There’s Enough Success For Everybody | Mel Robbins #Shorts

Mel Robbins shares that there’s enough success for everybody. There is no need to feel jealous or frustrated when others around us get what we want.

Let it simply be a reflection of what’s possible for ourselves.

This is probably one of the best business and life lessons I could share with any entrepreneur.

There will be times of ups and downs when it comes to building your business on social media. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to other people online.

But that is going to rob us of our joy in our business. Learn to celebrate the wins around you no matter what.


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Video Highlights

  • [00:00] – There’s enough success for everybody | Mel Robbins
  • [00:14] – What you should do when you see someone with something that you want
  • [00:24] – As an entrepreneur, learn to see someone else’s success as a reflection of what’s to come for you!
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Transcription Below

Mel Robbins:

Deep in your heart, you have a belief that because that person got that handbag or they got that promotion or they’ve got to go on that trip, that somehow their success, their good fortune, it’s robbing you of yours.

When you see somebody that has something that you desire, you should be happy.

You want to know why. It’s a sign that it’s possible. It’s a sign that it’s coming to you. 


There is more than enough success to go around.

Let’s learn how to see the success around us as a reflection of what’s coming to us.

Karin 🦄

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