What Is Your Niche? My Answer Will SHOCK You!

It doesn’t take a lot of searching on social media to find social media gurus that talk about having a niche or finding YOUR niche…

But what is YOUR niche? Do you need a niche?

My answer might shock you…

Part of growing a business on social media means knowing who your target audience is and what they want to hear.

What questions do they have, and how can you help create solutions for them?

When providing content for your niche, always look through the lens of how to create valuetainment for the people within your target audience.

Valuetainment is what keeps your target audience coming back to YOU for more and more content.

But stick around with me, because at the very end I’m going to share even more on how you can grow your knowledge and start attracting more leads and sales to you online.

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I will show you a way to not only increase your video views, but also how to increase your lead generation. Let’s get you customers without cold-calling or spamming people.

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Video Highlights

  • [00:00] – What Is Your Niche? My Answer Will SHOCK You!
  • [01:06] – This answer about your niche will blow your mind
  • [02:43] – Do this within your niche to attract more leads and sales online
  • [03:32] – How to attract more leads and sales to you online
  • [04:52] – Check out this next video for more video marketing and social media marketing tips on my YouTube channel

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Transcription Below

What is your niche? My answer today might actually blow your mind, might actually shock you. Today, we’re going to dive in, we’re going to dig deep and figure out what your niche is and how you can actually start creating value attainment for that niche so that you can start growing a massive business on social media that you absolutely love.

Well my name is Karin Angelly from KarinAngelly.com. I teach and train entrepreneurs how to build a business where they start attracting more and more leads and sales to them online.

And today I really want to dig into what is your niche and what does this mean for you? And listen friend, if you’ve hung out with me for any amount of time and you’re loving what you’re seeing, do yourself a favor, smash that subscribe button tap that, like because I’m going to give you as much as I possibly can for free to help you actually start growing your business on social media with video marketing.

And stick around with me up until the end because I actually want to share with you how you can take your education even further and actually start attracting more and more leads and sales into your business. So stick around with me all the way till the end, you won’t regret it.

So what is your niche? I know I personally have heard so many people talking about how you need to have a niche if you want to be successful on social media and they keep going on and on and on about having a niche. But what is your niche?

I’m gonna make this as simple for you as I possibly can. You, my friend, are your niche. You are what actually attracts people to to you when you’re doing video, when you’re creating content for your business people know like, and trust you because of the valuetainment, the value and the entertainment that you’re giving to them.

I can’t tell you how many times I have. People say to me, I don’t know how to grow on social media within this specific niche because it’s so saturated, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

When you start to actually look at your niche as you. You are the brand, you are the value. That’s when your whole mind that can shift and you can actually free yourself up for so much ability to grow online, because ultimately, you you as your niche is ultimately what allows you to stand out from other people online.

Nobody can be just like you, nobody can say things or do things exactly like you can. So it’s so friggin freeing to look at yourself as your own niche.

It also allows you to not be pigeon holed forever in one specific topic, because it means that you can change, you can evolve. Your niche can change and evolve as well. I hope that this way of looking at what and niches is so freeing for you because for me, when I first heard this, it was so freeing for me.

It allowed me to actually be myself more to actually realize that I’m what makes my brand special. I am my niche.

Now within your niche, within yourself as the niche as the brand, I highly suggest that you figure out what target audience you actually want to serve.

So now let’s actually talk a little bit more about a target audience and how you can actually start serving a target audience that absolutely loves you, they know like and trust you and buys your products. Now when you’re trying to figure out who your target audience is, who it is that you actually want to serve, it’s time to actually do some research on social media.

Research what that target audience that you’re trying to serve. What questions do they have? What what needs do they have? How can you help serve another human being?

And the beautiful thing is that when you start creating content that you’re perfect prospect, your target audience actually wants, you start to attract more and more people straight to you in the online space. Now, if you’re curious how you can start really doing this on an exponential level, I actually have a free training for you that I left in the description down below.

So you should absolutely check that out before we go any further. Now, once you’ve figured out what your target audience wants, what you’re perfect prospect actually wants from you now, it’s time to start figuring out how to create valuetainment.

This is valuable information and entertainment smashed together. Ask yourself how you can create valuetainment for that target audience for those perfect people within your audience.

So the question you might have right now is how do you create valuetainment? There are so many ways to do this.

Some of my favorite ways to do this are through storytelling, special effects editing. There’s all kinds of different ways that you can tell stories that you can attract people to keep watching your videos and actually serve the people that you want to serve within your target audience.

So I bet the answer to the question of what is your niche isn’t what you expected, but I hope it helps to broaden your horizons and help you understand that it’s all about you serving your perfect people on social media. So what is a product or service that you are offering and how can you answer someone’s question with your product or service? This is literally going to change your whole world if you look at your business in this way.

So listen friend, I want to teach you even more on how to start attracting more and more leads and sales straight to you in the online space. So if you’re curious how you can start doing this, check out the video that’s popping up on screen right now because I bet is going to answer some questions as to how you can start attracting more and more leads and sales straight into your business.

Now go build your unicorn empire.

Karin 🦄

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