How To Earn MORE With Pinterest Creator Rewards

Learn how to earn more money with Pinterest creator rewards this month!

Short form video has taken over just about every single social media platform right now.

Pinterest’s version of short form video are idea pins, which are huge on the platform right now.

The best part is that you can sign up to be a part of Pinterest creator rewards, and just like me, you can make money simply from sharing your short form videos as idea pins.

Repurpose your TikTok or YouTube Short videos without the watermark onto Pinterest, and start making money with Pinterest Creator Rewards.

Social media plus online video marketing is a great business exposure opportunity! By leveraging social media with TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and online video marketing you can easily grow your business. You can learn to build your online business with ease in today’s day and age.

Learn what you need to do in order to succeed in your business even if you currently have low video views online.

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  • [00:00] – How To Earn MORE With Pinterest Creator Rewards
  • [00:20] – Step by step for using Pinterest creator rewards so that you can make some extra money
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Transcription Below

Did you know that you can make quite a bit with Pinterest Creator Rewards. Let me show you how you

can do this too.

First of all, you want a Pinterest business account, then tap on this creator hub, but from here you’ll see the creator hub shows you quite a bit of information. Let’s tap on this earn button right next to it.

From here, you can see that I’ve actually had Creator Rewards already. Now this in progress button is going to show you all the activities you can do for the month of May.

The done button actually shows you what you’ve already done for content creation. Let me show you an activity that I already have in progress.

So we’re gonna tap on this in progress one and you can see that for this activity, I can make $250 for Idea Pins that I create every single week in the month of May. Now each activity is going to have different requirements now.

So what I recommend is that you actually read the fine print and make sure that what you’re doing is actually eligible for that activity. Stick around for part two, we’ll all talk a little bit more about eligibility for these Idea Pins.

Karin 🦄

68 thoughts on “How To Earn MORE With Pinterest Creator Rewards”

  1. got a notification that you can earn money from content producers, but when I press the content creator center, the phone is out of Pinterest.

  2. Wait it shows me that i made $550 but when i go on completed it says in review does that mean the money is coming? & i completed one of the task for 1000 for the same following month as the $550 one i don’t get it i been waiting for sooo long

    • This happens to me too. So unfortunately you have to wait a whole month AFTER the month that the challenge happened. So if the challenge is for the month of May, you will get paid at the end of June. Does that help answer your question?

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly thank youu!! even if it says in review?? i did it in may so maybe the end of june

    • @LiterallyM yes. End of June. It’s ok that it says in review. That’s happened to me before as well.

    • @lifewamiyah yes. End of June. It’s ok that it says in review. That’s happened to me before as well.

    • @lifewithdagoat yes. End of June. It’s ok that it says in review. That’s happened to me before as well.

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly okayy thank you! i thought it wasn’t coming you’re so helpful 🙂

  3. The creator hub is not showing up for me, are there certain things I need to do first before I can start earning?
    Thank you!!

  4. Can you help me out to get my money 💰. Creator Rewards program is only for united states people😣🤕

  5. August Rewards have ended and most of my submitted goals have been accepted, however the “Pay Per Save” goal I submitted is in a accepted status, but it says not accepted with the amount of money I earned. This is kind of a bummer because this is my first time earning big on a goal. I sent a email to Pinterest in hopes they review it once more and there’s a change. Has anyone else dealt with this? Thanks for the responses

    • It’s too soon to know. I’ve had that happen before where around the 3 week of the next month it changes and I make the money. I’ve also had it happen where it doesn’t change and I don’t make the money. You just have to be patient to see what happens. 🦄❤️

  6. I saw a video in which they said to change the country to us even if you don’t live there to earn money??
    Should I do it ..
    Plus creator hub is not showing up on my account.. what should i do.

    I’m from 🇮🇳 india will it work here because there were a lot of videos on youtube that i can earn money from pinterest in india is it true??

    • If you do that, in order to receive the money you have to have a US bank account. Otherwise you will have no way of accessing your funds. I have had people beg me to help them get their funds, and there is nothing I can do.


    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly
      can u do me favor and tell me if it is available in india 🇮🇳 asap..

    • @Video Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly but There are a ton of Youtubers from india making videos about how to make money from pinterest
      So what’s the point of them making those videos
      And some even claimed that they earned something

    • I’m not an expert on that one. Haven’t played with it much. Just do your research on the Pinterest help site. They share a lot there. ❤️


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