YouTube Copyright Claims And What You Don’t Know

When it comes to copyright claims on YouTube there’s probably a lot that you don’t know.

YouTube takes copyright very seriously and so should you!

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Check this out to learn more about YouTube and what they have to say about copyright strikes and copyright claims:


Video Highlights

  • [00:00] – YouTube Copyright Claims And What You Don’t Know
  • [01:21] – Most frequently asked questions when it comes to YouTube copyright claims
  • [02:04] – Should you delete your copyright claimed videos?
  • [03:43] – Can you still monetize your channel with a copyright claim?
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Transcription Below

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions about YouTube is about copyright and copyright claims. And for me personally, I’ve been receiving so many questions focused around copyright claims, what you should do with them.

And today I want to dispel some of the myths that you may or may not have heard around copyright and copyright claims, it can be kind of confusing. So let’s break it down and make it simple for you.

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train entrepreneurs how to build a business in the online space where they attract more leads and sales straight to them. And today we’re going to answer some of the frequently asked questions that I’m seeing on my YouTube channel all about copyright claims.

And if you’re super curious and want more about this particular topic, smash that like button tap the subscribe, let’s get started because I want to help you understand what you can and cannot do when it comes to copyright claims. So when trying to answer these questions that I’m seeing a lot of about copyright claim on my own personal channel, I decided to actually go through a lot of the questions that I’m receiving and see if there was any sort of pattern that people were asking questions over and over again.

What I discovered is that there was a theme of what people were asking. And there were three particular topics that I decided to break down and really answer and hopefully help you not have to feel like you’re struggling when it comes to copyright and copyright claims on YouTube.

So the first question that I have been asked whether it’s here on YouTube or on TikTok is, “My video is getting copyright claimed. What am I doing? What is the specific issue that’s happening?”

Now the simple answer to this question is most likely music choice. Music is one of the easiest things to accidentally copy right.

Now if you’re looking for music that you know, you’re not going to have any issues with copyright on YouTube or any other platform, the most important thing to look for when you’re choosing music is to make sure that it’s either royalty free or public domain. Basically, that means that the audio that you’re using is free range. You can use it anywhere.

No one no longer has rights to that particular music. Now, the second most frequently asked question that I’m seeing on my YouTube channel is, “My video has a copyright claim. Do I go back and do I delete it?”

Well, for me, I am all about staying as far away from copyright as possible. So if a copyright claim is showing up on my YouTube channel, I want to figure out how to get rid of it.

Because when you receive 50 copyright claims, that’s when you receive a copyright strike according to YouTube, and YouTube actually outlines this entire copyright procedure in their YouTube Help section. I actually left a link for you in the description where you can actually check out and see what youtube actually has to say about copyright about what you can do, what you can’t do, what’s going to get you in trouble and how to get out of trouble if you find yourself there.

So when it comes to deleting a copyright claimed video, what I would ask first is can you look at that video and can you delete or edit out the piece of the vid that most likely has that copyright in it? If you can go through the video and you can edit it out, then you don’t necessarily need to delete that copyright claimed video.

Now, in this case, I’m actually referring to long form content. When it comes to YouTube Shorts, you probably just want to delete it and start over because editing it is going to be a lot more difficult after the fact with those YouTube Shorts, just for the sheer fact that they’re a lot shorter than a long form piece of content.

Now, if you cannot figure out where the copyright claimed part is in your YouTube video, then yeah, go ahead and just delete it. You don’t want to find yourself in this situation where you’ve accumulated 50 copyright claims and now you have a copyright strike on your channel that becomes more of an issue and actually affects your channel in a great many ways.

Now, the third most frequently asked question that I’m seeing when it comes to copyright claim is, “Can I still monetize my YouTube channel if I have a copyright claimed videos on there?” Now, from my understanding of what youtube is saying about copyright claim, if you have copyright claimed video, that particular video is not allowed to be used within the monetization system.

Now, copyright strike, that’s a little bit of a different story. If you receive a copyright strike on your channel, you’re definitely going to start getting into trouble when it comes to monetization of your channel.

But overall, if you find yourself in the place where you have one video that is copyright claimed, you’re most likely not going to be able to monetize the ad revenue and the views that come off of that one video. So once again, this is a really huge topic and it’s something that I do believe you should spend some time on.

Make sure you understand what youtube has to say. That’s the reason I left that link for you in the description where you can actually figure out what youtube itself has to say about copyright.

And listen friend, if you found this helpful in any way, shape or form. I bet the video that YouTube is popping up on your screen right now is going to help you learn even more how to start using social media, how to start using video to start attracting more and more leads and sales straight into your business.

Now, go build your unicorn empire!

Karin 🦄

19 thoughts on “YouTube Copyright Claims And What You Don’t Know”

  1. Reality proves this theory wrong because I have received 88 copyright claims on my YouTube channel and I didn’t get a copyright strike

    • Well this information comes straight from YouTube help write up. Take it up with that. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • @Luke Texas I don’t really want to get too deep into it with you. From what I can tell copyright claims that are auto generated from YouTubes AI can result in a strike if the owner is notified and wants that content taken down. Sounds rare. You can also have copyright claims if an owner sees your content and wants to generate a claim. They can also generate a strike. You can dispute both.

      At the end of the day read, review, and read again when it comes to claims (content ID claims) and strikes.

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly Unlike claims, strikes can only be raised manually by the rights owner. There’s currently no available tool to help you automate the process. A copyright strike is much more severe for a creator as your YouTube channel can be closed down forever for repeated copyright offenses.

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly It’s rare for a copyright claim to turn into a strike, but it can happen. If a Copyright ID claim against you is proven valid and you are asked to take the video down, but neglect to do so, it can result in a copyright strike. The best course of action is to take the video down before it gets to this point.

  2. A claim will not adversely affect your YouTube channel.
    The rights holder can claim the revenue on your video if you have used their content.
    The copyright holder can place ads on your video to generate that revenue.
    The copyright holder can restrict your video in some countries or regions.
    The copyright holder may also choose to take no action (but absolutely don’t rely on that!)
    Copyright claims are a part of Copyright Law.
    Copyright claims only apply to the videos flagged and not the entire channel
    A claim can be proven false depending upon if you really own the content that is being claimed by someone else.

  3. On my YouTube I got a copyright claim for using 1912 footage of the real titanic when in reality it’s in the public domain so don’t know why it was falsely claimed


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