Why I Don’t Like Using Facebook To Build My Network Marketing Business #Short

I want to share with you why I don’t like using Facebook to build my network marketing business. Building a network marketing business on Facebook takes A TON of time and energy.

By leveraging the right social media platform and using attraction marketing you can build your MLM in less time and a lot less energy.

I want to show you that it is possible to create one piece of content and have high-quality leads and sales coming to you on autopilot every single day.

Stick around until the end, because I share my favorite way to easily attract customers into my network marketing business WITHOUT EVER TALKING TO THEM first! The best part is, this is the easiest way I know of to attract high-quality leads into your network marketing business.

So stop asking, “How do network marketers get customers and business builders?” Discover the little-known secret to magically automate your business through the power of YouTube video. Plus, learn how to work less while building your business faster and create an endless flow of excited, ready-to-join prospects today!

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  • [00:00] – Why I Don’t Like Using Facebook To Build My Network Marketing Business
  • [00:06] – Are you tired of using Facebook marketing to build your network marketing business?
  • [00:21] – Are you tired of connecting with strangers on Facebook in hopes of building your network marketing business?
  • [00:45] – Check out the link in the description if you want a better option than using Facebook marketing to build your business

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Transcription Below

Building my network marketing business on Facebook, had me going bananas. And I was tired of doing all the things that I needed to do in order to grow my business.

Things like sending strangers friend request. I don’t want to do that. Messaging those strangers and trying to create some sort of relationship with them.

I definitely don’t want to do that. And commenting daily on strangers posts on Facebook, trying to drum up more people interested in my brand and my product.

If you’re tired of doing that stuff like I was, I have a way better solution for you. I’ve learned the secret to creating leads and sales 100% on autopilot.

So if you want to know my secret to getting leads and sales attracted to your brand and your business, check the link in the description because I’m going to share with you exactly how to do that.

Go there now, do it right now, it’s down there, check it out. It’s for you. You got to do it. If you don’t, you’re gonna kick yourself, you know, you want to. Do it now.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Using Facebook To Build My Network Marketing Business #Short”

  1. Hi! I’m curious how many leads you get from your videos as it seems you only get a handful of use for each video. Is there something I’m missing? I really like the idea of doing it this way

  2. How do you call Network marketing your brand and product? That’s someone else’s brand. You do not have a product of your own, is a damn pyramid scheme 😒.


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