How To Take The Xelliss MicroBiome For Maximum Weight Loss Results

I get this questions quite a bit, so I wanted to share how to take the Xelliss X3 MicroBiome for maximum weight loss results.

While the product is really simple, there are a few things you might need to know if you want to lose the most amount of weight while taking this product.

I’m all about simplicity of this Xelliss Biome product. It’s a simple powder that you can take every single day to help you heal your gut and lose weight fast.

The Xelliss MicroBiome cuts the fat, increases your mood, boosts you immunity, gets rid of toxins in your body and so much more.

It is a patented product from Xelliss that has shown time and time again to help people lose 5 pounds within the first week of taking it.

In this Xelliss product review, I’ll give you the most up to date tips and tricks on how to best take the product so that you can see results yourself.

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In this video I share some other products I use everyday along with the Xelliss products. In case you want to see those, here they are.
-Blender bottle:​
-Aloe Juice:
-Stevia sweetener:

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  • [01:22] – How I mix the Xelliss microbiome product and take every single day
  • [06:45] – Try the Xelliss MicroBiome product and all the other products I mentioned in this video

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Transcription Below

So how should you take the Xelliss Microbiome product for the maximum results?

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in the online space, and I also talk about some of my favorite products and services as well. And today I want to talk about how to take that Xelliss microbiome so that you’re actually getting the best results possible.

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So let’s talk a little bit about that Xelliss microbiome product and how to take it. I literally want to show you exactly

what I do every single morning to take this product all right, Like I want to show you step by step. What I do I love the simplicity of this product.

I love how easy it is to take the product. But because I know so many people are like, is it really that easy? I figured that I would literally break it down step by step for you what I put in my drink every single morning to drink this product. So let’s actually do that. I’m gonna bring you to my kitchen right now, and we are going to go step by step on how to do that.

All right, we’re back, and we are in my kitchen. How exciting is that? Okay, so I’m going to show you exactly what I do in order to take the Xelliss Microbiome product every single day.

Okay, So I actually showed you how to do a lot of what I’m about to do right now in my how to take the Xelliss Products video. So I’m gonna let you look at that if you want to. But stick around with me because I’m going to show you in addition to what I do as well.

Okay, so I literally take my blender bottle. Okay. These you can get on Amazon. Super easy. No big deal. That has this little wire thing in it that helps you blend up whatever you want to put in there, you can put your protein powder in here. You can put just about anything you could possibly want in alongside this.

What I actually do is I take my aloe juice and I pour it in here as well, okay. So literally take just four ounces of my aloe juice and add it in because I freaking love how the aloe juice helps me feel. So I take it every single day.

Okay, so I got my four ounces of my aloe juice, and then I take my water, okay, and I fill it up. Okay, This is easy, right? Super simple. No big deal so far, and the whole thing is gonna be no big deal.

Okay, so I filled up my blender bottle, and then I take my spirulina powder. Okay, take my spirulina powder. I take two two spoonfuls of this. Okay, so one spoonful, two spoonful. All right, so that’s what we got so far. No big deal, right? That’s it.

Then I take my Xelliss microbiome product, okay? And I tear off the top and I literally pour it over. They pour it over the end. Okay, so you can see I have my white is my microbiome and the green is my spirulina powder. Okay, that’s it. All right.

Now, I am not like, I don’t like the taste of the spirulina powder on its own. OK, it kind of tastes like kind of tastes like green tea to me, that’s what That’s what my husband even says like, and he freaking loves green tea. So he drinks it just like this. Like he doesn’t do anything special to it at all anymore.

But for me, I like taking my little stevia sweetener that I have, and I literally pour that over the top, and that’s it. Okay, that is all that I put in here. Close it up. You’re gonna Shake it out. That’s it.

No big deal, right? Like you could do this every day. And like I said, you can put you can put your protein powder in here if you want. If you want to drink it like that. I drink this every single morning. It’s literally easy. No big deal.

But you can put whatever you want in here. If you drink juice every morning, you can put juice in here. I have tried all sorts of different things to finally realize that this is how I like it. And this is the best way for me to drink it. So that’s it. So that was really simple, wasn’t it?

I get so many people asking me, is it really that simple? Is that all I have to do? Absolutely. I love this stuff. And listen, every single product that I mentioned in how to take the product, everything that I mixed in there, I’m gonna leave links for that in the description so you can pick those up too.

If you want to do the exact same thing that I do you, you can grab those right here, right now, I even have a link to the product. If you want to try it right here, right now, what I want to mention to you is that yes, you can put this product in any drink that you want.

There are three major things that I want you to steer clear of, though, and the reason that these things you want to steer clear of is because these three things can actually mess up your microbiome and you’re going to be working against what the Xelliss microbiome product are doing.

Okay, so you actually have microbiome in your gut that helps you digest things properly. And like I said, that’s what Xelliss is helping to heal and helping to fix.

So the three things that I want you to steer clear of within any drink that you drink with the Xelliss microbiome is you need to steer clear of aspartame, saccharine and sucralose. And the reason for that is because what happens when you take these products these sugar substitute products is they actually destroy your microbiome for up to two days.

Okay, so you’re literally working against everything that the product is doing for your gut and you don’t really want to do that. So things like Splenda steer clear of that diet drinks have aspartame them really be looking at is the is the product is the is the drink that you were drinking is that does it really have actual sugar in it, or is it a plant based sweetener things like stevia? 

That’s the reason that I showed you my stevia sweetener because I actually really like my stevia sweetener. It works phenomenally with the Xelliss product because It’s a plant based sweetener, so it doesn’t mess with your gut whatsoever, and it actually tastes really good.

And like I said, you could get links to everything that I talked about in my video so far. So I hope all of this was helpful and simple in helping you understand how you can actually drink your Xelliss microbiome every single morning so that you could get the maximum results with it, because it’s really cool.

Like I literally lost 7 pounds in 12 days just by doing what I showed you right now,. I didn’t add anything extra to my workout schedule. I didn’t. I didn’t change what I was eating. I literally just changed adding this into my morning shake every single day.

So listen, if you’re really excited about this product and really excited about how it can help you lose weight fast and feel better, I actually left a link for you in the description where you could go ahead. You can grab that product right here right now.

And like I said, all the other products that I’ve shared with you I actually have links for those products as well. So if you want to do everything that I did. You wanna just copycat me because you know that Okay, that looks really cool. I want to try it, and I want to actually do what Karin did.

You can grab all of those products right here, right now in the description. And I can’t wait to hear how much weight you lose just by drinking this wonderful drink right here.

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  1. Thanks for hanging around! If you want access to any of the products I mentioned above, check the links in the description!

  2. I take the microbiome with 4 ounces of water and my a3 caps every morning I was taking phycosci sport but pretty soon I’ll be taking extreme instead of sport. In the 2 months I’ve been doing that I went from a size 16w jeans to a size 14 and I literally eat terrible and drink several cokes a day.

    • That’s freaking crazy girl! I’m so glad for you. I really do love what this product has done for my gut health and my weight!

    • Well I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying them anymore. My goal is to always provide value with whatever I’m talking about. 🦄

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