How The Xelliss Espresso Coffee Is The Healthiest Coffee On The Planet

Today I want to share with you how the Xelliss espresso coffee is the healthiest coffee on the planet.

This european coffee is top notch, and today, in this Xelliss product review, I want to share the reason it’s so healthy.

Just like all of our other amazing Xelliss products, it has been infused with the xelliss spirulina maxima.

Not only does this coffee taste awesome, and give you your morning wake up everyday, but it also gives you all of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that your body needs every single day.

This spirulina is known for its unique creation within the patented Xelliss photobioreactors.

These photobioreactors guarantee the nutrient density of the Xelliss spirulina that you can’t find anywhere else.

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* [05:26] – How you can order the Xelliss espresso coffee

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Transcription Below

Today I want to share with you the reason that the Xelliss espresso coffee is actually the healthiest coffee on the planet.

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in the online space on. I also talk about some of my favorite products and services as well and today I want to talk about this little gem, the Xelliss espresso coffee.

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If you want the opportunity to grab this amazing, Xelliss coffee. I actually left a link for you in the description to check out right here right now, if you don’t want to go any further in this video.

So let’s talk about the Xelliss espresso coffee and why it’s the healthiest coffee you will find out there. So the Xelliss espresso coffee actually has this spirulina Maxima in it that Xelliss is so well known for, like its literally in the coffee.

And if you’ve watched any of my other videos about spirulina on the amazing spirulina that Xelliss has, you know that this is a big deal.

So let’s talk about that spirulina before we talk about the coffee anymore, because it’s really exciting. I love the Xelliss spirulina because of what it’s done for my body, for my health and just how I feel in general.

So the Xelliss spirulina is actually created in a really special way. It’s created in patented photo bio reactors that actually helped grow the spirulina algae so that it’s not succumb to the environment, temperatures, toxins in the air, toxins in the ponds.

It’s literally able to be grown in a controlled environment so that it actually creates the most powerful spirulina you’ll find on the planet. And spirulina actually has some of the most amazing nutrients within it.

Spirulina actually can give you all the vitamins, the nutrients, the minerals, everything that your body needs in order to survive. You could literally live off of spirulina if you really wanted to, and there’s a lot of cultures within the Asian cultures that actually would live off of spirulina because they’re able to give their bodies every single vitamin nutrient mineral protein that it actually needs.

So spirulina is super special, and the cool thing that I love about spirulina is it actually helps with boosting your immune system, boosting your mood. It also helps with making you feel like Wonder Woman.

Okay, literally gives me so much energy. Makes my makes my body feel right. Makes me feel like Wonder Woman. That’s literally all I have to say about it. I love what it does for me, and when you add the spirulina in with the coffee, it’s like an extra boost of love.

So if you look at the packaging on the Xelliss spirulina, it’s actually meant to be made with a Nespresso coffee machine. And if you’re wanting to make the coffee the way it’s meant to be made, I actually left a link for you in the description so that if you don’t have the Nespresso coffee maker, you can actually go ahead and pick one up right now.

So if you want to make the Xelliss espresso properly, you take one of the pods that’s filled with coffee in it. You take it and you

place it inside the espresso machine. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

Right now it’s super simple. So in order to make the Xelliss espresso, all you need is one of these Nespresso machines. You take one of your coffee pods. You open up the Nespresso coffee machine.

You place the pod in the compartment, close the top to the compartment, turn on your Nespresso machine, watch your water flow first, and then your green spirulina comes out after. And then, of course, your coffee next. So, as you could tell, whenever you placed that little pod inside the Nespresso machine, the first thing that came out was that green spirulina.

It’s like, so beautiful, Honestly, that green spirulina comes out first and then the coffee comes out next so you can tell that you’re getting the Xelliss spirulina with your coffee.

Now, if you don’t have a Nespresso machine and you don’t have the means to get a Nespresso machine, I want to show you another way of making this where it’s still taste phenomenal. So what you can do is you can actually take two of these lovely little Xelliss coffee pods, and you can take your little pour over coffee.

Okay, This literally makes a pot of coffee right here. So what you can do is you can pop the top off of this little pot here, pour it into the top of your coffee dripper, and then all you have to do is pour your hot water over so you literally take two of these pods and you stick them in here and you pour your hot water right over the top. And it’s freaking delicious stuff. So you could make a pot of coffee doing that with your little drip coffee.

So I hope this was helpful in helping you understand how you can use the Xelliss espresso coffee. And how come it’s so freaking good for you if you’re ready to actually try that product for a 30 day money back guarantee, I actually left a link for you in the description where you can grab it right here right now and start getting your coffee on.

So go ahead and grab it, and I can’t wait to hear how much energy it gives you.

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