How To Scale Your Business With The Young Entrepreneur Project

The Young Entrepreneur Project can be many things to all shapes and sizes of entrepreneurs in the world. One of my favorite components of this entrepreneurial community is how they teach you to grow and scale any business. One thing I’ve learned along my journey as a network marketing entrepreneur, is that people LOVE DEALS! … Read more

Is A Network Marketing Home Party Worth It?

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Common Network Marketing Objection: “I’m Not A Salesperson”

This common network marketing objection can leave you frustrated and dismayed in your business. I know, because I personally have suffered through it. Not only can it make you feel like a failure, but it can also make you feel like network marketing might not be for you. Take heart… I get it. When someone … Read more

How To Use Facebook Groups To Promote Your Business

Ever wondered how you can use your Facebook group to promote your network marketing business? Ever felt like you are getting no where with your current Facebook business page? Or maybe you are inviting a ton of people to your Facebook page. But few are showing up for the content you are posting inside. Or … Read more