How Meditation Helps Business

If you’re anything like me, you may have stumbled upon meditation and may be wondering how meditation helps business growth and productivity. I’m so glad you asked! This is one of my favorite personal development topics. I believe that if more people meditated in this world we would certainly have less anxiety, depression, and mental … Read more

How To Build A Network Marketing Business While You’re Working Full Time

Building a business in network marketing while you’re working a full time job can be quite a challenge. It’s super crucial to learn how you might be able to juggle both at the same time. Let me just confirm what you may already be thinking. It’s gonna be tough! But…  Just because it’s tough, does … Read more

Is A Network Marketing Home Party Worth It?

Is building a network marketing business with a home party effective? I want to provide some hopefully helpful information around this common network marketing practice. Do you need to have a home party in order to be successful? Or are there other things that you can do in order to achieve the results you are … Read more

The Truth About Network Marketing As A Top Earner

The truth about network marketing as a top earner is not something that is shared on a regular basis. In fact, most have zero understanding as to what it means to build a solid business within the network marketing industry. Most talk about the glamor of building a large team. But few will talk about … Read more

Common Network Marketing Objection: “It’s Too Expensive”

“Your product is too expensive,” is a common network marketing objection that can be heard from prospects. Have you ever experienced this objection? If you haven’t yet, it’s inevitable that you will at some point. And if you’re like me, hearing this objection can really make your blood boil. Especially if someone says this to … Read more

Common Network Marketing Objection: “I’m Not A Salesperson”

This common network marketing objection can leave you frustrated and dismayed in your business. I know, because I personally have suffered through it. Not only can it make you feel like a failure, but it can also make you feel like network marketing might not be for you. Take heart… I get it. When someone … Read more

Common Network Marketing Objections: “I Have No Time”

The most common network marketing objections you experience in your career can be extremely frustrating. Wouldn’t you agree? And the frustrating thing is that sometimes, those objections can hit you smack in the face when you least expect it. Ever had such a great conversation with a prospect? Things went AH-mazing, the prospect was excited, … Read more

Which Network Marketing Company Is The Best?

What is the best network marketing company for you to join? Did you know that not all Network Marketing companies are created equal? Nope! And what I tend to hear all the time is:  “We have the best compensation plan.”  OR  “We have the best trips out of any company out there.” OR  “Nothing compares … Read more

How To Build A Thriving Network Marketing Business Online

Have you ever looked at your upline in your Network Marketing business and asked, “why did they get where they are?” I remember feeling this way in my business. Actually I remember feeling frustrated, because I couldn’t understand what my upline had that I didn’t.   Have you felt this way before in your business? … Read more