Yeah. And then when you go to pay, don’t use Google, Google autofill either make sure you manually type in your card. So like, like Karin said it’s just a quick you know, glitch that we’re getting fixed. But we don’t want you to miss out. And think that it’s all taken care of and then it’s not, so make sure you just type in everything manually. So.


Absolutely. Yeah, make sure yes. And like I said, I am just a quick message away if you need to reach out to me, I left a links for you. If you’re here on YouTube, I left links for you where you can connect with me on all different platforms. 

So go ahead and reach out to me if you’re confused, but you’re ready to go. Okay? So what you’re gonna get, once you, once you join us, you’re going to have that, that Xelliss dashboard, you’re going to have our network rock star system, and you’re going to have some pretty freaking rock star leaders, if I do say so myself.


I would definitely agree on that.


What’s that?


I said, I would definitely agree on that.


Yes. So I want to tell you that this is a first come, first serve kind of thing. Okay, so people, whoever joins first, that’s where you’re going to be placed in. Okay, so the faster you join, the faster you enroll, the more people are going to be put placed under you. 

Okay, so first come, first serve. If you’re ready to go, you’re not only going to get a higher level in in that downline, you’re also going to get that eight day seven night vacation. Okay. So, go for it right? Today is your day. Right? 

So it’s time to decide. It’s time. Is this is this training will run consistently for the foreseeable future. So if you’re thinking to yourself, like, I don’t know, I need to wait. I get it. But listen, if you wait, the longer you wait, the lower you go. Okay, so it’s time to go ahead enroll and secure your place in that downline, because that means you get higher and higher. 

All right, so now’s the time. Go ahead enroll. Karinangelly.com/joinxelliss. And like I said, it is in the description below. You will find that link. And if for some reason you can’t find it, you don’t know what to do. Just go to your browser type in karinangelly.com/joinxelliss and it will pull up all that information for you aswell. All right, Brandy, do you have any other thoughts before we leave.


I just think I’m excited? So welcome to Xelliss. I’m excited if you want to be on the team and we’ll see you on the inside. So it will be cool. 




Yay! We’ll see you next time. Bye bye!


All right, bye!

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