3 Tips To Sell Your Network Marketing Product With Ease On Video

Today I want to share 3 tips to sell your network marketing product with ease on video.

In today’s world, having a network marketing business means that we have to be proficient in selling online.

With the change in how we do business, it’s crucial that we learn the proper video skillsets so that we can crush it online.

Not only do we need the right online network marketing skillsets, but we also need to know the rules of whatever platform it is that we are building on.

So whether you are building your network marketing business with video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, you better know what you can and cannot do when presenting your network marketing product.

Today I’m going to share 3 tips on how to sell your network marketing product more effectively on video.

Creating attraction marketing videos for your network marketing business is different on each social media platform.

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  • [06:32] – How to create interest with your videos to sell more network marketing product
  • [08:19] – Learn more about selling more network marketing products on video

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Transcription Below

Today, I want to share three tips to help you sell your network marketing product with ease on video. Would you love to be able to create a video and have orders come in for your network marketing product?

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from KarinAngelly.com I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in the online space, and today I want to talk about my favorite subject. Video! And how it can help you create leverage in your network marketing business.

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I also want to let you know that I wanna work with you specifically. So if you’re thinking to yourself that you want a network marketing leader to show you exactly how you can use video to build your business, I have a few links in the description where we can connect and I can help you build the network marketing business of your dreams.

So let’s get started in talking about how to use video to explode your network marketing business because the beauty of video is that it helps build, know like and trust of all of your prospects even faster. I really I stinkin love video. It is amazing the power and the leverage that you can have just for making videos for your network marketing business.

Now, when it comes to building a network marketing business and actually selling products with your videos, you actually do, there’s quite a few things that you’ve got to know if you want to be successful.

So the first thing that I want you to think about is what Social Media Platform are you actually going to be selling your network marketing products on? You have to understand that every single social media platform has its little nuances, and you have to understand what you what you can say.

What can’t you say so that you a don’t get kicked off the platform and be able to sell as much product as possible. Because to me, that’s what building a business on social media is all about. Selling as much product and getting as many distributors as possible and helping thousands and thousands of people.

That’s what it’s about. Helping people with your product with your business, with your service help as many people as possible just by creating a video. So think about which Social Media Platform do you wanna be on?

Do you wanna be on Facebook? Do you wanna be on Instagram? How about YouTube or ticktock Or LinkedIn whatever social media platform that you wanna be on, think about what specifically does this social media platform like

And what don’t they like? You probably are going to need to do some research around this and figure out which social media platforms are okay with network marketers and which ones are just not okay.

Okay, and thinking about that, you also have to realize that if you’re on a social media platform that doesn’t really like network marketers, you kinda have to be. You have to create a lot more curiosity when you’re filming your video.

So the platform that I think about specifically when it comes to create and curiosity around your network marketing products is Facebook. Okay, Facebook instagram, TikTok. It’s all the same deal because honestly, they don’t really just love network marketers.

And the thing is, is that people go to places like Facebook or Instagram or TikTok to be entertained. They want to be social on those platforms, So we have to learn that in our videos we have to be social as well.

So on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, it’s all about creating curiosity around your product. What do I mean about creating curiosity around your product? Well, when you’re creating videos on these platforms, a lot of times it’s not okay for you to just come out and say, This is my product. Here’s what’s in it because people just don’t care.

They’re there to be entertained. They’re there to be social. But if you can actually create curiosity around what your product is and share the benefits not what’s in a product, but the benefits of a product, you’re going to create so much curiosity that people have to reach out to you.

They want to know more about what you what you have to offer. And so they end up reaching out to you because they’re like, man, I need that product.

So, for instance, think if you have a product that helps with weight loss. A lot of times people will come on and I see this constantly, and we can’t be doing this as network marketers on places like Facebook or Instagram or TikTok.

When you go and you do a video, create curiosity, don’t go to the video and say, This is the product. Here’s what’s in it. You should buy my product That’s super boring. People aren’t interested and the thing is, is you could get banned from that platform for doing something like that because those particular platforms don’t like it when we sell product from the platform.

The reason for that is because more and more people are getting irritated with that. They want to go to Facebook, Instagram TikTok to be entertained to connect with other people. And when we see videos that are all about selling products, Facebook Instagram TikTok.

They just don’t like it. You get lower in the algorithm, fewer and fewer people will actually see your video. And so you put out this great video and nobody sees it because all you’re doing is showing your product, telling people what’s in it and then asking them to buy it. It’s just not interesting. And it gets passed over more often than not.

Now, if you’re on a platform like YouTube, YouTube is one of my favorite places because I can actually be open and honest with what it is that I’m selling.

Okay, so the cool thing about YouTube is that people are actually searching for certain things on YouTube, so that certain thing could actually be your network marketing product. Okay, people literally go to YouTube. They go to Google and they type in your network marketing product because maybe they heard about it somewhere, and they want to know a little bit more.

And what you as your as the YouTuber could do, is you can show up in front of people if you know what you’re doing and be able to sell your product like hotcakes. I legitimately get customers on autopilot just from my YouTube videos.

It’s freaking phenomenal when you wake up in the morning and you see that you’re getting customers on autopilot. So for me, YouTube, I love it to death because I can tell people about my product in an entertaining way that wants that gets them to try the product as well.

The second thing that I want you to do. If you want to create network marketing videos that sell your product like hotcakes, you’ve got to think about how can you make your video interesting.

Okay, what can you do that livens up the video and draws people in? It can be simple things like thinking about your background. What do you have behind you?

Or maybe when you start a video, you do something kind of crazy. Maybe you dance a little bit, get some entertainment happening, and then I like to call it, Actually edu-tainment because you’re educating people and you’re entertaining them at the same time.

It’s like the best combination because people stick around and want to know more. So really rack your brain and think about what are some things that you could do to stand out in your videos.

I’ve seen people do crazy things like having a sailor’s cap all the time or always having their dog in the video or always having some sort of interview going on in their videos. Okay, create some interest with your video and draw people in.

Now, once you’ve done the first two things. Now it’s time to actually tell your prospect what it is that you want them to do on your video. Okay? It’s so important that we actually end our video or even throughout the video, Tell our prospect what it is that we want them to do.

So a lot of times when you’re creating videos that are going to be effective, you’re probably telling your prospect how you want them to get in contact with you or what you want them to do in order to order your product.

You’re telling your prospects specifically what it is that you want them to do. And ultimately, this creates more effective results for the long run. And you start to create people coming to you on autopilot and you create that attraction marketing magnet that literally draws so many people to you on autopilot.

So listen, I wanna help you gain more confidence on camera. I wanna help you have success in selling more network marketing products. So I actually left a couple links for you in the description where you can actually learn how to do attraction marketing on whatever social media platform it is that you want. Okay?

And if you wanna work specifically with me, I actually left a link for you in the comments as well, where you can actually click and start working with me directly. And I can help you blow up your network marketing product videos and grow and network marketing business that you absolutely love.

So go ahead and check those out in the description. And I can’t wait to hear from you. Now go build your unicorn empire!

Now go build your unicorn empire!



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