Visibility On Facebook Or Instagram

How To Increase Your Visibility On Facebook Or Instagram

Facebook Marketing done right can help to increase your visibility on Facebook and help you sell more of your products.

I’ve really honed in on what needs to be done every single day on social media, to help you build your network marketing business successfully!

If you’re an Instagram fanatic, take heart, ’cause this works just as well over there!

I want to share some of my favorite best kept secrets to selling more product on social media.

It’s all about VISIBILITY!

If you want to increase your visibility on Facebook or Instagram, it’s all about having the right strategy.

What I’ve discovered is that each of these two social media platforms absolutely love for you to be active.

But not only being active…  Being active CONSISTENTLY, as well.

What I’ve learned is that the secret sauce to making anything work on social media is consistency.

In fact, this can be said for anything you do within network marketing.

The more consistent you are, the better your results will be overall.

But in order to be active consistently, you need a strategy!

Cause let’s face it… You could be consistent until you’re blue in the face.  

If it’s not the right strategy, you’re going to hit that struggle bus real hard!

And I’ve been there, and done that friend.  It’s not the most fun place to camp out.

So I came up with the 5-5-5-5 method to help give you a solid strategy for building your business on social media.

Check out the video to see how it all breaks down!

I hope that helped to show you that you can have a solid strategy for success in your business.

I know you want to increase visibility on Facebook.

So I’m going to go over what I shared in the video one more time.

First, you will want to connect with 5 people on messenger that are currently online!

Currently online is the key here.

You want to boost the connections with people ASAP, and show the Facebook algorithm that you are talking to people.

If you don’t have a dialogue with people right then and there, this doesn’t help you as much as it could.

So make sure they are online.

Next, comment on 5 peoples posts in the newsfeed.

A little extra tip that I don’t share in the video, is that you find a way to have a back and forth conversation with them.

So what that means is, ask them an open ended question that requires a response from them.

Social media is all about being social.

So dream up the best ways of being social with other people.

Next you are going to find and friend request 5 new people within your niche.

I cannot stress enough that these people are within your niche!

Just friend requesting people willy-nilly is not a strategy.

So know exactly who it is that you are looking for, before you friend request them.

You will have better results doing it like this!

And last but not least, connect on 5 peoples stories.

This means that you are going to comment in messenger about their story, react to it, and generally just connect with them.

Doing all of these things consistently day in and day out will create some massive momentum in your business.

There is no magic sauce except for consistency. 

So above all else, make sure you have a schedule for yourself, and get ‘er done!

Doing all of these things together will increase visibility on Facebook, and help your posts be seen by more people.

Create the habit, and you will start to see some cool things happen.

But don’t stop there!

When you start to feel comfortable with your new strategy, start increasing the number of people that you interact with.

So instead of doing 5, move to 10 in each category.

And once you are comfortable with that, move to 15.

I know you’re a total rockstar, and will start to see some cool things happen when you start to implement this.

But I’d be totally leaving you in the dark if I just left you with that strategy alone.

‘Cause I have an EVEN BETTER strategy to increase visibility on Facebook if you’re up for the challenge!

I have discovered how to create content that will bring in leads and sales on autopilot into your business.

I created my 5 social media hacks blueprint, to show you exactly how to do this.

So if you’re game, go on over and check it out.

Unless you enjoy doing everything completely manual in your business.  It’s totally up to you!

Now Go Build Your Empire!


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    • Yes. I have personally done this. But you MUST make sure you have your target audience down. Otherwise you may confuse Facebook. Facebook is looking for things that are similar. the better you are with your target audience, the more effective you will be.


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