How Effective Is Social Media Marketing For Network Marketing

So how effective is social media marketing for building your network marketing business?

In short, the answer is social media marketing is HIGHLY effective for your MLM.

Not only do I get daily leads online for my network marketing business, but I also get customers AND business builders to join my team… ON AUTOPILOT!

That’s all from the power of using social media properly.

In order to do this, you must learn the different social media marketing strategies and attraction marketing formulas for whatever platform you decide to use.

Because attraction marketing for your network marketing business is different on each social media platform.

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[04:32] – Social media marketing blueprint to figure out social media on your own

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Transcription Below

So how effective is social media marketing for your network marketing business? Is it something that you should learn, or is it just a big waste of your time?

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in the online space. And today I want to talk about the big topic of social media and how you can actually build effectively on social media today.

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So listen, I want to talk about how effective social media is when it comes to build your building, your network marketing business. Because for me, when I first started in network marketing, I was using social media, but I wasn’t necessarily using it well, okay.

And while I was building a business that way, I realized that there had to be a better way that could actually create leverage for me and my network marketing business. I know for me, I’m all about looking for the simplest way for the best long term results.

If you feel the same way, raise your hand because I get you. You are definitely my unicorn friend. So how effective is social media for your network marketing business? 

Like I said, I was using it improperly when I first started, and it definitely showed. But if you’re using social media in such a way that you’re actually attracting your perfect prospects straight to you, you can actually get leads, sales, new customers, new business builders all on autopilot.

And it’s really cool when it happens. You think you just hit the jackpot when it happens. Trust me because you literally have people either reaching out to you, asking you about your business or signing themselves up on your team.

Seriously, that is no joke. That happens to me, and it’s freaking awesome when you’re doing things right. So yes, 100% times 1000 social media is highly effective when you’re using it properly for your network marketing business.

Now what I see most network marketers do is I see most of them use places like Facebook or Instagram to post their before and after pictures. Or here’s my product. You should buy it today. This is what it does.

Nobody cares. That’s just the way it is. Okay, when we use platforms like Facebook or Instagram to simply plasterer products everywhere and hope for the best, we’re probably just gonna irritate our friends and push away more people.

That, unfortunately, is not attraction marketing. And each platform Each social media platform has its own attraction Marketing guidelines. Not all guidelines go across each and every social media platform, so that’s something to remember too. 

It can be super confusing when it comes to being effective with your social media marketing. But the thing is, when you do it right, you do things like bringing people into your business on demand. You bring a new leads, new sales every single day, and it’s really cool, because for me, when I first started a network marketing, you’re probably the same way.

But when I first started in network marketing, I wanted to have a business that could sustain me throughout life. It was literally my retirement plan, so when I started network marketing. I took off like a rocket.

I built this amazing business, and it got to a point where I realized that I had to continue pouring in tons and tons of time in order to continue to get the same results. And that was super irritating to me because I wanted a business that I could actually potentially walk away from and still make money over time.

And the way I was building my network marketing business was more of a nightmare, than a long term strategy. And you could tell when when you looked at my social media that that was totally the case.

But when I started actually using social media in the most effective way, I started seeing that my network marketing business started exploding. I started working smarter, not harder in my network marketing business.

I was tired of doing the home parties. I was tired of connecting with people one on one. The beauty of building your business in the online space is you can actually reach thousands and thousands of people worldwide, whereas when you’re in your little hometown, spreading the word about your network marketing business the way that I was when I first was building network marketing.

I did great, but I didn’t have the leverage that I ultimately wanted. And when you’re building your business on social media, you can have some pretty phenomenal leverage and see some pretty amazing things happen as you build your business.

So I wonder right now if you’re curious about building your network marketing business on social media, I actually have a really cool blueprint that I’ve left for you, where you can start learning how to build on social media.

But if that’s not enough for you, if you’re thinking to yourself, Listen, Karin, I want you to take me step by step on how to build my network marketing business, I actually wanna offer to you today to take a look at my network marketing business because my team actually builds 100% on social media. We have a duplicatable plan that can actually help you be successful in the long run in your business. And we literally give it to you, and show you exactly how to build your network marketing business 100% online.

So if that’s interesting to you, I actually left a link for my network marketing company. You can take a look at it and you can see if it’s the right fit for you or not. So go ahead, check out that link in the description. You can also earn some really cool prizes.

If you decide to do that survey and check out my network marketing company, it’s super cool what you’re going to see, and I can’t wait to connect with you and talk to you about this amazing opportunity.

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