How The Xelliss Products Beat The Afternoon Slump

Would you like to know how the Xelliss products can help you beat the afternoon slump and give you more energy throughout your day?

I know all of us at one point or another in life can face that dreaded 2 O’clock slump, and I want to share what I do to deal with it and how you can too!

To be completely honest, the Xelliss products have absolutely changed how I feel overall and I just want to scream their praises form the mountains.

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The Xelliss products have been a phenomenal edition to my regular daily routine in helping me to beat the afternoon energy slump.

You know, you know that feeling where two o’clock hit and you feel like you just need more coffee or you’re struggling to get through the day. Well, what I’ve discovered is that the Xelliss products have helped me to get over that hump and ultimately feel better in life. 

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers how to build their businesses in the online space, and I also talk about some of my favorite products and services as well. 

And today I really want to talk about the amazing Xelliss products and what, specifically, I use to help myself beat that afternoon energy slump.

Because I know many of us can struggle with that. And what I’ve discovered is

that the biggest reason for that afternoon energy slump is that I’m not sleeping as solidly and as deeply as I would like to. 

So for me, when I added in two Xelliss products, I literally started feeling more and more energy throughout the day, and I was actually sleeping harder at night, which is like Hello? Yes,


So for me, the two products that I added

in that were like game changers for me when it came to sleeping like a baby and feeling better. The first one is

that A3 NAT spirulina.

It’s freaking amazing for what it’s done for me. It is that powder formula that I use. You can also use the capsules as well. Either one will give you the same effects and they’re stinking amazing. 

Now some people don’t like the powder, because if I’m being honest, I don’t love the taste.

My husband loves it. He’s all about like he loves green tea, and what I’ve discovered is that people that like green tea love the flavor of this. But if you don’t like the flavor of green tea, you might not like the flavor

of this. 

To me, green tea kind of tastes like grass,

and that’s kind of how this is for me as well. But what I do is I mix it together with something else, like juice or some sort of, um, flavored water to help me be able to drink it happily. Okay, like literally happily.

Okay, if you want more information on what I do to mix up this particular product, you can actually watch my video. I will pop it up there for you on how to use the Xelliss products.

Okay, so the other product that I use that I absolutely love that helps me with my energy throughout the day is the PhycoSci PM.

Now you could actually use whichever one you personally love more. I mean, you could use all three as well, but you can use the PhycoSci PM,You could use the PhycoSci AM, You could use the PhycoSci Sport which ever one makes you like, makes you happy. 

Like I said, you could use all three if you want. And what I’ve discovered is that for me I love the PM because I sleep

super hard and I have, like, thes vivid,

awesome dreams That helps me know that I’ve gotten really deep into that rem cycle, and I actually wake up feeling

refreshed and I don’t have that energy slump that happens to so many of us at two o’clock. 

Okay, So listen, I want to share not only my testimonial, but someone else’s as well. So I want you to hear what these two products have done not only for me, but for someone else as well. So stay tuned to hear that. 

Joshua Moll here, your Spine Ninja chiropractor, I Want to tell you my

experience real quick. 

I’ve I’ve had a number of different nutritional supplements come across my radar as a holistic doc. And after I really did the research with this, I discovered that this was something really unique.

Really special. Um,

After only a week of being on the PhycoSci Extreme as well as the Green A3, my sleep quality and duration drastically improved.

I didn’t have that [2:30] tired feeling. I

was laser focused throughout the whole day. Still, I am, um and the thing that really caught my attention, though, was my overall bodily pain that was almost

non existing. 

Now you have to understand. I adjust 50 to 60 people a day, and I have to be on point mentally and physically. On top of that, I’ve had two shoulder surgeries, two knee operations and a major back surgery. So I needless to say, carry a lot of scar tissue.

But this since being on Xelliss, I feel phenomenal firing on all cylinders and feel like I’m in my twenties again.

I hope that was helpful in helping you understand what the Xelliss products can do to help you beat that afternoon slump and give you more energy for the day.

If you want more information about these products or you want to hear more about them, I actually have links in the description where you can actually go and

buy the product right here, right now for a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. You can send it

back if you don’t like it.No worries. 

So there’s a link for that in the description. There’s also a link where you can get some more information and learn a little bit more about the products as well. You will be joining a Facebook group. 

So listen, follow the directions for that Facebook group. Let them know that Karin Angelly let you in or they won’t let you in.

All right, so there’s links for that in the description below. Hope this was helpful and I hope you’re living your best life.

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