Should You Build Your Personal Brand In Network Marketing?

Should You Build Your Personal Brand In Network Marketing?

Building a personal brand within the network marketing industry is probably the best way to set your career up for success.

I honestly wish that when I first began in this industry, someone had shared this with me.

Which is the reason I make it a mission to help you not make the same mistakes I did in my career.

I want to help you set up your business for success.

If you have been in the industry for quite some time, or you just started, building a personal brand can set you apart from every other network marketer out there.

As a result, others will look to you as a leader, which will ultimately attract more leaders to you and your team.

I compiled 3 reasons I believe that building a personal brand is so important.

So let’s get started in understanding why this is such an important task to undertake.

Reason 1: You do NOT own your company

This goes without saying right?

You might even be thinking, “Well DUH!”

But I want you to think about the ramifications of not actually owning your company.

Your company sets your pay.

Most of us are super happy with our compensation plan, and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

And the cool thing about network marketing is that the earning potential is quite enormous!

But think about this for a second…

What if your company is going through some financial hardships.

And during those financial hardships, they start changing things in the compensation plan.

I mention this because this happened to me in my first company.

It happened slowly at first.

The changes were barely noticeable.

But over time, it started to become evident that I was working really hard for very little increase in pay.

Thats not a fun place to be in.

You also have to remember that your company can make choices that you might now always agree with.

Because you don’t own the company, the corporate team can change things at a moments notice.

And unless you are a publicly traded network marketing company, you most likely will not even be notified of these changes.

An example of this can be seen when companies change product formulas.

I’ll never forget, about a year ago I was talking to a top earner in another company.

She was complaining about how she thought the company she was with had changed the formula of her product.

She was getting complaints from product users, and she herself was also not as happy with the product as she once was.

It really sucks to have a product you once loved have a noticeable change in the formula.

When you once saw results, you now no longer see the same results you once did.

Remember, you are not the CEO of your company.

So changes can happen at any time without your knowledge.

Building your own personal brand in network marketing allows you to not worry about the effects of many of those changes.

Personal branding allows you to have multiple streams of income, which ultimately gives you the ability to truly have the freedom you crave.

Even though you don’t own your network marketing company, you do own your personal brand.

And at any time, you can decide that your own personal brand needs to add on another stream of income, drop a stream of income, or change a stream of income.

You ultimately have more control over what happens underneath your personally branded business.

Which lets be honest, you went into business to have freedom and do what you want with you life!

Reason 2: You Could Have A Change Of Heart And Decide To Leave Your Company

Now I know what you’re thinking with this one.

Your company is absolutely fabulous.

Only the most amazing things come out of your company.

The people are awesome. The products are awesome. Even your compensation plan is second to none.

What could possibly make you change your mind about the company?

I used to feel this way about my first network marketing company. 

Until…  Some shady things started happening.

And I was made aware of some of the crazy things that were going on.

I also saw other top earners start to walk away from the company.

And, I knew that something wasn’t right.

So I took my head out of the sand, and started asking myself some tough questions.

Did I want to continue to promote a company that I no longer agreed with their values?

Could I bring people into a company that I didn’t see having a long term future?

Would it make me feel like a hypocrite if I was excited about a company that was doing things that I didn’t like?

These are only a few of the questions I asked myself.

But at the end of the day, my integrity was important to me.

So I walked away from a massive team and steady income.

And I wish that I had a personal brand to fall back upon when I decided to do this.

Because here is the thing.

When you build a personal brand, people follow you wherever you go.

Even if you decide to change companies, your email list, your team members, and everything you have built around your personal brand will follow you.

So if I had built my personal brand in network marketing when I first started, I would not have felt the overwhelm of needing to start completely OVER.

Which really sucks!

When you first start in network marketing, you don’t always think through what will happen in the future.

You just know that you love the product and your team is amazing.

But what happens if something unforeseen happens, and you decide to have a change of heart?

It happens!  But building a personal brand in network marketing can help to decrease the chance that this change of heart will affect you drastically.

Reason 3: Your Company Goes Belly Up And You No Longer Have A Paycheck

Having a company go belly up is not something that we can predict when you first enter our companies.

But it is a very real possibility for any company.

Let’s look at a little company called Advocare for a second.

Have you heard of it?

Well, they recently just closed their doors, leaving thousands of distributors without a paycheck.

Imagine if you were a top earner in that company.

You are on top of the world.  Making more money in a month than people make in a year.

And BOOM!  Your company closes down.

Now what do you do?

Well if you have a personal brand, your asset is an audience that will follow you wherever you go.

So even though your company shut down, you can go anywhere you like and quickly build a team once again.

Life is a little less scary and risky.

Remember how I said that my first network marketing company was doing some shady things?

Well I also saw how some of those shady things could cause them to go out of business.

It would have been a very real possibility that if I had stayed, I would still be facing the need to leave that company.

As I write this, my first network marketing company is fighting a lawsuit with the FTC.

Let me give a little hint… Fighting with the FTC is not something you want to do.

And I’m curious how much longer the company will be able to hold out.

Companies get shut down every day by the FTC.

Are you building a personal brand in network marketing to ensure stability against this?

You may even be saying to yourself that building a personal brand is something you want to do.

But maybe you don’t know how.

I know how you feel, because I was once there as well.

It wasn’t until someone shared with me this attraction marketing formula e-book, that I realized exactly how to do this.

It does require a little bit of an investment.

But I can tell you that that investment was well worth it in giving me the education that was necessary to build a personal brand that could stand the test of time.

Or maybe, you want to take it a little slower.

I can also share this totally FREE 5 day video series that will give you some of the steps you need to get started building a brand on social media as well.

How did I start? Well I’m an all or nothing kinda girl…

So I went for it and bought that attraction marketing formula e-book, cause I was tired of wasting my time.

The choice is yours!  Your business awaits!

Now Go Build Your Empire!


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  1. Very good advice I wish I had heard 10 years ago! When I started my own Healing biz I named it after my product line. I still use that LLC but I brand as my name now (and go figure, am not actively selling that product anymore!).

    • Haha! Go figure! But I think that there is nothing wrong with having fluidity in a brand. It can start as one thing and morph into something more and more amazing over time!


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