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‘Shotgun’ Marketing vs. ‘Sniper

Discover What Your Auntie Can Teach You About Sponsoring People

Who Will Be Excited About Joining Your Network Marketing Business

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Let’s Talk About Your Auntie…

Let’s pretend you are planning for your upcoming wedding. If you want to send an invitation to your Auntie for your wedding you would have two options for delivery:

Look up her address after verifying that she is interested in attending your wedding, then send her a self-addressed stamped envelope with an invitation to her.


Bust open your bank account for $10,000 and print out 10,000 copies of the same invitation, hire a pilot to fly over the city your aunt lives in and drop invitations all over the city in hopes that she will get at least one of the invitations.

Which option would you choose? It’s pretty obvious right?

Well, when it comes to network marketing, the majority of Networkers have proven themselves to make very silly choices.

It Should Be A ‘No Brainer’, Right?

If it was up to most most company network marketing leaders, they would choose Option 2.

Simply put, most networkers use ineffective “shotgun” marketing strategies because that is quite literally all they know and are taught.

But guess what?

Like a shotgun, a scatter shot won’t get you very far…

Most Bombard the friends, family, and strangers with horrible approaches, emails, flyers, and pray for a positive outcome.

The Struggle Of Traditional Network (Shotgun) Marketing

I wanna be honest with you.

When I first started Network Marketing, I used the shotgun marketing principle because that is what I was taught. 

And yes… At first it worked.  

The problem was that I found myself struggling to recruit. 

This was because I literally tried to recruit EVERYONE, without qualifying them or seeing if they were serious about working the business.

I came to the realization that people were different people with different motivations and I identified the types of people which would most likely make great prospects & be serious about building.

I also managed to figure out the types of people I should avoid, because they were the least likely to do anything in their business. 

Or worse yet, hurt my business by being negative and suck my energy and time.

What I figured out after a lot of trial and error was who my best ‘target market’, whom would make the best business builders were. 

So I almost exclusively focused on those types of people and ignored those who would waste our time.

The sad truth is that most networkers end up recruiting and sponsoring the people that are most likely to waste their time or hurt their business!

How To Connect & Have Enrollment Conversation With People Who Are Open To Your Message

What I’ve figured out since discovering Attraction Marketing, was not just to learn how to identify the best people to recruit, but also how to find and target the people who would be most excited, positive and open to looking at an opportunity by leveraging the internet!

Yet, the majority of the network marketing industry continues to peddle the myth that “everyone is your prospect”, which is why if you are new to network marketing or have continued to fail in the industry, you’ll never be able to recruit yourself into financial freedom.

It’s not recruiting which will create wealth for you. It’s how you recruit, who you recruit, and what you teach those new recruits!

Today, there is a small group of elite network marketing professionals who have gone online to do lead generation, sales and recruiting and for GOOD reason!

When I discovered that social media platforms are willing to TELL YOU, who would most likely be open to your product or opportunity, the game completely changed for me.

What Does Online Marketing Mean To You?

Bottom line: If you own a network marketing business and you are NOT marketing online, you are at a strategic disadvantage and as you will soon learn, you’ll be at risk of losing downline members to other networkers who do utilize the internet.

Please note, that I am not advocating AGAINST offline marketing. In fact, I built my successful business like this for years.

Many company leaders have proved you can take these principles and apply offline, but my preference is actually having a home business, rather than driving around to meetings. Totally cool if you prefer that or if that’s working for you.

However, what this is about is teaching you to wield the power of online marketing which may be used independently or in conjunction with traditional marketing strategies.

Let’s go back to my analogy of getting that invitation out to our Auntie.

You see, with traditional network marketing you are pretty much blind as to WHOM you are addressing – you have no idea their interests, their desires, pains, frustrations, and more importantly, if they are at all likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Online Marketing Changes The Game & Gives Your Efforts ‘Sniper-Like’ Accuracy

With online marketing, you aren’t interested in marketing to everybody.

You are only interested in those who have an interest in what you have to offer and you will only market (spend money or time) on those who have demonstrated an interest in what you’ve got.

How do you do that?


Social Media platforms can tell you who is interested in what you’ve got…

How do they do this?

90% of internet users are using Google, Facebook and YouTube for searching & entertainment.

These platforms can tell you what a particular person is interested in. This is the key!

More specifically, Facebook knows a TON about you and everyone else on Facebook or Instagram based on your behaviors, what you LIKE, who you follow, what you read, what you watch, etc. etc. and they allow you and us to tap into that!

The Secret Self-Funding Lead Machine

I am willing to show you a ‘secret formula’ which induces your potential prospects to pay you up front… regardless of whether they join your network marketing business or not, so that your costs to operate are covered – just like a real business.

These methods are revealed in detail in the Attraction Marketing Formula Course that was written by my good friend and mentor Ferny Ceballos.

So while everyone else is throwing away their money paying “to dump tens-of-thousands of invitations all over the city” or worse yet, scouring the city and approaching random people, you as an online marketer will easily find where “your Auntie lives and send one invitation to her so that she’s sure to be at your wedding.”

And I’ll even show you how to make Auntie pay for your invitations.

Over the next 5 days, I’ll reveal the secrets behind the Attraction Marketing Formula, which most network marketers will never discover.

Yes, you heard me right – the secret weapon that will make your online marketing trump traditional network marketers.

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