Is Xelliss An MLM Company? | What Is An MLM?

Today I want to answer the question is Xelliss an MLM company, and what exactly is an MLM? And what is Xelliss and how does it fall into this?

I think that so many people assume that they don’t like MLM’s, but my questions is, do you fully understand what that means?

You see in my experience, people have underestimated the potential of network marketing companies like Xelliss for years.

They assume that if a company like Xelliss is an MLM that it must not be good.

But most of the time, many have no idea what it means to be a multi-level marketing company or if its good or bad if a company like Xelliss falls into that category.

Today I want to ease the tension around Xelliss, MLM, network marketing, direct sales… Whatever it is that you want to call it.

If you open your eyes to new ideas and possibilities, companies like Xelliss can create an opportunity that will change your life forever.

So can you see how a network marketing company like Xelliss can help you to have success in 2021?

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Transcription Below

So is Xelliss an MLM What exactly is an MLM? And how does Xelliss fall into this category?

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in the online space, and I also talk about some of my favorite products and services as well.

And today I want to talk a little bit about Xelliss and the topic of MLM. And what in the heck is it?

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So let’s talk a little bit about Xelliss. Is it an MLM is an MLM a bad thing? Is it a good thing? What does it actually mean for you and what what could Xelliss be in the future for you as well?

If you’re already curious about what I’m talking about with Xelliss, if you’re like oh, I need more information. I actually left

some links in the description or you can go ahead and check out some or information, or you could just hang out with me and we’re going to talk a little bit more about Xelliss.

Alright, so Xelliss. What is it? Is it an MLM. First of all, I want to answer the question of what is an MLM. Okay, because I feel like this is something that’s not well understood by most people.

And most people just assume that an MLM is a bad thing. It’s like a bad word, and we can’t even say it or talk about it because it’s a bad thing. And, unfortunately, multilevel, multilevel marketing network marketing. It’s gotten a bad rap, and I’m gonna talk a little bit about that as well.

But first of all, let’s just talk a little bit about what is an MLM? MLM stands for multi level marketing.

Okay, multilevel marketing basically means that you you are in a company. You, as a distributor are in a company and you’re recommending a product or service to people that you actually like. Okay, so Xelliss actually is an MLM and a really phenomenal one at that.

Okay, so a lot of times a good MLM actually has a solid product or service behind it. Okay, so that’s so true with Xelliss. Alright, so an MLM you have distributors that actually recommend a product?

Not only do they recommend a product? But they bring in other people that love this product as well and bring in other people that want to be distributors and actually sell the product as well. Okay, I actually explain a little bit how this relates to things like affiliate marketing and one of my videos. I’m going to share that with you right now,

But basically network marketing MLM multi level marketing is really similar to affiliate marketing, except that with affiliate marketing, you don’t actually build a team of distributors with affiliate marketing. You actually just share a product or service that you love, and you get a cut of the profit when you make a sale.

It’s the exact same thing with network marketing, but the difference is that you get you get a cut when somebody obviously buys the product. But you also get a cut when you have distributors that join your team that they start distributing and bringing on distributors as well, and you get a cut off of what everyone in your team is actually doing as well.

It’s actually a really smart business model. If you think about it, it’s a really great way for, you know, leverage your income. Basically, with affiliate marketing, you can only make profits off of what you personally sell, whereas with network marketing, you can actually leverage your income a little bit more and ultimately make more money.

Like Who doesn’t want that? And if you’re actually helping people in your network marketing or multi level marketing company, if you’re helping other people get what they want, you ultimately get what you want as the business

owner as well. And it’s a really cool model when you look at it from that perspective.

Now, multilevel marketing does get a bad rap, okay? And I want to talk about that, too, because I want you to understand that, yes, it does have a bad wrap, but it doesn’t have to.

Okay, A lot of times when people come into MLM or multi level marketing companies, they have been told up front that it’s easy. All you have to do is tell people about the product, and they’re gonna want it.

That’s not always true. Anybody that’s ever marketed a product ever knows that, that it can be difficulty that it can be hard sometimes to build a company off of recommendation alone.

Okay, people are trying to know if you’re just trying to sell them a product because it’s good or if it’s a product that that you’re just trying to sell so that you can make money.

Okay, so that’s one way that it gets a bad rap where people like to push on their friends and family to buy their product or join

their team. Okay, so it could get a bad rap for that.

It can also get a bad rap when companies do things that are illegal. Okay, so, a lot of times when an MLM gets a bad rap is when distributors only want to bring in more distributors and aren’t actually trying to sell a product, because maybe the product’s crap maybe there isn’t a product. 

Maybe there isn’t a service tied along with it. And so it turns into what we like to call a pyramid scheme. Okay, where you’re not actually selling a real product or service alongside of bringing in people that also want to sell that product and services. 

Well, okay, so it can get a bad rap because companies aren’t running the multilevel marketing company properly. And that’s unfortunate because there’s so much potential within network marketing t help so many people become self made millionaires.

It’s a really thing. It’s a really cool thing, actually, because you can have somebody that I’ve heard crazy stories of people that were living in their cars and because of network marketing because of the vehicle of network marketing there now on stage, telling other people how they did what they did to become a six or seven or eight figure earner that is super special.

Some other reasons that MLM gets a bad rap is because, sometimes have, Sometimes people have crappy uplines. Maybe they join that MLM and the up line is saying that they’re going to help them, help them and help them learn how to build a business.

And suddenly they joined the business, and then they have zero help zero support, and they just feel like a number. They feel like they’ve been used. That is so unfortunate to me when that happens, because, really, the the industry, the way it’s created, if we use it properly, it can be such a beautiful industry. And there could be so much benefit for just about anybody as long as you learn the skill sets.

Okay, Like I said, anybody that joins the network marketing or MLM company and thinks that is going to be easy and that there’s not gonna be any skill sets that you need to learn along the way. That is an unfortunate thing that somebody hasn’t shared with you what it takes to actually be successful in network marketing.

Okay, so it’s just like it’s just like if you were to go for any job, let’s let’s give the example of a doctor. Would it be okay if a doctor showed up on their first day of work and the suit or their first day of clinic and assumed that they were going to

know everything there was to know about being a doctor? Not at all.

So how come when it comes to network marketing, so many people assume that they’re going to show up on their first day and just be so amazing? Nothing is like that.

There’s always a learning curve with everything, and it’s no different when it comes to building a network marketing or MLM company. It’s the exact same thing. We’ve got to give ourselves the time, the ability to learn the skill sets necessary in order to build a network marketing company.

So let’s get back to Xelliss, because that’s really what this whole conversation is about. So is Xelliss and MLM absolutely. And it is a phenomenal kick butt company.

In my opinion, not only does it have timing on its side, it’s literally in the United States for the for its I think its in its first six months right now, like that stinking huge it is truly ground floor. Okay, it is a phenomenal opportunity. It has timing on its side. It also has stability.

Okay, so most network marketing companies can’t claim ground, floor and stability at the same time. Xelliss has actually been a company that’s been successful for seven years within the European market. Only within the last six months or less. I can’t even remember. It’s been it’s been open since September. Okay, September of 2020 so basically it has the stability of being a seven year old company.

But when it comes to being here in the United States, it is literally ground floor. So we have that ground floor. Plus, we have that stability of a seven year old company, and it’s just merged together to make this phenomenal opportunity for so many people.

Not only that, but it has some kick butt products. Okay, if you haven’t seen what some of these products can do, you’ve got to check out a lot of my videos here on my YouTube channel. I share so much with what this product can do. So you’ve got to check it out.

Everything from weight loss to feeling better. To We’re gonna have skin care soon like holy cow. So excited to see what that product can do. I’ve only heard some amazing amazing things from the European distributors out there that actually already have the skin care product.

It is a truly phenomenal product, But my favorite part about the whole Xelliss everything is that everybody knows that if you want to be successful in network marketing, it’s all about having a successful duplication system.

And our team is kicking butt right now. Okay, we have a successful duplication system that is literally helping so many people that didn’t necessarily have success before start having success now because they know what they need to do in order to be successful.

So listen, if you’re curious in any way, shape or form, I actually left some links for you to check out a little bit more information. And if you’re already thinking to yourself, Karin, this sounds phenomenal. I want to get in on this opportunity. I actually left the link for you in the description where you can actually join me right here, right now in this phenomenal rocket ship of opportunity.

And you can start learning directly for me. You can start learning how to duplicate. You can learn how to start. Build a network marketing company the way you want to.

So go ahead, check out that link in the description. I have a special gift for you if you decide that you actually want to join me and start building a network marketing company alongside me.

So go ahead, Check those things out. Now go build your unicorn empire.

Now go build your unicorn empire.



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