How To Build An Impactful Business [NEVER SEEN BEFORE]

Do you want to build an impactful online business, but feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed? At Truth Bomb, we know how you feel!

That’s the reason we created this unique community designed for the female entrepreneur. Our desire is to help take out the guesswork when it comes to building a successful online business.

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In this never been done before community for women, we are reimagining what it looks like to be a female in business.

We provide on-demand digital training, courses, live workshops, mentorship, and wealth-building partnerships with a focus on the feminine perspective, energy, and balance.

Our one-of-a-kind business formula is designed to help you tap into your creative genius, playfulness, and inner wisdom to create a thriving business with ease.

You deserve a marketing community that gets you. A community that supports and collaborates with you while building a sustainable business.

Come join us inside the Truth Bomb playground! It’s time to uplevel your marketing and business skills and create a thriving business doing what you love.

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  • [19:50] – Creating collaboration and support amongst female entrepreneurs
  • [29:07] – How to leverage the Truth Bomb community to grow your online business
  • [40:07] – Truth Bomb wants to give back to female entrepreneurs
  • [46:09] – How to join the Truth Bomb playground

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Transcription Below

Welcome to the relaunch of Truth Bomb. And we are super excited about this because, well, all the trainings that I’ve been a part of, majority of the trainings that I’ve been a part of have all been men led, and we’re constantly hearing the men’s voice, which is not bad. It’s awesome. We tend to, I know my go-to is more of a,  the way men build businesses and it works.

It’s great. I, but it’s also not a whole lot of fun , and I notice for myself especially, it’s become very, it’s something to do and I don’t enjoy it. And, but I know it works and it’s great. But adding in the. Finding out who we are in our feminineness, building a business and having that energy back and feeling that energy back in my own life and, and as I’m building my business, is that what’s what we’re bringing back into truth bomb and, and bringing that female voice back.

So why truth bomb? Bring it back. The feminine perspective on building a business. How do we, how are we gonna do this? And we’re part of that is we’re still figuring it. But we are tired of just hearing the men.

And so this is a place where we’re going to bring back the female’s voice. We’re going to hear more female, and we want to not just see our voices up here. We also wanna see your voices and see what you, what the women are going to do as, as they’re bringing back that feminine energy. And as we’re bringing that back, not just to our businesses, but to the world.

So, so why choose Truth Bomb? I mean, honestly, for me, I completely resonate with everything you said, Heidi, because it really is like, I got to this point in my business where I realized that I was just doing, doing, doing. And it was good, but not good at the same time because I was burning out.

So it just, it created this spiral for me in my own business. So, yeah, like it’s, for me, truth bomb is like, We’re, we’ve all come together and we’ve talked about this so many times, we’ve come together and been like, what do we want a business to feel like? It’s the feeling. Mm-hmm.  like the feeling of what it is to have a feminine led business, to have women on the stage teaching.

You don’t see that as much to have women teaching how to build a business. And that’s like, that’s for me. Like that’s why truth bomb. And that really resonated. So, but Katrina, I want to hear your story of how Truth Bomb started and then I wanna like, I love, love to talk about how we kind of like integrated together and like where we are now.

So, yeah. You know, the, the crazy piece is, is that Truth Bomb has been years in the making and I didn’t realize how much this was a big part of my journey, uh, especially becoming an entrepreneur. So, When I left the corporate world, so I was in Chef at Disney right, for 12 plus years. When I left that and I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship, the one thing I was always really curious about is I’d,  been looking at companies and looking at organizations that I wanted to join, and they were all men led, like the whole concept, the whole conversation.

And I was like, man, we need a female voice in here. And I was like, I’m gonna be the one, right? . I was like, it’s gonna be me. It’s happening. And I made a lot of noise and I made a lot of, uh, connections inside of these different groups. Like I went out and purposely was like, how do I build relationships?

How do I make myself valuable? How do I build this business in a way that feels good for me? Like we talk about the, this feeling side of it. And what’s funny is that normally in business the feelings get removed, right? Like don’t have feelings. There’s no crying in baseball. There’s no crying in business.

Right. There’s no crying. Well, there is though, but there really is . When I started diving into this, they always say, you have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough. So the tears are part of the process. Right. And it’s interesting because I was working in a very, I mean, coming outta the kitchen, it’s a very masculine environment.

I came into the digital space and it was extremely masculine. There were very few women, uh, digital space. I’ve been in this space for about 20 years watching, learning, developing. Right. And I was like, 20 years. And it’s all been predominantly men led. Like there are some breakthrough females out there. I am not gonna Absolutely, absolutely amazing break for your females out there.

Definitely. The question is, is why weren’t more happening? Why weren’t there more success stories, more leaders being built every year? Like, I didn’t understand why it felt like every five years somebody broke through, but I’m like, why is this taking so long? This is how we’re training people. They’re like, every year there should be a breakthrough, entrepreneur, leader, female, male, something, right?

Mm-hmm. . And there wasn’t, it was like, this is crazy. Yeah. Um, so on this journey, I’ve had some great mentors of having some great experiences and met some phenomenal thousands of, of female entrepreneurs over the year. And I still saw that we didn’t have a strong voice, right? We were doing incredible things.

We were building massive businesses, but we were still being taught by the masculine energy. By the masculine voice out there. And I was like, there’s something unbalanced here, right? Yeah. So last year I was sitting, um, sitting on, on the couch. I had my computer in my lap, and uh, I was being asked to do another.

Another group. I was like, oh Lord, , right? Oh God. Facebook groups, , another conversation group, another place to have another conversation that was gonna be, you know, bombarded by people trying to take over or, you know, spam me. And I was like, and the economy every way that everything was going, I was like, there’s no truth being told anymore.

Mm-hmm. , there’s no truth. Like I feel like everything is starting to get repeated. Everything is getting manipulated and there’s no truths coming out around what it is actually be built in a business. Like we’re getting told all these little pieces, but we’re not actually being given the foundation.

Mm-hmm. , why you’re marketing, why you’re building the business. We’re not getting back to like what’s important. I felt like we were just chasing dollars clicks, right. And I was like chasing dollars and clicks, like we’re not even building the relationship. So truth bomb came out of that. I was like, man, we need more truth bombs in the world.

And then the next piece of the puzzle was I wanted to build my community off of digital media. Mm-hmm. , I was, I was burned every time. I’m sorry for those. I mean, I know I’m on Facebook. I, I’m, I know of that I’m in different places. Like I know of this, but it is super, super effin annoying to be restricted, silenced, uh, not see messages, notifications.

Absolutely. Yeah. Uh, when I was putting things in the community, it was getting censored. It was getting hidden, and I was like, I was getting more and more annoyed that I could more and more rules. Right. Come on. No rules nor controlled. Got it. My can’t keep up with the changes. Ok. I was get, I was like, this is insane.

Yeah. Like, I can’t even have a true voice on, because when I speak a truth, If it doesn’t abide by somebody else’s rules or community, it doesn’t, it’s not allowed to be voiced. I was like, so I went looking for, um, a place that I could build a community off, off digital media, like off the social platforms.

Cause I was like, there’s gotta be a way to bring people together in a safe environment where they’re not gonna get ads, you’re not gonna get spam. They can have a conversation that we can actually collaborate. We can hear each other without all the noise. So I found this incredible company. I said, this is where I wanna build my community.

This is where I wanna build my business. And Truth Bomb was born right and a year ago today it launched in both the Googles and Apple Play Store, right? It became accessible to anybody that wanted to be able to pick up their phone and learn how to bus build a business. Authentically, real, have conversations have a safe place in every single

member in this community has said this over and over again, it’s authentic, it’s safe. I can ask any question. I don’t feel stupid about it. I don’t feel like that I’m making the wrong request. We’re definitely, and it has been totally female focused. I didn’t realize how much so, and so, so we started having this conversation with the three of us.

Yeah, yeah, definitely. Um, and so when I looked at what Truth Bomb was, and it’s, I should be honest, it’s been back and forth. Originally it was just to serve the people that bought courses or went through coaching with me, but it’s not enough. It felt still inauthentic. It felt like I was still chasing the dollars and the clicks.

I was like, this feels, I mean, I’ve built things and literally ladies and everybody watching, I have built success and I’ve, and I’ve torn it all down and I’m like, I’m not even inspired to even share a lot of the courses that I’ve created. And they’re phenomenal courses, but I’m like, it doesn’t resonate cause it’s not connected to anything.

It’s not connected to something bigger than me. Mm-hmm. . Right. It’s just a doing. And when I started talking to a lot of female entrepreneurs, this was a conversation that I’ve had. I mean, throughout this whole year, even in my community, even outside of it, I’ve been talking to ladies everywhere and they’re all like, I’ve just been in the doing and I’m tired of the doing.

Like it doesn’t resonate with them anymore. So, you know, I went out on a trip.  I went to Peru and that shifted a lot for me.  It shifted a lot for all of us, even though I didn’t go, it shifted everything.

So coming back from that, um, we, we came back. So Heidi and I went on the trip, came back, we stayed with Karin, and in literally that first 24 hours of coming back and sitting at her, we’re like, so what is Truth Bomb? And then Karin’s like, well, do you want, you know, do you want a business partner? You know, have you been looking for something?

And I was like, holy crap. Like, yes I have. Cause I’m tired of building on my own. Like, to be honest, that was me. I didn’t wanna do it by myself. I knew what you were building was what I wanted to do. I knew it was an alignment, but I wasn’t really sure like, what is she gonna say? Like, I don’t wanna jump on her parade.

But for me it was like I wanted a partner probably since the beginning of this year. I had a friend that was like, I feel like you’re gonna explode when you find a business partner. You’re gonna explode when that happens. And so that was always in the back of my head.

Yeah, it chills for me too. Like seriously? Yeah, . So I was just kind of like, okay, this is in the back of my head. And I kept being like, okay, is it gonna be this person? No. That just doesn’t feel right. What about this person? No, that’s not in alignment either. And I just kept doing that. Like this is the end of the year people.

It’s been a whole year that I’ve been like, like it’s literally just been like that. And then, What Katrina, like you had had a conversation with your mentor. Yeah. And you started talking about what he was saying and I was like, oh, I’m really curious. What is he, what is he saying? What’s like, what’s going on?

Yeah. I wanna know more. And then literally the thought popped in my head, is it Katrina? And I was like, no, it can’t be Katrina . That’s what went through my head. No, it can’t be Katrina. But I was like, you know what? I wanna hear what her thoughts are of what her mentor said to her. What is she thinking?

And so I’m a question asker. I gotta, I gotta know it all. I gotta know. Tell me. I wanna know more like Karin, like the nitty gritty uhhuh. It’s so funny because it’s like this whole year too. I’ve been constantly asking her, what can I do? What can I help you? What is there, what is there that you need help with?

And I think for a lot of us building our businesses, we are told all these things we need to do and we feel like we have to do them all. Mm-hmm. . And it’s our business. We’re responsible, we have to do it. You know, it’s like the being in business for yourself, it is all on your shoulders. Right. And it’s like, but so it’s like asking for that help or asking other people to be involved in something with you is, feels like strange or foreign or like, how do I do that?

Right. And so it’s like, and I think part of what we’re creating here in Truth Bomb, is also it’s like showing people, showing other women how we’re doing it. Yes. And how you’re, and how you work together or, or do or, and what you can do on your own. And it’s just insult. But it’s also, it’s like, I think that when, when you talk about truth bomb, and I like how we’ve been dissecting that too, and then how the real focus is on the truth.

And it’s in how we’re, how we, and letting people inside of what we are building and how, and what’s working, what we try, what, how it works and the effects of it. And I just, that is, that is like super cool. That is gonna be something that to be found inside this community. Absolutely. Yeah. And I feel like no one’s really doing this.

No one is doing this. Like that’s No, because you see the super success and they give you just little bits. Yeah. They give you the truth, they give you the steps, but there’s always something. It’s like for at least what, what I’ve seen, what there’s always something that’s held back. There’s always that.

And so it’s like how do you take that? How do you show people? And so that is what’s actually working and how the business is building to the success that it’s gonna build to Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. And it’s not even that they’re necessarily trying to hold it back. I feel like sometimes it’s like you, like you get to this point, you’re like, sometimes you forget the hard times because you are like, oh, I don’t wanna think about that anymore.

That wasn’t fun. So you, well, yeah. Say that to people, but I feel like for us it’s like, no, we’re gonna, we’re gonna tell you what’s happening as it’s happening. . Well, and and that’s fascinating, but you said that too because so often it’s like we’re having conversations and Katrina will bring something up and I’m like, wait a minute, why haven’t you told me this before?

And it’s like, there’s so much informa, like I think she doesn’t realize how much information is in her head. Because she hasn’t used that part of it in, in a while, or that used that information for a while, not used that part of her head. But, you know, , you know, I, it’s like, so it’s like, I think that’s also why like, while we’re building this business, things will come up for her that then she will bring that back to us.

And it’s just like, it’s like, it’s, it’s fascinating to hear. It’s like, wait a minute, you’ve known this and you haven’t shared this with me, but now you’re sharing this with me. So it’s like, yeah, . So, and, and I’ll say this for everybody, that there are things in the journey, um, and I think for women and men too.

I mean, I’m not gonna say this, I’m gonna say it’s, it’s pretty much a general consensus. There is a shame in building as an entrepreneur. There is! Oh my god, there is, yeah. There’s a lot of shame.  Digital media has not helped the shame. If anything, it’s made it worse for us as entrepreneurs. Mm-hmm.  Shame in not having success fast enough.

Shamed in not making the money, shamed that you’re struggling. Shame that you’re upside down. Shame that you can’t pay your bills. Like there’s a lot of, shame that goes on behind the scenes that we deal with a lot of guilt, a lot of personal doubt that we’re dealing with, and nobody wants to see that.

Or our perception is that nobody wants to see us go through that, right? Mm-hmm. . And in those periods of time, as an entrepreneur, we also tend to put our backs against the wall. We tend to throw everything at the other wall, trying to get something to stick, to get something moving forward. So a lot of times, you know, we, everyone says that I’ve got this blueprint that you can call that’s gonna guarantee you success.

 My reality after being in this for so long is that there is no one blueprint for one person. The blueprint that worked for me, is not going to work for Karin, and she can take the exact same thing with all the exact same steps. , the thing that’s different is who I am and who she is.

So what I’ve always been fascinated around is how can we serve entrepreneurs? And really what I’m looking for now, more so than anything, is female entrepreneurs to say it’s not so like, do this, do this, do this. And I know that when you come outta the corporate world, we’re told that this is how you do your job.

This is how you do this, right? And when you step into a world of entrepreneurship, you’re like, there’s nobody to hold you accountable. Now it’s just you. And there’s this feeling like, I’m gonna get this wrong. I don’t, I’m not gonna be able to do this. And so the thing is, is that I followed the blueprints, but I’ve always had to modify it.

Always. Same there, there hasn’t been a single proven blueprint that has worked for me exactly as they’ve laid out. I have to add myself to it. Right? Yeah. And once I add myself to it and I make those little changes that feel here more aligned with I’m doing, yeah. Then the business expands. And I think, you know, we get stuck in like, this is the blueprint, this is how it gets to be.

And then we do this and then it doesn’t work. We get frustrated, but we’re frustrated with the process. And what I’m looking at with truth bomb is how do we bring that truth back, ladies? Like how do we bring back the, the listening to our heart, the listening to our gut. Our women have phenomenal intuition.

That’s the way we’re wired. Right? But the feminine intuition, the feminine energy that comes in the, the say, the gut check that says, this isn’t right. I wanna do this and, and that I wanna have women start embracing again. Yeah. Especially in the world.  I want men to embrace that. Want everybody to embrace it.

Cause we all have the feminine and masculine energy and it’s not like we need, we want more one more than one than the other. We need ’em both. You need it. It’s to be you need it. Mm-hmm. . Oh, we’re so out balance. I was actually talking with, um, a good friend the other day and you know, if you’re, if you’re high masculine, high feminine, you’re outta balance.

If you are high masculine, low feminine, you’re out of balance. Like there needs to be that balance. And you don’t talk about this a lot. Why is everything before you say it, you’re like, oh, well this can sound a little woo woo . I love when people say that now.

Cause I’m like, really? I wanna know when people say that this is gonna sound woo. I’m like, tell me more. Tell

that. But it’s is’, I think . But the thing is, with using that phrase, it diminishes the power of what they’re gonna say next. Right? Yeah. And that for me, I’m not okay  with that, because there’s so much power in understanding the masculine, feminine, there’s so much power and being an entrepreneur and who we affect and impact in the world.

Right? Yeah. And so, you know, every single one of us is gonna go on a personal journey for, for me, truth bomb is we’re looking for the females that are either transitioning from the workforce, that have been at this for a while, or not getting the results they want. They feel like there’s something off.

They’re like, I’m missing something. I’m. Missing my community. I wanna create collaboration and cooperation amongst women. I think we need to bond more together instead of pointing out each other’s flaws and tearing each other apart. Like, what does that look like to come together?  And I know that when women come together, everyone benefits.

The men benefit, the kids benefit. Everybody benefits, right? Yep. So we’re looking for you that if you’re out there, if you’re frustrated, if you’ve been building your business and you feel like nothing is still working, you’ve been at it for probably two to three years, you’ve been through some sort of personal development, you understand that you’ve gotta look at yourself as an entrepreneur first.

You’re responsible for everything you have moving forward. And you want a safe place in which to have conversations that, as women we deal with, from family to business, to everything. Like we wanna create that space for you to network with each other, learn from each other. Lean on each other.

It’s gonna be a big piece behind this, right? Yeah. Cause that’s the reason that we collaborated, because now it’s like we can lean on each other. Like that for me is like the best piece because now I don’t have to do it all by myself. Although yesterday I had a moment where I felt like I had to do it all by myself, and I freaked the fuck out,

I saw it live happening. That’s literally how I’ve been building my business. And so when it was like, oh, wait a minute, calm down. You’re not doing this by yourself. You have support now. You’re not the one and only. That’s huge. Its huge. And it’s so interesting, Karin, that you say that because when I hear you say that, it also reflects back on me.

That’s even something I’m still learning to do, right, is to be able to lean on other people because face it, women, we tend to take on everything. Yeah, we’re taking care of the household, the families, the business. Like, we got the world, we got plates spinning everywhere.

So how do we bring that back in and start looking at, okay, who are the women in your life that you can start leaning on again and getting connected to? Because there’s magic. There’s true magic that is going to be created from Truth Bomb and this company, this community, this, this, what we’re building is going to really, it’s going to impact the world.

Like, I have no doubt about that. Don’t ask me how, but I know intuitively through Karin, through Heidi, through every single person that’s in Truth Bomb right now, for every person that’s coming into truth bomb, there is a, an energy and a movement that’s coming. Yep.  And if you wanna be a part of it, let’s have this conversation.

I think that’s super important to share with everyone. Yeah. We are currently, like when you become a part of this community, we want you to be a part of actually creating it. Not like, not like we’re gonna hand it to you and you create it, but like you are telling us what you specifically need. Because all three of us have different skill sets.

Some of them overlap, some of them are in just different, completely different places. And we have a lot to offer and we know a lot of what comes down to building a business. But we also need to hear from you as well. What specifically do you need as a business owner besides all the things that we’ve just talked about?

Yeah, the collaboration, the support, all that’s great. The blueprint for what to do. But what is it that you need to be like, hold my hand on this. Like I like, there was so many times in my. When I would be broken down crying and I’m like, I just want somebody to hold my hand while I do this tech thing because it makes me wanna pull out my hair.

Like . Literally just, I wanted that hand holding. And that’s what we, we are literally building in the process of building this exact thing. And we need more people in the community to work with us that are giving us that feedback, that are telling us, listen, like this is where I am in my business.

But we just need more of that feminine voice of this is where I am, this is where I need help, and that that’s gonna help us create this community of like, Truth bomb community that is bomb. Oh my god.  so blowing up. We’re impacting, right? Like that’s, that’s literally what we’re doing is we’re creating the impact.

And can I tie onto that real quick before you you go on? Cause there’s something I heard in what you were saying. We as women, I love us all, we tend to have a very much like, I wanna help everybody else out type of mentality too. Mm-hmm. , one of the things I’m gonna be really strong with you guys inside this community is you have to start valuing your time.

You have to start valuing your knowledge. And it’s, for some reason, and I’m still trying to dig into this and very curious as you guys come into the community and give input on this, there is the sense that,  you know, we don’t ask for a reward. And this has been an ongoing conversation both in the corporate world and in the entrepreneurial world.

And this has been a constant conversation with, with women. Like, we know we should get paid more. And at the same time we’re afraid of the ask. So one of the things that I really wanna have a a, I mean a lifetime conversation around is, you know, what is your value? What is your worth?

And are you willing to ask for it, right without feeling like you should be? Cause we, we do, oh my god, I know I do, I give away more of my time to everybody. Right? But it doesn’t necessarily always pay the bills, which doesn’t help, right? Like there’s gotta, again, there’s that balance right between the feminine energy of wanting to take care of and help somebody, the masculine energy of saying, no, I need to get paid for this too.

Right? So how women can we have that conversation in here? And I think that’s where it’s gotta come off of social media. Yeah. It’s gotta come off the digital space. That’s why these conversations can only happen inside a truth bomb because it takes a type of environment for us to have these conversations, to agree to disagree, but be in a place where we can truly voice this and not be, um, Like taken out right away around having this conversation.

Right. So that for me is truly important when we talk about are you balancing the masculine independence, a prime example of what you just said, right? Yeah. Yeah. Are you giving your time away or are you asking for a pay in terms of who you are in the world? Yeah, and I think that’s one of the big pieces inside of being inside of Truth

bomb. This is a conversation that we wanna empower you with, give you tools to use so that you can go out and really build a business again with that balance. Yep. Yep. Absolutely. It really, it, it all comes down to balance. This is something that I learn and I relearn over and over again.  So like I said, we’re currently building out this system, but we actually have quite a bit already built out. We’ve already, like, we’ve pieced together what it looks like to be a masculine, feminine, balanced person in business. We’ve pieced together what it looks like, that feminine journey.

We’ve pieced all this together. And we’re, we’re working on all the marketing pieces as well. How to market your business, how to build your brands, how to do this social media, because sometimes social media is just overwhelming how to, how to plan your time. We’re building all of this out. Like we literally are in the trenches doing all of this right now.

And the more you come in and you add to what we’re doing, the better this community gets. We are offering, because it’s Black Friday, yay. Where are we? We’re gonna do Black Friday. So, so we do have, we do have an offer to be a part of the community for that 99 99, but because it’s Black Friday, we actually want to offer that 50% off if you join as an annual member, So you’re literally getting this community for half price.

Who doesn’t want that ? Well, the thing is, is that here’s the thing, inside this community, you’re gonna get mentorship, right? If you were to step outside, I mean, I, trust me, I’ve charged 12 $20,000 to be Yeah. To mentor people. So you’re, my value on this part is all of this. But what I wanna make sure you guys are understanding is that I want to empower more females.

I want have more conversations about what we are dealing with, that we can’t have these conversations on social media authentically, or it seemingly seems we can’t have these conversations on social authentically,  I wanna take away all the noise, the notifications, the ads, the spams, the censorship, all of that.

That’s why you’re coming in here. So if you looked at what it would cost you to get mentorship business mentorship. If you were to go and price any guy out there right now or any female out there, you’re gonna be paying anywhere least 10 K. At least three to to 20,000 to even a hundred thousand. But the minimum is three K that I’ve seen out there for anybody.

Yeah. If you’re looking for somebody that can take you up to the next level, it’s at least a 10 K. And if you’re really looking to expand in the like breakthrough glass ceilings of a million dollar business or a billion dollar business, that’s a hundred plus k easily.  So when you look at, you’re coming into a community, we have an onboarding process for you.

So we’re gonna show you how to leverage this community for your benefit. We’re gonna walk you through how to set up your profile. We’re gonna walk you through how to use this community, how to ask questions, how to have fun in here. How to network. We’re gonna teach you all of that.

We’re gonna really build on a powerful community. Cause one of the things that I know a lot of the women have asked for is like, I just wanna find somebody else that can do this for my business. I want, I just, I know I can’t do it all, but I don’t know who to find. So one of the things that inside of TruthBomb, is I want us connecting with each other.

Like we could become our business building partners. You could find your next business partner, or your next va, or your next, um, or your next client. I mean, that’s, that’s literally how this is gonna be.  And it’s gonna be happen organically. I’m not, we’re not pushing this. We’re not saying this is what you have to do, but if you’re in there, you get access to more females and we’re all having this conversation.

And here’s what I really have found out. As business women, we tend to think we can’t share our story because we’re business women. Yep. One of the interesting things I found out over this year and having the community, and there’s a lot of things that I’ve done, like I’ve done monthly reflections and I’ve shared authentically what’s going on in my business, what’s not working, what’s working.

And what’s interesting, women and ladies is that by doing this, I actually get stronger and better clients. I actually have more people reach out for me, to me for different things because I’m authentically sharing what I’m dealing with as a business. It doesn’t take away my skillset. It doesn’t take away what I’m doing.

But if you did this in the, in what I consider the outside social media world, you would get bashed, you’d probably get a little bit dinged around this, and the masculine energy out there would literally say, you can’t do that in your business. And at the same time, there’s something, and I get it this all the time, it’s refreshing.

It’s so refreshing to hear that you’re building the business and you’re going through these struggles and you’re still building.  Like that’s the authenticity behind this. Cause we don’t hear that enough. We feel like we’re doing this by ourself and no one else is struggling cuz we’re looking at social media and we’re comparing ourselves to the other person that blew up in six months and is just having a great time.

Maybe you’re sitting over there and you’re going, I don’t even have a dollar to my name. Been in places where I blew up businesses and been in places where I’ve struggled to build. Ah, so it, I mean it’s, it’s really like you need support whether you’re exploding in your business or it’s going like so slow, like a slug.

You need that support. Absolutely. Yeah. So by being a member, and it is a paid membership because I want you to, to realize you’re getting value. Yeah. Right? And if you’re not getting value, then unsubscribe. Like, I get that too. This is not gonna be for everybody. Right. I’m okay with that. So the reason for this is that when you invest in something, we’re investing back into you.

Like it is our promise as Truth Bomb as the, the founders, as the creators of is that we are going to deliver on our promise. Right? Yeah. So here’s the community, here’s how you’re gonna use it, how, here’s how the groups work, here’s where you can play, here’s where you can ask questions. We’re gonna be having power hours where you have an hour just to work with us.

We’re gonna have two a conversations. Mm-hmm.  where we’re gonna really approach and look at a lot of different things around what it is to build a business. And a lot of this is gonna be directed by your guys’ comments. Yeah. Cause the two way conversation. Let’s talk about that for a second. How many times are you doing something and you’re like, God, I wish I could talk to somebody about this. I wish I could get an answer from that social media guru on their video, they said not to do this. I did it. I don’t know why I can’t do it. What do I do? I screwed the pooch. How do I, how do I fix it?

Like, , we’re gonna have that two-way conversation with you. Yeah. We’re going to actually be like, well listen, this is what I did in my business. This worked for me. Let’s talk about what you’ve done. Can we, can we work with what you’ve done? Can we, can we continue on down this road that you’re doing.  Well, and the thing is, is like, even, even in this conversation, this is a one way conversation. Like we are having a two-way conversation, but our audience is having a one-way conversation. They’re just hearing us and they’re, they can participate, but it’s not the same as like jumping in here with us.

Yeah. And being able ask those questions.  So there’s that piece of that mentorship where you can jump on and ask those questions and you’re in the room with us.  And if you don’t wanna be in the room, then by all means be what my favorite person in the whole wide world of the lurk. The lurk.

I’m a watcher, I’m an observer. So if you wanna lurk with me, then that’s cool.

If you wanna participate and get on, then step into the arena, step onto the field and say, Hey, I really wanna play this game of being a female entrepreneur. And I really wanna look at it authentically. And I really wanna be surrounded by, you know, all sorts of women from all walks of life that are doing incredible things.

Like, we want you here right now. The other piece of this is that we wanna bring live workshops back into play.  I love live workshops. That is where I thrive. I love to teach. I love to share what I know. I have built big businesses. I have built small businesses. I know . I love it.

Love being in the room with other women entrepreneurs and the energy and the power that that is created there. It is so true. So we’re gonna be looking and now we’re going unconventional. So we’re gonna be doing workshops, but we’re not doing conventional workshops. Cause why would you?  Like, come on, we wanna have that fun, that play, the creativity, those things that we love to do as women.

Like we are gonna bring back, you know, rewarding yourself, pamper yourself, self care, building that into your business. Mm-hmm.  not as like something that’s an afterthought or I don’t wanna take money for my business cause I’m gonna get my nails done. It’s like, go get your nails done and still do your business.

Right. Darn. Go dye your hair purple, Karin. I’m going to!

right. I’m like, Heidi, go get your toes done and go get your nails painted and go buy a really fun flirty shirt. Like go do that. Right. Uh, because that’s what we’re looking for. We wanna bring back It’s okay as women to, to take care of yourself again. We, we do a great job of taking care of everybody else.

 So these are things like, I struggle with being a, as a, as a woman. So we’re gonna have some really crazy conversations. We’re gonna have incredible workshops that are going to move your business forward. So I don’t want you guys to think like, oh great, I’m just joining a community of women.

No, we are intentional around this. What our ultimate goal is really, truly with every single female, is that you get this, the foundation structure to build your business. Mm-hmm. , right? You’re gonna get, what is your idea? Refine it. Put in together your audience, put in together your targeting, put it into your marketing strategy.

We wanna teach you how to financially balance your business. Mm-hmm.  so that you actually, what I would love, and I know this sounds really weird, and I know we’ve talked about this, I want you to outgrow us. Yep. I actually want you to outgrow Truth Bomb. I want you to become so successful that you’re like, okay, I need another mentor, I need another group.

And you step up into the other elements. But what I wanna give you is that core value, belief of who you are as a female, teaching you how to balance this, and really how to take this into the world with you. Right. So it’s really educating and reeducating, um, the US as women, how to build that balanced business.

Yeah. So, cause there’s only so much that I know, and I know that as the company, the three of us are gonna grow and we’re gonna scale up with you. So we might still be your mentors from every, from like this point forward. And I would say if you outgrow us, I’m good with that too. Yeah. But if you can always say, Hey, where I learned to do this is here in Truth Bomb. Yeah.

Point back to us as, um, as a part of your journey, then that is the highest honor you can give the three of us and every other woman in this community.. Absolutely. Yeah. That’s really what this is all about. It’s about like thanking, you can thank us by just saying, Hey, this is where I got it, but I want you to go on and do extraordinary things.

Right? Like that’s what, that’s who we’re looking for to help, uh, women around this. Right? We want you to, we want you to have structure, foundation, uh, belief, a confidence, and a place to always come back too. And if you outgrow what we have, then I’m good with that too. Yep, yep. Right. And I know a lot of business would say, well, you don’t want that.

You wanna retain customers forever. I found, I’ve tested this over the years, that the more I let you go, I let you spread your wings. The more , The better you get! So backstory, Katrina, you were my mentor for years, and then it was like, I think I need to spread my wings and go. And then once I did, it was like, yeah, okay.

And now it’s like, yeah, I mean, I, I got this. Like, I know, I know what I’m doing. I got this, I know how to build a business online. And it was like, okay, who is gonna, who can I learn from next? And that’s what I’m always doing. I’m constantly doing that. And that’s what we want for this community too. We want you to go, who can I learn from next?

What, what can I take from this community and then blossom and grow from mm-hmm. . That’s what we want. I mean that’s like literally, that’s what you’re getting for the 99 99 and the 50% off deal right now. And we’re gonna have fun.

We’re, and we’re also one of my favorite parts. It’s like as you’re building your business and you achieve those success, how do we take that and give it back to the world? How do we create the, yeah. The environments of giving back and actually serving and creating that impact in the world. And so we are looking for those, I can’t say this word, Phil, philanthropic.

Philanthropic opportunities of which I feel is the biggest part of building your business is being able to make that impact on the world and those around you and being able to help other women. To, to, to get out of bad situations, um, or struggles that they’re in. So that is a huge part of what Truth Bomb is about too, creating those opportunities and events.

So definitely look forward to the look for those,  popping up in the community. Yeah. And I’m so glad you said that, Heidi, because that is part of this. So when you become a member, just know that that membership doesn’t go straight to our pocket. There is a percentage of that that does go to,  our philanthropic endeavors.

And we’re setting that still up. That money’s already getting to get, it’s already getting set aside. It’s already going to those things because we do recognize that this is a holistic circle. Yes. Right. We are women, we’re building businesses and we want to empower other, other women. And there’s a lot that we have what we want planned.

Mm-hmm.  We wanna be able to do scholarships for women to be able to come and be part of this community. We wanna be able to. Do some sort of branch or loans we want, there’s a lot that we wanna do and it takes the community to make it happen. Yeah. Right. So what we’re saying is come in, you know, for $99 and 99 cents for your month just coming in and getting access to mentorship, getting access to support, getting access to seeing how we’re building, and then take what you need from us and then leave, which doesn’t make sense for you.

Yep. That’s one of the big pieces we’re gonna be talking about, how we’ve learned from the men, because there’s some great tools and things that they’ve taught us also that keep us in action to make the money. Absolutely. And we wanna look at the feminine side, like where are we taking care of ourselves and where we know on each other to really.

Our movement going forward.  Leaning into your intuition and your gut, and your empathy. These are all really powerful traits that women have that we have pushed aside because it’s not part, it’s not culturally accepted to have an intuitive side to lean into your empathy , and enjoy building your business.

Yes. Actually enjoy it. Yes. Yep. So, you know, everything we’re bringing for you at the annual membership for 12 months to get access to all of this, to be able to be in that journey in 2023 with us and beyond.  Yep. To be able to say, Hey, this is what we’re doing. It’s a year long journey. Mm-hmm.  for a ridiculous price of less than 600.

You get access to mentorship, workshops, trainings, like there’s gonna be things that are inside of this community that you’re not gonna find anywhere else. I promise you that.  No. Cause even as we’re building it, we’re like, oh my God, I’ve never seen this before. Can we do this? Yes. I love it.

Right? I love it. . So we’re gonna give you the back door behind everything. We’re gonna tell you exactly what we’re dealing with as we’re building the business. We wanna make sure you’re empowered around it and see what we can do to collaborate and build one of the most powerful, supportive, empowering, I don’t know, there’s all sorts of fun words.

I wanted to as playful,  world for you guys to be in here as entrepreneur. So the offer is simple. Become a member of truth bomb. You can go to truth bomb Yes. Its a playground, right? Business. You wanna play at the playground, right? So if you go truth playground dot, it’s super simple.

Go there. You’re gonna put in your email and create a password. You’re gonna be taken to a page, you can either choose to do the monthly option or the annual at 50% off. Mm-hmm. , I’m telling you right now, I take the annual because that price will never exist ever again. I promise you that. Black Friday people, come on

The good thing is, is if you do lock that in, if you guys continue to stay with us, that will be your yearly locked in price. Like, that price will never go up for you. And I know for a fact that we’re gonna continue to grow and that price is going to go and climb higher. Um, I’m not gonna even lie about this.

This is a business. We have a business to run. Mm-hmm. . So that price will go up. So you’re locking in at less than $600 for however long you need is for the years to come to be able to access truthful community in all the resources and tools. So it is a super incredible offer that we’re putting out here because we want women in here and we wanna be growing with you.

That’s straight up, honest.  So you have an opportunity to come join the playground. Take your your offer. The next page after you, you choose whether to come in as monthly or annual. You’re gonna go to a page, you’re gonna, your credit card information, you’re gonna hit subscribe, and then you’re gonna be brought into the community right from there, you’re gonna be welcomed in through a series of email in, I’m totally straight up with you.

You’re gonna get a text and emails in this process introducing you to different things. Now you can go up fast, you can go slow. It’s gonna drip one piece of information today because I know having taught for the last 10 years that we can only absorb so much information out. Yes. Right? So take your time going through or rush through it up to you, however you wanna approach this.

But now you’re in the community. You’re gonna get a lot of love from us. You’re gonna see us coming in there. Karin’s gonna be doing a marketing conversation in. So she’s gonna be sharing some of the things that are going on in the different parts of marketing your business. Her expertise is around video, about video, guys.

Love it. Love it. And I know I know a lot about editing. I know a lot about doing video. I know a lot about scripting. I know a lot about lighting, like all of that stuff. You got questions about that? Like right now, if you wanna build your business on social media, you gotta be on video. I’m sorry. Like, I know it’s scary, but you gotta do it.

And I’ve got tips, tricks, and things that you can do to trick yourself into getting yourself on camera, if that’s really what you need to do. Like I, I know, I know I’ve done it. I’ve been there, done that. And. I’ve gotten good because I’ve practiced, I’ve done it. I’ve talked to the camera over and over again.

The camera’s my best friend now, and I want you love the camera. This little thing right here, there’s,

so this, uh, we’re having truth bomb conversations around marketing. We’re having truth bombs around cause it’s changing fast. I dunno if you guys realize this, but it is, it’s like, man, there are things changing. Like it seems like every single. So to be able to have someone like Karin, you though that we can actually have conversations, throw things back and forth, see what’s working, not working, testing things out, having that same place.

This is gonna be the place you wanna be. Mm-hmm. , we’re gonna talk about what it means to be building your business, right? We’re gonna be talking about what it means to, to take care of your customers. We’re gonna be talking about what it means to look at your financials of your business now, right? That’s kinda Heidi’s little bit of expertise is the whole like, financial thing.

So she doesn’t want me to tell you this, but she actually went to college for that . Um, so there’s some resources in her head that I’m really excited to plug into. So again, you are literally getting a wealth of information out, a redonkulously low price. So come join the playground, come, come to truth bomb

Have it simple, right? Come to the playground. Um, join us in here. We look forward to you guys. You gonna see a lot of us, uh, the three of us coming together, collaborating on this whole project, we’re, we are all in. First and foremost, every single one of us, all in. Like, we’re not going anywhere. This is, this is our, our goal is to serve.

Our goal is to grow as a business ourselves and to support you as you grow in your business. Um, I wanna see every single woman that joins truth on marketing hit a seven figure. Absolutely. Absolutely. Like, if we can look at how to create those multiple streams of income, if we can talk about how to keep your money moving, if we can work on having you create the most extraordinary life, not burning out, being supported, having fun doing it, then we’ve done our job hearing.

So that’s the truth for me. Yep. And just added note, if you are watching this on YouTube, check the link in your description. It’s a lot easier than being like, how, what was the name of it? What is the truth Bomb playground? What? I don’t know. Right? If there’s a link for you in the description, easy peasy.

Just go down there, check it out right now. And you’ll be brought to all that page, all those pages that Katrina just talked about right now. So, yeah. And if you’re watching this on any of our other social media channels, like if you’re like anywhere else, right? Like check the description, check the link.

There’s somewhere around there that says truth bomb playground that you can click on  somewhere. We’re not hiding it. We’re not hiding it. We’re coming out. We’re stepping outta the closet. We’re crawl outta here. We’re like, we’re taking ownership. Like this is our playground. Come play with us. Come play, come play.

Right. Well, thanks everybody for being with us. Karin, Heidi. This is an extraordinary venture. I couldn’t be more excited to partner with you, um, in this journey. And I’m super excited to see, uh, all these incredible women. Absolutely. I’m excited to blow it up, like I’m so excited to help other people do this.

Yeah. Build a business that they love. Yeah. Yeah. Build a business they don’t dread doing just because they’re told to do it. And to actually have fun and enjoy your business and look forward to it. Yes, every day. There we go. Yay! See you guys inside the playground. Bye everyone.

Karin 🦄

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