Why I Don’t Like Using Facebook To Build My Network Marketing Business #Short

I want to share with you why I don’t like using Facebook to build my network marketing business. Building a network marketing business on Facebook takes A TON of time and energy. By leveraging the right social media platform and using attraction marketing you can build your MLM in less time and a lot less … Read more

How Do Network Marketers Get Customers? The SHOCKING Truth Of Building

How Do Network Marketers Get Customers? In this video I share the SHOCKING truth of building an MLM business that no one ever told you. You’ve probably been taught how to get customers by cold calling and spamming friends, family, and strangers on and offline. I will show you a way to get customers that … Read more

The Anti MLM Drama | The Myth About Network Marketing

The Anti MLM drama is a real thing because of the myth about network marketing going around. I personally think that there are 3 reasons that MLM/network marketing has a bad name for itself. The first is that so many reps misrepresent what network marketing is. The second is that all you need is 3 … Read more