What Is The Best Video Marketing Strategy For Social Media?

What is the best video marketing strategy for social media to grow your business?

Video marketing is literally my favorite way to easily attract customers into my business WITHOUT EVER TALKING TO THEM first! This is the easiest way I know of to attract high quality leads into your online business with social media marketing.

You’ve probably been taught how to get customers by cold calling and spamming friends, family, and strangers on and offline. Many people teach to friend people everyday on Facebook and message those people about your products, services, and opportunity.

I will show you a way to not only increase your video views, but also how to increase your lead generation. Let’s get you customers without cold-calling or spamming people.

Social media plus online video marketing is a great business exposure opportunity! By leveraging social media with TikTok, YouTube, and online video marketing you can easily grow your business. You can learn to build your online business with ease in today’s day and age.

Learn what you need to do in order to succeed in your business even if you currently have low video views online.

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  • [00:00] -What Is The Best Video Marketing Strategy For Social Media To Grow Your Business?
  • [00:40] – Does Facebook have the best video marketing strategy?
  • [02:10] – What two video marketing platforms do I prefer to build my business with?
  • [02:59] -Why I love YouTube when it comes to my video marketing strategy
  • [04:30] – Want to learn how to start attracting leads and sales straight to your online business?

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Karin Angelly is a  wife, dog-mom of two yorkie pups, and by trade does anesthesia. In 2015 she started building her own network marketing company. She experienced explosive growth in her first company and built a 6 figure empire, but then got stuck and frustrated with the strategies and methods she was using to build her business.  That’s when she discovered online video marketing and went on to become a video marketing coach and YouTube expert.  She teaches how to create more leverage and time freedom while working less using YouTube.

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What is the best video marketing strategy for social media? Well my name is Karin Angelly from KarinAngelly.com.

I teach and train entrepreneurs how to start attracting leads and sales straight to them in the online space. And today I want to talk all things video marketing and how you can use video marketing on social media to actually start attracting those leads and sales straight to you.

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And listen friend, I have something super special I want to share with you at the very end of this video so make sure that you stick around with me because I have a totally free training I want to share with you that’s going to really expand your knowledge and help you start attracting more leads and sales straight to you.

Alright, so let’s get into it, let’s talk about video marketing strategies. What is the best video marketing strategy on social media and how can you actually start using it so that you can start building your business.

When I first started building my business online, I actually started on Facebook and I remember multiple mentors telling me, oh all you have to do is get on Facebook Live, share, share, share, share some stories, connect with people and have a call to action at the end and boom you’re gonna create some sales, you’re gonna you’re gonna just grow your business like crazy.

And all you have to do is do that consistently Well I can tell you firsthand that that does not work. The problem with things like facebook is the algorithm is in my opinion, beaten down and tired.

It does not get your face in front of more and more people. It doesn’t attract these, all these different people. And what’s happening is you’re creating all this content and nothing’s happening with that content.

So you created this amazing content but nobody sees it after about two hours on the platform, you’ve worked so hard and gotten nowhere. I actually know somebody who decided she was going to do Facebook live every single day for 90 days and she knew that this was just going to help her grow her business.

Well, after 90 days of consistently doing Facebook lives showing up regularly having the hook, giving value, doing the called action. She saw no changes in her business.

She was consistent though, but she was working really hard, but she didn’t have the right strategy. That’s the reason I want to talk about strategy and how important it is to actually figure out how to get found online.

That’s super important. Now there’s two platforms that I actually do love when it comes to video marketing and they’re not Instagram or Facebook. I personally don’t love the algorithms for either one of those platforms because of how difficult it is to get found.

One of my favorite video marketing platforms is TikTok. Now, the thing with TikTok that I like is that it is pretty simple to get your face in front of lots of people.

The algorithm is created in such a way that it wants you to succeed if you’re creating content that people actually want, it’s a lot easier to get your face in front of lots and lots of people. The problem with TikTok is that you can work really, really hard and yeah, you can make a lot of money but you’re working really, really hard and for me, I don’t mind working.

There’s nothing wrong with working, but I don’t want to work like a dog all day every day doing the same thing in and out all the time. And that’s the reason that I absolutely love YouTube and it’s literally my number one source of revenue.

It’s literally I get people coming to me on autopilot. And the reason for that is a little something called search engine optimization.

This in my opinion is literally the best video marketing strategy that you could possibly have. The reason for that is because you can actually be found organically on places like google if you’re actually using search engine optimization to your advantage.

How do you do that? Keywords. Keywords are huge when it comes to using YouTube and Google properly. What I love about keywords is that you actually find people that are typing things into google searching for answers to their questions.

You’re actually drawing the perfect target audience on the internet online. You’re literally finding people and you’re giving them the content that they’re asking for.

What I love about things like SEO is that you can actually be found for years to come for one topic? Okay. SEO literally I have videos that I created over a year ago that are still creating sources of revenue for me.

That’s super cool. I worked hard on that content. Absolutely. It should still be seen by people for years to come. That’s what I absolutely love about YouTube and that’s what I love about this video marketing strategy.

While the TikTok algorithm is huge, it gets you in front of a lot of people. It’s a revolving door, you have to constantly be working with YouTube, it’s a lot less work. You don’t have to be creating content every single day in order to start seeing results with what you’re doing with your video marketing strategy.

So listen, friend, I bet this is a ton of information and I bet it was really great to hear, but I have something even more special I want to share with you. I want to actually direct you down to the link in the description where I’m actually going to be teaching you how to attract leads and sales 100% on autopilot into your business, literally creating video and actually attracting loads and loads of people straight to you that are buying your products, buying your services without having a conversation with you first.

That is super huge. That’s leverage and that’s the power of using social media and video marketing properly.

So go ahead. Take a look at that link in the description because I want to help you in any way possible. Start attracting leads and sales straight to you in your business.

Now go build your unicorn empire.

Karin 🦄

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