Get Prospects To Send Friend Requests

How To Get Prospects To Send Friend Requests To You On Facebook

Ever wanted to have the right network marketing prospects send friend requests to you on Facebook?

Would it be a game changer if Facebook was automatically sending people straight to you?

I know for me, this has completely changed how I build my business.

I’m able to organically attract the perfect person straight to my friends inbox.

Which, let’s be honest, is every network marketers dream.

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I hope that gave you some hope that it is possible to attract your perfect prospect to you organically on Facebook.

It’s pretty cool right?

Well In case you didn’t get to watch, let me recap a little bit for you.

First things first, make sure you know who your perfect prospect is.

Who do you want in your business?  Who already wants your products or services? Do your homework on this!!

Without knowing exactly who this is, you will be LOST in your business.  

Not to mention that Facebook will have no clue who to send to your profile.

So without knowing our perfect prospect, there is ZERO way for Facebook to know as well.

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Once you have that nailed down, we are going to start by priming the pump.

Start sending friend requests to this perfect prospects.

The key here is going to be consistency!  If you aren’t consistent with who your perfect prospect is and sending requests daily at first, you will not be properly signaling to Facebook who you want on your page.  Be consistent!!!

I can’t harp on consistency enough.  Without a consistent daily method of operation, you will find yourself spinning in circles.

So take it from me…

If you want others to send daily friend requests on Facebook, be consistent!

I always recommend starting with 5 or 10 friend requests a day.  If you can do more than this, then GREAT!

But don’t overwhelm yourself.  If you find that you are getting overwhelmed, then start small and then go big as you get consistent with that.

Now this next step is CRUCIAL!

In fact, it’s so crucial that if you don’t do this, you will not see the results I’m talking about.  AT ALL!

Once you send those friend requests, make sure you go in every couple of days and delete people that haven’t responded to your requests.  

If you don’t do this, Facebook WON’T start putting your name in front of your perfect people.

And guess what will happen?  You will not get any friend requests on Facebook.

When you do all of these things together, you will start signaling the Facebook algorithm who you want to be connected with.  

Facebook will also learn who wants to connect with you.

At this point, the platform will then start showing your face to other similar people!

Which means that you my friend have created exactly what you were looking to create…  People sending you friend requests on Facebook on a daily basis!

But not only that… Your perfect network marketing prospects sending you friend requests!

Go ahead and test it out!  And start seeing the friend requests come in!

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And… Bring more perfect prospects straight to you in your business!

Now Go Build Your Empire!


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