Powerful Social Media Hack For Your Side Hustle

Powerful Social Media Hack For Your Side Hustle

Would you like to learn a powerful social media hack for your side hustle?

The best part is that this social media hack can take you from struggling in your network marketing side hustle, to total rockstar.

It is all about cultivating prospects that already want what you have.

These prospects are dying to get their hands on the solution that YOU have to offer.


Good!  Because we are going to dive deep today and talk about how YOU can get what you want.

Which is most likely to sell crap-tons of product and bring new distributors into your business on demand.

I know that you probably feel this way, because 2 years ago, I felt this way too.

If that’s not how you feel… 

Your best bet is to probably quit reading now, ’cause thats what I’m gonna answer for you today.

Still here?  Cool, let’s get started!

The first thing you want to do if you want to sell crap-tons of product and recruit on demand is to let go of the horrible advice that everyone is your prospect.

Honestly, that advice is what keeps 99% of network marketers stuck and frustrated in their business.

I remember hearing this advice on day one when I started my business.

In fact, my upline told me to sit down and create a list of 100 people that I could start talking to about my business.

Brainstorm they said. 

Think up every person that you’ve ever met, talked to, or had a passing glance with.

Basically if they are breathing, those are your prospects.

That could not have been further from the truth!

‘Cause listen… Those people, while they may be awesome…

Most likely do not have the same business mindset that you do.

They most likely haven’t had a dream to do something better with their life, like you have.

And if they have, they most likely do not have the drive that you do to make their business work.

I know this is true, because I built a 6 figure business with people that were not always my perfect prospects or business builders.

I’m going to be the voice of reason and tell you that you can absolutely build a business with every tom, dick, and harry if that’s what you want.

The problem…

It may not be as solid of a business as you might like.

Which is where I found myself 2 years ago.

I had some solid business builders, but a majority of my business was made up of people that didn’t always feel the same way about their business as I did about mine.

As a result, I found myself working long, hard hours.

And some of my team members were just skating by.

What made it tough is that some of my business builders that “wanted it all” as well, got frustrated when they had a massive LACK of results.

Over time of fighting for positive results, made them tired and ready to throw in the towel as well.

I realized that I needed answers if I wanted to keep my business going.

How could I keep my passionate business builders in a constant state of productivity in their business?

If I could unlock how to help them, then I could help myself as well!

It wasn’t until I learned what I’m about to share with you now that everything changed!

I realized that my perfect prospects were out there.

And if I focused my marketing solely on them and NOT everyone, then I could build a business I could be proud of.

So let’s talk about that Social Media Hack For Your Side Hustle

The first thing I want you to do is start imagining WHO your perfect prospect is.

What do they look like? 

What kind of personality do they have?

What are their hopes and dreams?

What is THEIR biggest problem?

Write it down, GET DETAILED.

This is where it all starts.

So spend as much time on this as you possibly can.

I actually revisit this perfect prospect constantly in my business.

It’s important to know if anything has changed, or if I need to add anything to make my marketing even better.

Then, write down if anything has changed or if I need to add something to the list.

This helps me know how I can serve that prospect in everything that I do.

Then once I create that prospect, I can start marketing directly to them.

I don’t have to waste time anymore.

I know what my perfect prospect needs, because I have researched it.

That’s right… I RESEARCH.

Without doing extensive research on my perfect prospect, I won’t know what their needs and desires are.

I know this might not be a glamorous part to building your business.

And I’m gonna admit, it’s not always my favorite to research what my prospects needs are.

But, if you get this right, your prospecting and marketing efforts will attract your perfect prospect straight to you.

Remember, we are NOT targeting everyone with our marketing.

So a result, we will bring only the most qualified to our business.

Think this is silly and a waste of time to research who our perfect prospect is?

Let me ask you this.

Do you think it’s possible that other businesses are doing this kind of market research to stay relevant to their audience?

Let me give you an example

A company like Nike is going to take this kind of research very seriously.

Nike knows that if they are marketing to everyone, then they are marketing to no one.

They know that in order to stay a popular brand, they need to be up on popular trends and the needs of their customers.

So they do extensive research to find out what those things are.

One way is to send out survey’s to learn what people like or dislike when it comes to fashion and comfort/discomfort.

Nike is going to learn what pains and problems their target market struggles with, and market directly to those pains or struggles.

You can see this evident in their catchy slogan.


You see, Nike is marketing to people that are active, looking to be healthy, and be in shape.

While staying healthy and getting in shape requires effort, it doesn’t take a lot of thought.

JUST DO IT, speaks directly to that.

Thinking about getting active isn’t going to get you active.

Getting up and going is what is going to make that happen.

Thinking about making that next free throw or leaping that hurdle isn’t going to make it happen… You have to get up and JUST DO IT!

I’m very sports minded and used to play volleyball in college.

So this analogy really resonates with me.

But in order to create this slogan, Nike had to sit down and ask themselves what their audience needed.

In this case, it is a reminder to get out there and get the job done.

Nike knows who they are talking to, and what they need to hear.

So what does this have to do with your social media strategy?


A majority of network marketers are going out there and plastering products all over social media.

There is no consideration as to who their perfect prospect is.

Or who really wants or needs what they have to offer.

It’s just a blanket statement about their product and a prayer that someone out there will be interested enough to ask them about it.

It’s kinda like having a billboard in the center of a big city.

Billboards are meant to be seen by lots of people right?

The problem with a billboard is that not everyone that sees that sign is actually going to be interested in buying that product.

It’s just a massive message that someone hopes will resonate with someone out there.

The thing is… Most companies that have the revenue to buy a billboard, also do a lot of market research.

You see, billboards are not cheap.

So companies that invest money into a billboard are going to try and get the biggest bang for their buck.

A lot of research goes into what should go on that board.

The demographic of the area plays a big part in this research.

What people like/dislike, how they live, and what the needs are of that community.

So even companies that buy billboards are doing a ton of research before just plastering a product up, hoping someone will buy.

Doesn’t that seem smart?

Actually researching who it is that you’re trying to reach is going to save you a TON OF TIME.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m all about working smarter, NOT harder.

Now let’s get into how cool the internet/social media is for your business.

Did you know that you can actually LASER target your perfect prospect on social media?

That’s right!  

In case you missed it, this is your ultra powerful social media hack for your side hustle!

See, the difference between a billboard and online, is that you can actually be hyper focused on placing your message in front of the right person.

You know, the person that wants exactly what YOU have and are willing to buy it RIGHT NOW!

That’s pretty cool right?

So instead of plastering a product or service in someone’s face that couldn’t care less, imagine actually being able to target that person that you envisioned and wrote about earlier.

Imagine having thousands of people that fit the description of your perfect prospect, and your message goes straight to them!


And… It’s also called LEVERAGE!

What I mean by this is that there is no way you could talk to thousands of people in a day about your business.

But with the internet, you can actually place that message in front of thousands at the perfect time.

This is where I geek out!

I mean really…

No time in history has network marketing been as cool of an industry as it is RIGHT NOW!

You know those objections that network marketing is a pyramid scheme.

Or that your product has bad reviews from some weirdo online that has their own agenda?

Well, if you have crafted the right message and place it in front of the right people, you won’t be hearing these kinds of objections anymore.

So when I hear someone talk about how they are facing these objections, I know that they are not leveraging the internet like they could be.

And the sad thing…  95% of network marketing is still using social media and the internet without knowing the true possibilities it holds.

Do you realize that this leaves a wide open space of possibility?

What if you could be one of the first few to adopt this way of building your business?

Cause here’s the thing…

Most network marketing leaders and top earners don’t understand what they have in their hands with social media.

I fell in this category at one point.

So if I did, imagine all of the other leaders out that don’t know this social media hack for their side hustle.

And the sky is the limit with the internet!

So instead of limiting yourself to the people directly in front of you, imagine being able to reach the many thousands that need to hear your message.

I don’t know about you, but this stuff gets me amped up!

And this is only the start of what I could teach you…

In fact, I created this Online Recruiting Bootcamp to help you realize all of the possibilities that the internet holds for you.

It’s going to help you get started in learning even more cool social media hacks for your side hustle.

But thats the thing… It will only help you get started.

Don’t know about you, but I’m all about turbo charging my results as fast as possible.

Personally, I don’t just want to get started.  I want to blast past the competition as fast a possible.

So if you’re like me, maybe this Attraction Marketing Formula E-book is more your speed.

That e-book is how I started, because I knew that I wanted as much information on the subject as I could possibly get.

So the choice is yours.

How fast do you want to go?

The Online Recruiting Bootcamp to go super fast.


The Attraction Marketing Formula E-book to turbo-charge your results and create a business you love even FASTER.

Either way is a wise decision.

If you choose to use this strategy, it will grow your business in ways you never imagined!

What will you choose?

Now Go Build Your Empire!


Free Internet Recruiting Course


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  1. I’d love to know more about how to do target market research without using a survey. I’ve always had trouble getting enough people to take a survey to make much of the results.

    • I personally get people onto zoom chats with me. That way I have ask pointed questions, hear their tone, and know what they mean. It can be tedious, however, its the best kind of market research I have ever done. I record the call and write down their words word for word so that I can dive into it for my content.


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