My SECRET Pinterest Creator Rewards Hack

Check out this secret Pinterest creator rewards hack.

Have you noticed this, or had this problem at all? Have you tried this hack yet?

Short form video has taken over just about every single social media platform right now.

Pinterest’s version of short form video are idea pins, which are huge on the platform right now.

The best part is that you can sign up to be a part of Pinterest creator rewards, and just like me, you can make money simply from sharing your short form videos as idea pins.

Repurpose your TikTok or YouTube Short videos without the watermark onto Pinterest, and start making money with Pinterest Creator Rewards.

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Transcription Below

Nobody’s ever said this about Pinterest Creator Rewards and I want to share it with you because I had no idea either. Recently I shared a video talking about how Pinterest had actually denied one of the challenges that I had done for the month of May.

All of my content was literally original talking head content, so there’s no reason any of my content should get denied for Creator Rewards. So I started thinking to myself, I wonder if it’s because I’m taking my content directly from TikTok.

I’m using the TikTok text, the emojis, yada yada yada. And I wondered if Pinterest was actually flagging that.

Well, according to this comment, that is most likely the case. You probably should record your videos outside of TikTok, then upload to Pinterest using their text and all the other things that they use over there.

I’m honestly mind blown right now that this is even a thing that I’m talking about. But I also realized that a lot of platforms are trying to compete with TikTok right now and as a result we are running into problems like this as seen in Pinterest Creator Rewards.

My mind’s a little blown. I got some things to test and I’ll keep you posted.

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Karin 🦄

42 thoughts on “My SECRET Pinterest Creator Rewards Hack”

    • Basically record on your phone and upload to the different platforms. With Pinterest Creator Rewards, you might not get paid if you use content that has TikTok typography etc.

  1. do you still get money when the goal ended? because i made 1000 and the goal ended but it showed up on my $$$ count so i still get it & wait?

    • When the goal ends, you will get paid the following month. So for the month of June, you will get paid around the 3rd week of July. Hopefully that helps answer your question.

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly Oh so even if the goal end i still get the money? I’ll get the money i made in june around july and the money i made in july around august?

  2. Can you help me out to get my money 💰. Creator Rewards program is only for united states people😣🤕

    • @Random Shorts of Internet so you have to connect your bank so that you can send the money. Go to your creator hub. Tap the earn button and then go to the payment account button. It will ask you to connect your account so that you can send your money. Hopefully that helps you. ❤️

    • Change up your content. This happens with any program like this. Starts out amazing and over time can decline because more and more creators are using it. 🦄

    • You have to set up your bank account with them. Then yes, they will automatically send it. 🦄

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly i set my bank accounts and verified my details pentrest team today

      By the way, you have no idea when to send

    • @Tech Qasim they will send you your money a month the challenge ends. So for the month of June, you will get paid at the end of July. Around the 3rd week of July.

      Not sure what you mean by your last comment.

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly thank you for answering
      My creator reward May and June
      But before my bank account details were not verified, today they are verified. I hope I will get the payment soon.


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