Why YouTube Is The Best Strategy For Building Network Marketing

In this video, I want to share why YouTube is THE BEST strategy for building your network marketing business.

The best part is that a majority of network marketers don’t use YouTube and have no idea how powerful it really is! So there is tons of space for you to grow!

It’s literally my favorite way to easily attract customers into my network marketing business WITHOUT EVER TALKING TO THEM first! This is the easiest way I know of to attract high-quality leads into your network marketing business.

You’ve probably been taught how to get customers by cold calling and spamming friends, family, and strangers on and offline. Most uplines teach to friend people every day on Facebook and message those people about your products and opportunity.

I will show you a way to increase your network marketing lead generation and get customers that has nothing to do with cold-calling or spamming people. I also want to show you that Facebook marketing is outdated, annoying, and takes WAYYYY too much work in order to reach success.

Network marketing is a great business opportunity! By leveraging social media with YouTube and attraction marketing you can easily grow your business. You can learn to build your multi-level marketing business with ease in today’s day and age.

So stop asking, “How do network marketers get customers?” And learn what you need to do in order to succeed in your business.

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  • [00:00] – Why YouTube Is The Best Strategy For Building Your Network Marketing Business
  • [00:52] – YouTube is a very powerful search engine, and you can get your network marketing content out to the masses
  • [03:00] – Never message a stranger about your network marketing business ever again
  • [04:54] – One piece of content on YouTube can bring you leads and sales for years to come!
  • [06:00] – Want to learn how two use YouTube for your network marketing business today?

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Transcription Below

So why is Youtube the best strategy if you want to build your network marketing business with these Well, my name is Karin Angelly from KarinAngelly.com. I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in then online space and today I want to talk to all things Youtube because I freaking love this platform.

So listen I’m here every single week giving you tips tricks and training on how to build your network marketing business, so go ahead and tap that subscribe button because I want to help you grow in any way possible. So I have tons of tips for you throughout this video. But at the end of this video, if you stick around with me, I have something super special for you to help take this training to the next level, so stick around for that.

So let’s talk about Youtube and why I think every single network marketer should be on this platform and unfortunately most network marketers are not and let’s talk about how you can get ahead of the trend and actually start attracting leads and sales on autopilot into your business. So one of the biggest reasons that I absolutely love Youtube is that even if you are a totally new brand, you have never really gotten a whole lot of fame or success in the past, you can succeed on Youtube because of how the algorithm works.

So Youtube is actually the second largest search engine next to google. Okay, what that means is that basically when people are typing things into google and you’ve created a piece of content that may be answers their question, you can actually be the face that pops up as an answer to somebody’s question, how cool would that be?

So for instance, if you’re teaching people how to bake cookies for vegans then if you’ve done your research properly, if you’ve actually keyword in your video properly, your video can actually pop up in front of all sorts of different content creators. That’s what I love about this platform, is that you don’t have to have a huge following in order to have people buy your products and join your team.

In the case of network marketing, literally very, very cool to have people searching for things and finding you as the answer to their question. So if you’re doing things properly, you literally can have leads coming to your business, people buying your products without ever speaking to you and people joining your team without ever speaking to you. 

It’s a very powerful social media platform. I mean let’s be honest, people are searching for things every single day. What if you could be the answer that people are looking for when they’re typing in?

Maybe you have a product that helps with losing weight? What if you could be the answer when somebody types in how to lose weight and your face pops up as the answer to their question, how powerful would that be?

It’s pretty cool when you literally have leads, sales and people joining your team without knowing where the heck did these people come from. It’s Really powerful and that’s the reason that I think every network marketer should actually be on YouTube if they want to grow their business.

Now. The other thing that I absolutely love about this platform and the reason that I think every network marketer should be on this platform is how many times have you been on social media and you’ve gotten a message from either a complete stranger or somebody you haven’t spoken to in 10 years asking you to take a look at their business opportunity or try their product. It really sucks to be the person, not only on the receiving under that, but to be the person that’s giving those messages.

What if you could be the network marketer that doesn’t have to send those cold spammy messages to people asking people to take a look at your business or worse yet when you’re trying to friend request strangers and your messaging them, trying to create some sort of relationship with them so that you can actually have them take a look at your business, it’s super time consuming to build your business that way.

And it’s not always the easiest. Okay. There is a lot of technique that goes into actually having people wanting to take a look at your business opportunity, if they’ve never met you in real life, okay, there’s a lot of technique that goes into it and the beauty of Youtube, if you don’t have to do any of that stuff.

The beauty of having keywords and having people searching for you and finding you on Youtube is that people literally feel like if they watch a piece of your content and then they watch more of your content, they feel like they already know you. So they feel comfortable trying your products or they feel comfortable joining your team.

It’s a totally different game out there. When you actually start using a platform like Youtube where people are able to search for things on google and find your lovely face. It’s a totally different strategy than actually having to send out messages every single day to people hoping that somebody gets interested in joining your team or buying your product.

It’s actually a lot more strategy involved instead of just throwing a bunch of spaghetti on the wall and hoping something sticks Now. one of the best things about YouTube is that one piece of content can actually live on the platform for years and years and years.

I love that. How many times have you searched for something on google and a video from Youtube pops up and maybe it’s a five year old video. It’s really cool because that person that created that video is getting new leads and sales every single day from that one piece of content that they created five years ago, that’s so freaking powerful.

If you ask me when you look at other social media platforms, they just don’t compare to that. Looking at platforms like Facebook or Instagram those pieces of content. Will last for about 24 hours to 48 hours.

It’s not very long, right? But with Youtube, one piece of content that you create, one video that you create could actually keep giving you leads and sales for years and years to come.

If you’re actually using the right keywords, if you’re actually using the things that people are searching for in their search engines, it’s so powerful and it can literally keep you bringing in those leads and sales and create the leverage that you actually want in your business.

So listen my friend, if you’re excited about what youtube could do for your business, I’ve got something super special for you. I actually created a very special training that’s going to teach you how you can start using Youtube to leverage your business and actually start magically attracting more leads and sales to you on autopilot.

If you take a look at the description below, I actually left a link for you where you can actually start learning exactly how to do this for yourself. So it takes out all the guesswork, I’ve done all the guesswork for you, you just have to watch and learn.

So go ahead, check out that link in the description and can’t wait to hear how youtube helps you build your business.

Now go build your unicorn empire.

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