Xelliss And What You Should Know About This Awesome MLM Company

Learn more about Xelliss and hear what you should know about this awesome MLM company. Not all network marketing companies are created the same.

But when I started to peel back the layers of Xelliss, I discovered that this was one MLM that I could easily get behind.

Not only are the Xelliss products simple and easy to use, but they also WORK!

And if the phenomenal Xelliss products aren’t enough, then discover the in’s and out’s of the Xelliss compensation plan in my Xelliss compensation plan overview. Learn how you can make money from home with this exciting company called Xelliss.

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  • [02:07] – Learn more about the Xelliss products and what they can do to help you feel and look 10 years younger
  • [15:20] – Hear testimonials from people taking the Xelliss products
  • [18:48] – Learn more about the Xelliss opportunity and how this MLM can help change your financial future
  • [29:24] – If you are interested in the Xelliss opportunity or the Xelliss products, then reach out and let’s get you started

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Transcription Below

*Note: This transcript was automatically generated. We went over it to edit it, but it may have some inaccuracies.

Ann Feinstein: Well, good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening. Around the world. My name is Ann Feinstein.

I want to welcome everyone to our Xelliss business overview this evening and I gotta tell you, I am so excited because there’s so many amazing things that are going on right now. And if you’re here for the very first time, I want to be the first to welcome you.

Taking a look at what we have here, which is a dynamic energy that is coming from Europe here into North America with a dynamite, what I call superfood, you know, Star Wars, Star Trek, futuristic view of how we should be taking nutrition at the cellular level.

And so you’re gonna be hearing about some amazing superfood products, great for sleeping weight management, your skin, okay, energy vitality. The Vava voom comes back, you’re gonna be hearing some amazing stories and I can’t think of anyone better to kick kick this off and to share with you some information about what these products are about in this amazing company.

And that is a very good friend of mine who is a dog mom of Yorkies. Like I am okay, I loved her from the minute I heard that she is a nurse by profession, a nurse anesthetist. And I don’t understand how she can put people to sleep okay during the day because she is so electric and you’re going to meet her. 

Should we call her our ninja network marketing Unicorn. Okay. Because she has just taken it by storm over the last five years. Have built herself an amazing reputation out there in the network marketing arena.

Has done an awesome job in teaching people about social marketing, specifically with Youtube and she’s part of our team and she’s with us tonight. And so I want to welcome to the stage here on our zoom to tell you all about our Xelliss products and that is my good friend Karin Angelly. Karin over to you.

Karin: Awesome Ann. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. So I want to talk about one of my favorite things in the whole world right now, which is Xelliss.

Okay, I absolutely love with this company is doing for people, not only the products but the business and it’s just it’s developing some amazing people and healing us along the way. I love what these products do.

So first off, I want to start talking about the products and how amazing they are. So let me share my screen and let’s get into it because I love Xellis. It’s awesome.

Let’s go, all right, so let’s go, let’s first of all talk about the Xellis X3 microbiome. I can’t say enough about this product because seriously look at that before and after picture like pictures, they’re worth 1000 words.

And in this case, like when you see pictures like this, like, my brain immediately explodes because I’m like, how is that even possible? But the cool thing is, is that like a lot of people, whoever invited you to this zoom tonight, we know people that are having these kind of testimonials with these products because these products actually work.

There’s science behind them, there’s tons of research on them and it’s actually working for people as you can see it did for Jen here.

So what’s in this extreme microbiome? That’s so amazing. I mean, first of all, we have are probiotics, we have our probiotics and we have our spirulina.

Okay, that’s what I love about this product is so simple. Okay, there’s literally three ingredient ingredients in here, Like you don’t have to read the label and go, I don’t know what that is, like, it’s literally three things in here that creates this much of a punch.

Okay, it’s literally healing people’s guts from the inside out and because our intestines are not happy because we eat things that we shouldn’t, we tend to have a lot of bloat, we tend to hold on to a lot of toxins in our body.

And the beauty of the X3 microbiome is, it’s actually helping to heal that all the years that we’ve been eating the things that we shouldn’t going to Mcdonald’s fast food, whatever and doing the things we shouldn’t is just it’s messing with our guts and this product is actually healing people from the inside out.

So what it’s doing is it’s actually getting rid of those toxins in our bodies. It’s targeting that visceral fat to shrink it around our waist, it’s supporting our mood and providing for a healthy immune system.

I know for me when I first started taking this, I was like, could I have more energy? Is this even possible? And yes, it is, it’s true. You can have more energy and you can feel better.

Um but it’s also lowering that causation of new fat cells. Okay. So literally like this right here got me excited because I’m like I like bread. I don’t want to gain weight though. I don’t want to increase those fat cells, but this is actually decreasing, decreasing the causation of those fat cells.

Okay, So when I first started taking this product, I actually lost 7 pounds in two weeks. Okay. And I work out I am the kind of girl that I like to run. I like to take care of my body and I was completely shocked.

But then what really shocked me is that a few more weeks down the road, I started doing my measurements of my arms and of my my belly, my legs and I was losing inches.

Okay, So that’s the beauty of this product is it’s actually it’s healing your gut getting rid of those toxins and it’s actually allowing your body to shrink basically. Like, yes, please. That’s what everybody wants, right?

That’s a wonderful stuff. So let’s talk about this product right here because this gets me even more excited.

When I first started in network marketing, I was actually in a skincare company and when I saw this product and what this can do, it got me so freaking excited because someone, the before and after pictures that are coming out from people is unbelievable.

Like people I think Fran showed me her before and after picture the other day and her eyes, she doesn’t need a blepharoplasty anymore. They’re like completely lifted up. Her right here is nice and firm.

I’m just like holy cow. And this product is literally like a little, it’s a little micro lift in a bottle. Okay, love this stuff. What’s in the Ridium is this red algae.

Okay, so Xelliss is known for spirulina and algae, and that’s that’s what this is in this product. Is that red algae. Now, red algae, you can find red algae and other skincare products out there, but you’re not going to find it in the amount that you’re going to find it in the Xelliss products.

Okay, in Xelliss, you can find a 99% of that red algae active ingredient in that little vial. Okay, 99%. Compared to 1% that you’re getting in other products. Okay. It’s not really hard to figure out the math there. I would prefer 99% active ingredient of that micro lift in a bottle.

Like seriously, who doesn’t want to face lift in a bottle? That’s literally what you’re seeing here. These are real people having these results.

Look at the, look at the eye lines, like that’s what’s really special to me. Like eyes especially show our age quickly and I love this stuff because it’s super powerful but also really sensitive also so you can get it nice and close to your eyes and it’s actually giving you that facelift around your eyes as well.

Okay, and when I put it on my skin, I feel like this tightening this quick tightening, that micro lift that’s happening and it’s fabulous now what it’s actually doing is it’s healing your skin from the inside out.

Okay, so it’s regenerating its repairing from the inside out. So a lot of times if you go to a dermatologist, they’re just going to scrape off that top layer of skin that’s not helping you.

The inside out is really what you want because as that skin starts to grow out, it starts to glow when you’re using this product because you actually are healing and repairing from the inside out.

It’s wonderful and I can’t say enough about it, but I think those pictures can definitely say enough about it. So let’s talk a little bit about that Xelliss spirulina, like I said, Xelliss is known for its spirulina, it’s known for its algae.

But what’s so special about spirulina? You can get spirulina anywhere, but you can’t find this spirulina anywhere. Let’s talk a little bit about how come it’s so special.

So spirulina is generally grown in lakes and ponds all around the world. Okay, The problem was growing any kind of any kind of food or plant or anything out in in the regular environment is that it’s literally subject to the sun, The environment pollutants like its subject to nature.

Okay. And you can see that first cell that we’re looking, we’re looking at there. That first cell is actually spirulina that was growing the lake or a pond. Okay. If you compare those two cells together, so there’s one on top and one on bottom.

If you look at the difference there, it’s kind of easy to see that one is much denser than the other. Okay. And then if you look even closer you see these little black spots in those cells that’s actually toxins that have been absorbed into the spirulina.

Okay. I don’t want, I don’t know about you but I don’t want toxins in my health care products. Okay. I want, I want as clean as possible, as good for me as possible and that’s what I love about Xelliss.

Xelliss is actually patented the way that they grow their spirulina. So nobody else out there can do or will do what Xeliss is doing. So Xelliss has something called a photo bioreactor.

And what the photo bioreactor is actually doing is it’s literally start from start to finish. That spirulina is controlled and how it’s growing. So the environment, the UV light, the temperature, everything is controlled and because it’s controlled from start to finish you can have that beautiful green, amazing spirulina that is like truly life changing.

And so let’s look at this lower picture here too because I want to start talking about phycocyanin. Okay. Phycocyanin is actually the next billion dollar market.

Okay, literally the next billion dollar market and I feel like Xelliss is actually cornered that market. Okay, so phycocyanin when you take a look at that third cell there of the spirulina. Phycocyanin is actually in those spirulina cells.

Okay, and the beauty of phycocyanin in is it’s I love this stuff because it’s fabulous for cell renewal, it’s fabulous for energy, it’s fabulous for workouts.

That’s what the PhycoSci Sport is all about. Okay, it’s all about giving athletes an extra added boost.

Okay, and the beauty of the PhycoSci Sport is that athletes can safely take this product without worrying about those anti doping laws.

Okay, and anti doping law basically means that a um athlete cannot take any kind of performance enhancing drugs. Okay, this product is not a performance enhancing drug, but you might think it is because of how good you feel when you’re working out, okay.

I love to take this product um either before my workout or after my workout, because if I if I take it before my workout, my workout is like Vava voom, Okay, like I’m ready to go, I’m on point, let’s get this done.

I’m going to go for a run and I’m gonna run like crazy. Okay, this products amazing for giving you energy, but not only that that cell renewal part.

So whenever we work out, we create a lot of lactic acid. Okay, and the beauty of this product is it’s actually going to help decrease that lactic acid and help you with that renewal that balance that regeneration after you work out.

Okay, I know for me personally, when I take this product, I don’t feel that burn like I used to, okay, it’s fabulous for energy, as well as that post recovery after your workout. So it’s fabulous for all the things you need.

So, let’s talk a little bit about how you can get the spirulina that I was telling you about before. Okay, so the spirulina, you can actually, with the Xelliss um with Xelliss products, you can actually get this fairly, not either in a capsule form or a powder. Okay, for me, I actually prefer the powder because I love drinking water.

Okay, like I literally drink a gallon of water every day. I take my my spirulina powder, I pour it in my water in the morning. I put some stevia sweetener in there and I am good to go.

I love what it’s doing because it’s boosting my immune system. It’s giving me more energy. I don’t know if that’s possible, but it does, it increases my mood.

It makes me it makes me feel better, increases my metabolism. People are losing weight just by taking this product alone.

Okay, so I told you about that extra microbiome, but people are also losing tons of weight with this spirulina powder and the spirulina capsules as well. Because it’s increasing your metabolism and decreasing um it’s decreasing your desire to eat.

Okay. My cravings have decreased since taking this product. And the beauty of the spirulina is that it has all the all the important vitamins, nutrients, minerals, proteins that your body needs.

Okay, so me, I call myself a part time vegetarian. I probably eat meat like once a week. Okay, once or twice a week. And I love this product because it’s giving me all the protein that I need that I would normally get with meat.

So I don’t have to worry about Am I getting enough protein in my diet and do I need to supplement anything? I’m actually getting everything that I need in this one product and I absolutely love what it’s doing for me.

Mhm. So listen guys, I could talk about this all day long, but I want to bring on some people that have actually experienced the products alongside me and I want them to share their testimonials as well. So let’s see. I think it was Joanne is going to step up first. 

Joanne: Hi, how you guys? Um  my name is Joanne or some people call me Jo and I live in Tacoma Washington. I started taking Xelliss back in december.

I pretty much have tried to microbiome spirulina and sport or am and sport and love them all, absolutely love them all. But the one thing I’m gonna talk about today is a spirulina.

Since I’ve been taking it back in December, I was having um joint pains in my shoulders and my hips and to the point that I was going to go see a doctor, but then I started taking the A3 caps and we’re just within a few days I can tell the note and uh I can tell the difference.

I don’t know if I had inflammation in my hips and shoulders. I don’t know. I didn’t go see a doctor, but I would say I was at a eight or nine now and down to a one or two.

I mean I just um it’s just amazing. I might have a better booed energy. My joint still hurts. I don’t have a foggy brain.

And then recently I switched over to the powder and I started putting it in my dog’s food. And my older dog, she’s nine and kind of has joint issues. And since I’ve been putting in her food, she’s running up down the stairs more.

She is, she just seems happier and you know how your dog take that goo in their eyes, You gotta wipe their goo out their eyes two or three times a day.

Well I have noticed in the about last week, week and a half, she never has goo in her eyes anymore. It’s just, it’s amazing. 

My younger dog takes it too, but he’s already young and full of energy. So anyway, it’s I just love it. I love all the products, it’s worth it and keep trying over to you Sue.

Sue: Yeah. Yeah. Um Hi, my name is Sue. Um I live in Nevada and I’ve been taking the products um probably just like three or four months and I’ve had pain for a long time.

Um joint pain for years and years I’ve suffered and I’ve taken um the capsules and the AM PM and the sport and I’ve noticed a huge, huge difference and I’ve also noticed a huge difference mentally and I don’t know if it’s because of the products or, um, and I think it’s because the products mentally, other things that happened that I hadn’t planned on happened, just mental clarity.

Um, other things that I had planned on happening, just my mental state, just other things that I can’t, I can’t go into have really changed in my life since taking these products.

So I would recommend them to anybody. They’re just, it’s done a 190° change in my life. So, um, it’s really been a mind boggling change in my life.

It’s um, I would continue taking them. It’s just really been my model and change in my life. So I’m really grateful that I was introduced to these products.

They’re really, um really, really fantastic and I’m going to keep on, keep on taking them. So thank you for a lot of me to share, challenging me to come up on stage and cheering.

Karin: Awesome. Thank you guys appreciate that. So listen, I want to transition into, honestly, this is my favorite part of the presentation because this is literally what Xelliss can do for your finances.

Okay. When I first started in network marketing, that’s what it was all about for me. Okay, I I started a network marketing five years ago and at that time I was tired of my job. Okay.

So, and Ann said that I was a nurse anesthetist. It’s true. I am a nurse anesthetist and I was tired of the hospital.

Okay. I was tired of working 40 to 60 hours a week, depending on what was going on. And that’s when network marketing fell in my lap and literally said, hey, here’s something else you can do with your life and you don’t have to Feel stuck in the 9-5 grind all the time.

And I absolutely love what network marketing did for me. It helped me go part time in anesthesia, it helped me earn a car, it helped me do all kinds of crazy things. I went on trips the whole nine yards.

But when I found Xelliss, I knew there was something even more special about this. There was a lot of things that really attracted me here from the compensation plan to the mentorship and we’re going to talk a little bit more in detail about all of those things.

So let me share my screen again with you and let’s talk a little bit more about what Xelliss can do for your pocketbook. Okay, so let’s talk about this compensation plan because it’s freaking to die for.

Okay, so my first network marketing company had a car bonus. Okay, A lot of network marketing companies have car bonuses. Okay.

The problem with a lot of car bonuses is that you have to be in these upper echelons of the company in order to get those car bonuses.

Now with my first network marketing company actually, it was pretty similar, too Xelliss in that it’s was a pretty midline. You don’t have to be like crazy high up in the company in order to get this car bonus.

Okay, it’s pretty midline. So it’s really attainable for a lot of people. The difference between my first company and this company that really like.

I can’t I can’t get over this. Okay. Like this gets me so excited. I can’t stand it. Is that this car bonus? You can actually use it for a car? You can use it for your car insurance and your car. You can use it to save up for a down payment for a car. Okay.

Like this is crazy for my first network marketing company. They told us we got this much money for our car and we had to get a certain kind of car, we had to do a certain kind of everything had to be specific. I literally had to send in the specs for my car when I got that car.

Okay, now that was Xelliss. I can get a Tesla, I can get a Honda, I can get a Lexus, I can get whatever the heck I want and Xelliss is going to pay for it. Okay, literally up to $1000 per month car bonus. Okay, that is one of a kind. I’ve never seen that. Okay.

And then let’s talk about exotic vacations for a second. Okay. I don’t know about you but a margarita is so much better when somebody else pays for it. Okay. When somebody else is handing me a margarita.

Yes, exactly. And when somebody else is handing me a margarita that somebody else has paid for and I’m sitting on a beach that somebody else has paid for me to sit on that beach, it’s so much sweeter and it’s so much more exotic and the beauty of it is that you get to do all of these exotic vacations with the people that you’ve been building your business with. It’s super one of a kind. Okay. Love exotic vacations.

So let’s talk a little bit about these monthly rank bonuses because this gets me jazzed up to. So with my first network marketing company we had monthly rank bonuses.

But here’s the kicker. Okay We had when we hit a certain rank, you got that monthly rank bonus. But if you fell back, you didn’t get it again. It was gone. Okay. You didn’t make that money back, okay. Gone, gone. Gone.

Now is Xelliss where Xelliss? You can hit that monthly rank bonus and you can keep trucking along, keep track along and maybe something happens in life and you fall backwards and rank. Okay?

You decide okay, a couple months down the road. Okay? It’s time to get my butt back in here and start building my business. You get back to that rank and you keep getting that monthly rank bonus. It does not go away. Okay?

You are getting all of that money. People are making millions of dollars on this. Plus the second piece that I’m about to talk about this. Seven level check match.

Okay with this check match, you can actually get up to 40% Off of people in your down line. Okay? So let me explain this to you. So say say you, you bring on Sue and Sue is a total go getter in your business.

She’s building like crazy. She is pulling in $100,000 in sales and you get 40% off of that. Okay, that is a freaking ton of money. Okay, I don’t know about you, but that’s that’s definitely something that I would want to sign up for and you will not find that at any other network marketing company. Okay.

I have never seen 40% before. My first company was 20%. Okay, Not here, 40 up to 40%. That’s unheard of people.

So the reason that I joined Xelliss in the first place was for the mentorship. Okay. I wanted to know how do I build my business in the online space? Okay.

I did really, really well building belly to belly, but I’m not gonna lie to you, I got really burnt out and I looked around and I said my up line is doing this and they’re tired and my down line is doing this and they’re tired and I’m really tired, I don’t want to build like this forever.

That’s what attracted me to is that we have top not top notch mentorship where we’re learning all about attraction marketing, we’re learning all about how to leverage social media and actually build an audience okay.

Building an audience is ultimately what’s going to give you that long term longevity in network marketing and that when I saw the mentor ship that was happening here, I just had to have a piece of the pie, I absolutely wanted to know how can I actually build my business with leverage for the long term because I had done all those other things and I was just tired and I didn’t want to keep doing them forever.

But that leverage of that building my audience building with attraction marketing was too too good to pass up. I couldn’t say no to that.

And let’s talk about this egg system for a second. Okay, so one of our own Tim Edwards actually created this app and it is truly one of a kind. Okay, you can literally build your business from your phone with this app, okay?

You can send people videos that they can check out, you can see how much people have watched, you can see where they’ve watched what they’ve watched. You can literally track just about everything that your prospects are doing.

So you’re wasting a lot less time because you’re actually working and talking to people that have seen the information and that are actually interested. This is one of a kind of never seen this before either. And it’s truly like this is, this is part of the whole package of being part of the Xelliss business community.

So let’s talk about how you can actually become a part of the business community. So in order to get started, you do have to have that $30 activation be okay.

Once you do that, then it’s time to pick your pack. Okay. I highly recommend that if you’re serious about getting started about actually building a legacy business, which I’m serious about building a legacy business, then you, you want to take a look at that professional backpack.

Okay, The professional pack, you’re going to come in at 9 98 and you’re going to get all of those products that you see there, okay, you’re gonna be able to sample all the products, you’re going to be able to sell products if you want.

You can, you literally have your business right then and there and the beauty of this is that you’re actually getting an 1818 $100 value for $998. Okay, literally a steel, like you’re literally walking away with free products with this, which is amazing.

Okay, But listen, I get it. I know that that sometimes finances are tight, so fit in Where you fit in, where you fit in basically. Okay, so we also have that business pack which is 498. It’s a value of $870.

And then we also have that personal pack which is a, which is $168 and a value of $285. So really you’re making out like crazy just like you’re you’re getting free products just for becoming that business builder and you can either use the products or you can sell the products, doesn’t matter.

But I highly recommend that you become a product of the products. So you definitely want to sample each one of these products and realize that they’re truly one of a kind and that they are absolutely phenomenal.

So listen guys, I could talk about Xelliss all day long and I think I have on some of my Youtube videos before, but I absolutely love what this has done for me and like I said I joined Xelliss for the mentorship,

I joined Xelliss because it had one of a kind products I joined Xelliss because of the people, because of the community, because of the compensation plan that I had never seen unlike anything I had seen before.

So listen, if you are curious at all about this opportunity, about what the products then listen grab hold of the person that invited you here because they want to introduce you to somebody that can give you more information, if that’s what you’re looking for or if you’re ready to go Then get back with that person and tell them that you’re ready to go because this is 100% one of the best decisions that you can make in your life.

So listen, if you are excited to join us and Xelliss, I am excited to welcome you home to the Xelliss community. So thanks for hanging out with me and listen, if you want to hear a little bit more, we got some training coming up in the next half hour from the beautiful Ann Feinstein.

She is going to share some training. So if you’re curious at all about some of our training that you can have here, then stick around with us and you can hear a little bit about that as well. So thanks guys.

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