Easily 10X Your YouTube Shorts With This ONE Hack

Learn how you can easily 10X your YouTube Shorts thanks to this one hack I’m going to share with you.

Personally, I haven’t heard very many people talk about the second part of this trick I’m about to share.

So I’m curious your thoughts on it too!

I’m continually impressed by how the algorithm is consistently pushing Youtube shorts.

So if you want an easy way to grow your YouTube channel right now, then jump on YouTube shorts!

Video marketing is literally my favorite way to easily attract customers into my business WITHOUT EVER TALKING TO THEM first! This is the easiest way I know of to attract high quality leads into your online business with social media marketing.

You’ve probably been taught how to get customers by cold calling and spamming friends, family, and strangers on and offline. Many people teach to friend people everyday on Facebook and message those people about your products, services, and opportunity.

I will show you a way to not only increase your video views, but also how to increase your lead generation. Let’s get you customers without cold-calling or spamming people.

Social media plus online video marketing is a great business exposure opportunity! By leveraging social media with TikTok, YouTube, and online video marketing you can easily grow your business. You can learn to build your online business with ease in today’s day and age.

Learn what you need to do in order to succeed in your business even if you currently have low video views online.

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Video Highlights

  • [00:00] – Easily 10X Your YouTube Shorts With This ONE Hack
  • [01:13] – How to attract leads and sales straight to you on YouTube
  • [01:35] – This one simple title hack will 10X your YouTube Shorts views
  • [02:03] – Most people aren’t doing this and it will easily 10X your YouTube shorts views
  • [03:50] – Check out this video to learn to attract more leads and sales, and subscribe for more video marketing and social media marketing tips

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About Karin Angelly:

Karin Angelly is a  wife, dog-mom of two yorkie pups, and by trade does anesthesia. In 2015 she started building her own network marketing company. She experienced explosive growth in her first company and built a 6 figure empire, but then got stuck and frustrated with the strategies and methods she was using to build her business.  That’s when she discovered online video marketing and went on to become a video marketing coach and YouTube expert.  She teaches how to create more leverage and time freedom while working less using YouTube.


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Transcription Below

Have you ever posted on YouTube Shorts and immediately after you post you get so excited. You think your video is just going to be a total slam dunk. You know, this is the one that is just going to crush it and then you check in a few hours later or maybe even a day later just to see what’s going on with my video and there’s only a handful of views.

I don’t know about you, but that can feel really devastating when you spent so much time and energy trying to create the perfect video. And you may even be asking the question, why is this working for other people, but it’s not working for me.

Well today I got a tip for you that can help you easily 10 X your YouTube Shorts videos and what I want you to do is to stick around through the entirety of what I’m going to share with you because the first part of my tip might seem like a total no brainer. But the second part, I personally haven’t heard very many people talk about this and I’m curious what your thoughts are.

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from KarinAngelly.com teach and train entrepreneurs how to start attracting more and more leads and sales through video marketing. And today we’re just going to really dive into YouTube Shorts and how you can really 10 X your video views.

If you’re excited about this and anything else that you might have heard me share in the past and you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and smash that subscribe button and let’s get started. Listen, before we go even further, I’ve got to do a shameless plug because I want to help you start attracting more and more leads and sales straight to you on autopilot.

I actually have a totally free training that I want to share with you. If you check the link in the description, you can find that totally free training to help you figure out how to attract more leads and sales straight to you in the online space.

So check that out now. The best method to help you 10 x your YouTube Shorts video views is to actually post consistently. I know this seems ridiculous. Why would I even bring this up? But the reason I bring it up is because this is something that a lot lot of people fail to do.

Consistency, unfortunately, is not a very sexy thing. Nobody goes, let’s be consistent. It’s not always fun to do the mundane things in and out day in day out, but ultimately it’s the mundane things that we do over and over again that actually create the results.

Now one of my favorite ways to be consistent is to actually schedule out my YouTube Shorts. Did you know that you could actually do this? I know for me this is a total game changer saves my life.

It makes it so that I don’t have to think about doing my content every single day. And one thing that somebody has mentioned to me recently that I’m actually curious about and I’m curious if you have tried this, let me know in the comments if you’ve noticed this to be true.

But somebody mentioned that if you’re scheduling out your content on YouTube, it actually helps YouTube analyze that piece of content in advance, which means that YouTube can actually push that content to the right people instead of just anybody.

Now, to me, this makes total sense. Just knowing how YouTube works in general, how they work with SEO, how they work with Google.

And it is a curious thought that I may never know because I always schedule out my YouTube Shorts because it makes my life so much easier.

But I’m curious, have you come across this, Is this something that you’ve played with before? And have you seen any results differently by posting your content in the here and now or scheduling it out?

I’d love to hear in the comments. While you’re at it, if you’re loving what you’re seeing so far, give a thumbs up, let me know that you’re loving this because I want to make more content that actually helps you grow your business in the online space.

So I hope that this was an enlightening video to help you understand some of the best methods that you can start using today to actually start 10 x-ing your YouTube Shorts video views and listen if you’re curious how you can actually start attracting more and more leads and sales by using concepts similar to the one that I just shared, I bet you’re gonna love the video that’s popping up on your screen right now.

YouTube knows what you love. They know what I’ve created that you’re going to love. And so you probably should check it out because it’s probably gonna answer even more of your questions that you might have about how to grow an amazing presence on social media.

So, do yourself a favor. Check it out now. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Now go build your unicorn empire.

Karin 🦄

3 thoughts on “Easily 10X Your YouTube Shorts With This ONE Hack”

  1. I’m rather interested in finding out what went wrong with mine, for the past 2 months or so, the first month or so my shorts banged 1k+ views, and now the last couple weeks they’ve been barely getting 200-500 views. I feel like my titles and hooks are good for the most part, just the algorithm isn’t pushing it out like it used to 🙁


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