3 Tips To Easily Get More Network Marketing Customers From Tik Tok

Today I want to give you 3 tips to easily get more network marketing customers for your business from Tik Tok.

First of all, let’s talk about why TikTok is so popular.  TikTok focuses on videos and video marketing. Video marketing has been proven to be more valuable when it comes to building know, like and trust with your audience online.

TikTok makes it easy to follow other people and have a large reach when it comes to sharing your video content. The Tik Tok algorithm is created in such to a way to help you win. TikTok wants to show your content to people.

So your goal is to create valuable content that people are searching for, and TikTok will do its work and send your content to the right people.

TikTok has made an impact in the entertainment content space like no other media platform ever could. It’s got all the necessary ingredients such as music, videos, games etc that make it an ideal choice for influencer marketing for any brand or business.

It has a huge edge over other platforms like Instagram. The reason for that is not only because of the more powerful reach, but also because video is so much more powerful than images. So when it comes to building your network marketing business with TikTok or Instagram, I’m going to hands down say TikTok.

Join me for this video to find out, and learn how you can build your network marketing business on the TikTok platform!

And stop asking, “How do network marketers get customers and business builders?”

And for an added twist, discover how I use TikTok to magically automate my business through the power of YouTube video. Hear how I combine these two powerful video platforms to create an eco-system for my business.

Plus, learn how to work less while building your business faster and create an endless flow of excited, ready-to-join prospects today!

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Video Highlights

  • [00:00] – 3 Tips To Easily Get More Network Marketing Customers From Tik Tok
  • [00:41] – The first thing you need to do if you want to be successful on Tik Tok
  • [03:03] – Don’t forget to do this on Tik Tok to make more sales
  • [03:53] – My favorite way to use Tik Tok to create more sales
  • [05:39] – My favorite twist to create an eco-system with Tik Tok to create more sales

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About Karin Angelly:

Karin Angelly is a  wife, dog-mom of two yorkie pups, and by trade does anesthesia. In 2015 she started building her own network marketing company. She experienced explosive growth in her first network marketing company and built a 6 figure empire, but then got stuck and frustrated with the strategies and methods she was using to build her business.  That’s when she discovered attraction marketing and went on to become a YouTube expert.  She teaches how to create more leverage and time freedom while working less using YouTube.


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Transcription Below

Let’s talk about TikTok and how you can gain more customers for your network marketing business simply by using this wonderful platform. Well, my name is Karin Angelly from KarinAngelly.com I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in the online space.

And today I want to talk all things TikTok and how you can use TikTok to actually create more customers for your network marketing business. So do me a favor, I’m here every single week, give you tips tricks and training on how to build your network marketing business. So go ahead and tap that subscribe button because I want to help you in any way possible.

And listen, I want you to stick around with me until the end because I want to share with you how I use TikTok to help build my credibility online through video. So stick around for that because I have a totally amazing free training that I want to share with you. All right? So let’s talk TikTok and how you can get more customers.

So the first thing I really want to share with you, if you hear nothing else for me. Hear this one thing. If you’re trying to build on any platform, this is going to be the case as well. Okay, so really remember this.

If you’re trying to build and create more customers on TikTok, first thing you want to do is you actually want to figure out who your target audience is when you’re trying to create an audience. You actually want to know, first of all who you’re talking to because I’m not gonna lie to you if you’re trying to talk to everyone, if you’re trying to appease everyone, you’re really talking to no one, you’re going to miss the mark, you’re not gonna find your people and you’re probably gonna struggle if you’re building your business online.

So first and foremost, figure out who your niche is, who is it that you want to actually provide value to? So let me give you an example. If you’re in a skin care company, you’re most likely going to want to target people that are already interested in buying or using skincare products.

There’s a lot of people out there that love testing and trying new skincare products, and you can be one of those people that can share a little bit of value around good skincare. So let me just explain that your product is not the value.

Okay, the benefits behind your product is actually the value. So you’re talking about benefits, like more self esteem because your skin looks better, it feels better. You’re going to be more happy with yourself when you look in the mirror.

So really talk about the value behind having good skincare. Really ask yourself who is my target audience. In this case, it’s skincare lovers and then ask yourself what our skincare lovers actually looking for when they’re looking online.

One of my favorite hacks for you is a website called Answer The Public. If you go to answerthepublic.com, you can actually type in the word skincare, which is actually a keyword and you can actually find all the things that people are typing into google when they’re searching around skin care.

So this is actually going to give you a huge hint as to what your target audience is actually looking for online. And what you can do is you can take the content you find from Answer The Public and you can actually create content answering those questions on TikTok.

So this way you’re actually going to start attracting your skincare lovers straight to you. So you’re answering their questions and then as you’ve been answering their questions, you can actually share with people that you have an awesome product that helps answer their questions and helps give them the value that they’ve been looking for and helping them give them good skincare.

So once you figured out who your niche is on TikTok now, the most important thing is to create content for that niche. Like I was saying, most people are actually going to miss out on making money on TikTok and here’s the reason.

The most important thing when you’re creating content on TikTok or any platform, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, but you must have a call to action that’s tied to each and every one of your content pieces, your post, whatever it may be, you want to tell your perfect prospect what to do next. Otherwise they’re not going to do anything and you’re not gonna get any customers from it, finding your niche, your target audience sharing content.

That’s valuable to that target audience and then finally giving them a call to action is literally what’s going to create more and more sales that you’re not even gonna know what to do with. Now, finally, I want to share with you my favorite way of using Tiktok now, TikTok, I absolutely love it for how fun it is, the bite sized chunks, those snackable videos that you can share in front of people that helped build, know like and trust with you and your brand.

I love that. However, when it comes to really, really giving valuable content, it’s kind of difficult in such short pieces of content. That’s the reason that I absolutely love using TikTok as a funnel to funnel people from TikTok onto my YouTube channel.

YouTube is where I can actually build even more, know like and trust with my audience, I can actually connect with people in such a way that I’m giving them so much value, they feel connected with me and now they actually want to reach out and talk to me or buy my product, join my team whatever the case may be.

So what I love about TikTok, it’s a beautiful funnel that works really, really well with YouTube. And what I love about TikTok is TikTok has actually created it so that you can have a clickable link in your profile that sends people straight to either YouTube or Instagram for me, I don’t focus as much on instagram because I just don’t love the return on investment that I put into that platform.

But I absolutely love using TikTok and funneling it straight to my YouTube because I find that more and more people are searching for the things that I want them to be searching for on YouTube and I can give them the value that they’re actually looking for. And I have that small stackable video that sends them straight over to YouTube that helps give them even more information and helps build that know like and trust with my audience.

So at the beginning of this video, I told you that I had a little twist that I wanted to share with you a free training on how you could actually start attracting more and more people into your network marketing business. So now is the time to share with you what that twist is. Like I said, I love taking people from TikTok and sending them over to YouTube and really sealing the deal and building that know, like and trust and giving value to my audience.

So I actually want to direct you to the description area right now because I actually have a link for you to a free training where you can actually learn how to build that know like and trust how to actually attract your perfect audience straight to you and start selling more and more of your product and creating an amazing ecosystem within the video marketing industry for your network marketing business. So do yourself a favor, check out that link in the description and start learning how to attract your perfect prospects straight to you and start building your business in the online space.

Now go build your unicorn empire.

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